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  1. firenze

    Runescape- The Warrior's Beginning

    oh....thks.....but i am in a rush so i really would not want to be too detail about this....
  2. firenze

    Runescape- The Warrior's Beginning

    Pls enjoy reading MY story, your comments are very much appreciated. thank you
  3. firenze

    The Rise Of Darkness

    This is one of the best story I had ever read. Try mine: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=270742 Brava, brava!!!!!! :(
  4. By Firenze Chapter 1: The Cold Night It was the night of a cold, grey December day. The streets outside glistened with snow; the white sparkling flakes stuck and melted on the windowpanes and hung on the boughs of the trees like molten silver. The wind howled dismally, whipping up little colums of snow that rose and fell at every fresh gust. And over all, the dull murky sky stretched like a dark canopy, a vast infinity of greyness. I was sleeping like a log under a yew tree beside the beautifully made, Saradomin's altar. The cold wind blew, hitting my skin,making me shiver. I woke up uncomfortably to find a new place to sleepin as this spot is just too chilly. I made up my own name which was Zyroth as I remembered the fact that my parents seemed to abandoned me at a very young age; I have no idea if I have any siblings or great ancestors...Still life goes on even though i do not feel like living on any more. Grabbing my adamant pouch which hold my belongings of a poison bronze dagger, a few cooked sardines, a fishing net and the holy simbol of Saradomin. I walked unsteadily with my old, ragged leather boots I was wearing. Looking at the castle clock: 4.30 am in the morning. Every houses in Lumbridge was dark and silent-" SNOR!... " the tone startled me so much that I dropped my belongings with a metalic '' KLANG! ", I seemed to be wide awake after the sound, it was Mr Aborte, the monk, he snored one more time and this time softer... I crossed the bridge that leads to Al-Karid, the desert, it must be the first time it was snowing. I walked and walked, the future spot I will soon sleep on does not seem to come. '' Finally... '', I muttered silently to myself as I slept beside the Farmer's house, he won't mind or rather he minds but I do not. I moved in a little towards the window which was close to the fireplace-an object caught my eye! It was an old, dirty tinderbox! I quickly took some leafs and twigs from the soft, icy grass. I arranged the non-living things into a pile and struck one twig of the many into the tinderbox, low and behold! The orange-redish flames flickered on the firewood. I place the flaming wood onto the pile of foliole and lightwood, hoping that the fire will be satisfied with what it has and not be defeated by the howling winds produced by nature.I decided to warm my hands by the dancing embers but before I did it, exhuastion took over my brain, and than my body. Chapter 2: Lumbridge Villagers I woke up with a start listening to all the angry naggings the farmer spat at me. I just walked away with my items, the exquisite fire was gone and the objects I placed there the previous night turned to ashes. I ran towards the goblins' hut to train my strength, defense and accuracy. I was ready to take injuries as the ' healthy food ' I prepared was ready-SHARKS! I thought to myself, I need to go fishing again as the sardines I prepared the day before had turned cold and was not nice. DARN IT! I scolded myself again; the rivers were all frozen which could not hold any fisshing spots, I had to buy bread from the Cook in the castle... I did not want to do that as everyone in Lumbridge just...HATES ME... I was lonely, imprisoned in a world of my own, unable to communicate with others, cut off, seperated from them as if there was a glass wall between my existence and theirs. They just go hot and flustered once they sees me and they just seems to give an impression of hitting me. I just thought why I can't be friends with them, I am not different from others though I am poor AND kind plus generous... I think ... I longed to break loose and run towards one and chat about the day, but I was a little gutless in the heart. How I wish we could just bond... I went towards a goblin to advance towards a fight as I have no gold pieces to buy food. I wielded my poison dagger and begun to stab. I was so quick that the wound came out rapidly, blood gushing out of them. '' SWIPE! '' I was expecting that as when I was stabbing, I had an undefensive area which was my stomach. I thought the goblins were idiots, before they strike, they will think twice wether it was a good place and was effective or not-by the time, they decided, they would have been in heaven. But still, they were well known in the non-intelligent creatures. I defended that blow with absoulute no difficulties and gave it a last stab, it turned rigid, fell, and moved no more. I examined the corpse and found two gold pieces(a little dirty but can still be used), I buried the bones into the ground and ran towards the giagantic castle awaiting me. In the castle, I saw shining, gleaming suits of armour, marvellous gold-plated ceilings-there was even a black night held prisoner there!!! I whisk to a dull room that had a sign pinted there: KITCHEN. Hearing some chopping sound-perhaps the Cook is chopping some cabbages? Ignoring whatever i am hearing, I nervously rap the knocker. " Coming! ", said the cook in the sweetest, pleasant voice which made my heart feel funny. The door swung open, there stod the Cook, dirty-faced and wearing a filthy apron. " Oh it is you...I thought I will be expecting someone more important, like the king himslf, perhaps...", hissed the Cook. I tried to speak as friendly as and as normal as possible," Err...Hello...May I please buy two loaves of bread? " His tone changed into a torture kind of voice," Ok...That will cost two gold pieces." I handed him the money, his face changed, he must be thinking I had no money, so he said," Make it three gold pieces... " " But, but...", I stammered, feeling a little coward and can't wait to get out of the kitchen... He saw my iced sardine in my pouch and wanted an exchange, I accepted his offer. I turned my heels and walk off, hearing the Cook saying," Stupid boy, I can just heat this up... " I felt rather dumb myself, from a happy heart into a sad one... All I hope my future life will mould into a definite shape... I took a rout north to enter varrock, I wanted to get a job there or be an apprentice and make some friends. I wanted to be SOMEBODY. I enjoyed the scenery alot, it was fabulous, looking at the lovely birds flying to one tree to another, miners mining copper and tin and coal. Something distracted my lovely sights-a giant rat, blood-thirsty and wanting fresh human meeat. I prepared for battle even though I longed to go back to my sights; lovely sights. I searched urgently for my dagger in my inventory(adamant pouch). The rat gnawed at me before I even took hold of my weapon! Feeling the blade of the dagger, I took it and attempt to poison it. Many attempts failed but soonn not or later, it was poisoned, I defended most of its hits so it did not cause any real damage. I escaped from the battle to let it die the painful way: poison. Chapter 3: Varrock The weather was not as cold as Lumbridge. I walked bravely into the entrance of Varrock but was stopped by stern looking guards. Still not taking away eye contact, one of the chain-bodied guards spoke," What business do you have here in the great city of Varrock? " I felt the same way as I was treated in Lumbridge and repied to the impatient looking stranger," I have none but finding one, can you please let me in? " The guards eyed on me suspiciously and allowed me in, still not taking his eyes off me as if I was a faithful Zamorak follower in disguise. Varrock greeted me with a great picture of nature. I saw many skillful warriors walking towards the BANK, holding different kinds of weapons, I saw one holding the famous weapon called the Abyssal Whip which matched the picture of the book I read: The Guide Of Weaponry For Both Advance And Beginner Apprentices(by: Rathy Barracks, The Ancient Weapon Master). Many people there were equipped with full load of armour and great weapons that seemed to be a vivid imagination to him as he had never seen such well-trained people. I wanted to explore Varrock but it was close to impossible. I exert south, where most of the shops and houses were. I met a potion maker which was Druid, he was extremely friendly and I was glad to meet him, we had a conservation too about the King Black Dragon, he brewed for me two strength ppotions for no cost for my company , I gave him my thanks and went on to explore more about this monumental city. I met a lovely gargantuan house, it had two gardens beside it and there was a perspiring gardener pulling out weeds. I admired it alot and wished that this beauty was mine. '' WANG... '', There was a flash of light, and a quantity of luminous yellowish smoke, there were three distict puffs, a translucent person started appearing, a great violet circle above his head, the person soon became opaque, the circle disappeared and the wearing whitetish armour, holded a long 2-handed naked sword, he unlocked the door by just a simple flick of his fingers. I could not resist the lose this opportunity, so, I blurted out," Excuse me sir, I am a new comer here and I need a master to teach mme weaponry. Can you please appoint me as your learning apprentice? " He turned and stared at me, then, he took out his staff, did a few movements with his arms- " BRAM! " I was in the air and the energy force pushed me violently backwards. I felt numb in both legs and arms. " OK, I accept you as my apprentice, I thought you were some shape shifting creature trying to steal something or damage me, since you did not defend and I can see that your reactions were extremely slow, then, I ensured that you are just an attenvated mortal. I sat comfortably at a chair and told my master what I had in my life and how hard it is to live on. My master's name was Firzen, but full name is Firzen Dusdevils, he was skillful at ranging, a fast, accurate of killing. Firzen took off his helmet and saw his middle-aged face with a spiky-dyed red hair, he has a broad face and bearded, I liked his eyes most as they were big and scintillating, he had a straight nose and a wide mouth. He looked brawny and powerful. He even told me about the stories of the 3 gods: Saradomin, the good god that everyone bows to, Zamorak, the evil mortal that was once an apprentice of another choatic god, he killed his master and stole his power, he becomes so powerful that he was known as a god and lastly, Guthix, the most powerful god of all gods. He banished the gods from the world of Runescape as they started the war lasted for centuries(The Gods's War). " What was the magic you used to teleport here? ", curiousity made me asked the interesting question. " It was a simple home teleportation for a normal book of magic, if only you had come earlier today,you would have witnessed an advanced piece of magic: Ancient Magiks & Lunar Magiks ", he replied, smiling constantly. I gave him a ' wow ' kind of look. He looked at me happily and seem to say," Thank You for your compliment." The clock strke 11pm at night. Firzen insisted me on sleeping early as I had an early training tomorrow. Chapter 4: My First Training Of Experience And Intelligence It was at crack of dawn, I woke up facing the richly embroidered room, trimmed with gold. This was the first room I had ever slept in. I remembered it was the first of January, that points to the rain that pelted hard against the window panes. It was a raining month, I wondered how would Firzen train me in such a heavy downpour I thought feeling stupid. The door swung open and a terrifying figure-a giant of a man, massively built, whose vast limbs, even his hair, were a brilliant green. The suff he said surprised me," Hello, my name is Wallop, I am sir's butler and is here to serve you well ." His tone were deep but friendly. He outstretched his hands, holding a big, silver plate with the best food on it: A well cooked tuna, a great pineapple pizza with a good crust around it. I took the place with both of my hands and found out that his hands were thrice as big as my hand, I thanked him with great pleasure, he bowed lowly, and got out of the room. I goobled up the food to kill hunger. I was satisfied with the food as I did not feel queasy like always after every meal, I wanted to find master first but he does not seem to be anywhere. " Wang..." A circular violet appeared out of thin air and there stood Firzen in the middle of the phenomenal circle. He did not speak but wanted me to follow by giving me a bang of his staff. He brought me to a beautifully designed hall where suits of armour were place in every corner. He asked me," What are you afraid of? What do you want to be in the future and what are your plans to make ourself better? " I hesitated for a moment to think what will my answers be and then replied," Dragons. A heroic warrior and to train with you and learn from your future. " He gave me a warm smile and took out a few tokens with pictures in it. He did again same arm and hand movements-" Wrr... " In a blink of an eye, a huge greenish-red dragon appeared. Firzen handed me a mithril scimitar(a dark, blue sword) to fight the beast. I used the scimitar and slash vilently, the dragon's agility was up to the limit, it blew a mixture of both orange and redish flames at me. I was fortunate to have enough time to dodge it. It was a powerful creature, I got to admit it. Firzen handed me a anti-dragon fire shield, he was extremely angry with himself as he knew that if I did not dodge in time, I would have been an unmoving body. I had to be vigilant and to look for its weakness, I thought. I ran around the dragon, trying to find its weak spot, I attempt to slah it at the same time. As I ran, I noticed that the dragon turned to face me very slowly, and under Firenze's command, it was not allowed to fly in this duel. So, I waited for the dragon to turn to face me, when it did, I ran to the back of its tail and prepare for the blow. I planned to chop off its head. Finally, it faced me, I felt the strngth run through my veins and to my hands, I tightened my grip and lifted my scimitar high and brought it whistling down, severing the dragon's head cleannly from its shoulder. The head rolled on the floor, blood splurting from the wound, but the dragon never faltered! It lifted its feet that can crush ten men in one stomp, ready to step on me. '' YARGHH!! ", I yelled, holding up the scimitar and went down piercing the neck, cutting the bones with great strength, at the same time. '' Bravo! ", Firzen cheered after the ' performance '. Perspiration beads went down my forehead. He added," You had passed the first training of Experience and Intelligence." I smiled weakly, my skull was ready to explode any second now of tiredness," Very tired... ", I managed to say, Firzen face of happiness turned into a face of worriedness," Oh-", I hear his last word but I felt my head hit the ground and then, I went into a world of jagged darkness. Chapter 5: Where Was Master Firzen Dustdevils? When I came to myself, for a moment I could not recall nothing except a sense of dread. The suddenly, I realised that I fainted... " Master must have thought I am a exhuasted noob... ", I muttered silentl. The images that was send to my brain from my eyes, were still blurry, soon, I capture the sight I saw this morning. I went towards the window and found it was near night. The darkness was less near and thick, filling my room, I looked up and saw with surprise that faint stars ere apearing overhead amid the strands of hurryind cloud and fog. The wind began to hiss over the lovely flowers and grass. I called the servant to help me light up the room. He came, holding a luminous staff, covering the darkness in the room with a bright gleam of light. I took the staff and thanked the servant, he scampered out and I saw a note which was left under the pate filled with roasted lobsters. I took it and read it with a mixture of sadness and pleasure: Dear Apprentice Zyroth, Please do not wait for me for dinner as I am going on a very dangerous trip in the Abyss. I may return in a couple of days. If I do not return, please do not bother to find my corpse. I hope I will see your smiling face again, hope you are well enough to go on our second training-if I ever come back alive... Yours sincerely, Firzen Dustdevilsss, P.S: If I do not return, this whole house is yours and whatsoever fighting weapons. Your Weaponry Master. I was simply wondering why he decided to go on that trip that may most likely kill him. I dashed to the library to find out more about the Abyss. Reaching my destination, I impatiently look through the books that were under in the shelf of interesting and dangerous stuff. " The Trolls Of Unveil...No...Falador's Tales...No...The Dragon King...No...A Guide To Kill The Phoenix...No...Deadly-YES! ", I cried. I flipped open to the first page which was the contents, The Abyss was under the section of most populated places: The red, large hole was know as the Abyss, own by Zamorak himself, the Abyss hold many Abyss creatures had two coloums of intelligent and non-intelligent creaures, mant warriors went there and had really little chance of survival because of the huge population of them and they grow rapidly, faster than normal mortals by 52 times. Abyss creatures reproduce by laying a few egg sacs at one go, each egg sac contains a few hundred eggs and could be useful in great potions. They only reproduce twice every few years, very little barve fighters went there to kill and hunt for the well nown weapon called the Abyssal Whip, that makes the population of the creature grow quicky( a few people goes there once a year, around3-6; many afraid ). Extra information: Some wizards goes there to train powerful magic and hunt the special items there at the same time-the powerful magic is known as ancient magiks that can blast all the creaures around him/her. I imagined all those creatures biting off one by one at poor master's leg, his leg comes off and feeling limp like a hopeless prey. I place the book back to the shelf. I go back into my room, deep in thought, wondering if he will be strong enough to take the whole load of them all by himself. I lie on the bed, still hlding the luminous staff, I ordered the servant to come and off this darn light that is blinding my eye. He came and took the staff away rudely. I did not care what his actions were, what I care was what danger is master in now? Chapter 6: The Saradomin Potion Two weeks went whizzing past, there was still no sign of Firzen. I kept dreaming about the ways Firzen got killed. " Knock, knock... " Someone was at the door-maybe it was Firzen! I got there when the servant took hold of the door knob. I signaled him to leave his hands of it while I took hold of it. I turned the doorknob... " ARGHH!!! ", I screamed, making the servant behind me faint. A big, large, multi coloured bird with its beak touching my nose, was looking at me with cartoon-like eyes. It moved aside and a man wearing black robes, holding a two-handed staff was behind it, in his arms were...Firzen, badly scratched and had a chunk of flesh bitten off on is left hand. " Sorry to frighten you with my summoned pet, I am here to announce that this man was in the Abyss and he di-was on the ground lying with a whole load of creatures biting his arm off, I managed to use magic to blast away all the creatures, I teleported by ecto-fungus potion, I found out that many people knew him, they said he was a really kind person and ready to give money to anyone who really needed it. ", he said quickly. " And you are? ", I asked, tears was ready to fall from my eyes. " I am Firenze, I tried to heal him by Lunar Magiks but it was to no avail ", he added. I went on my knees and Firenze bowed low, teleported, leaving Firzen behind, lying onto the rough pavement. Tears, flow down like a tap that had been turned, from my eyes. I took him inside with my arms, I placed him onto his bed. '' You will wake up, you will wake up...you are my only master... ,'' I said to the unmoving body. I went for a hunt for something that might wake him up. I started with potions. '' Range potion, super strength potion, strength potion, defense potion, attack potion, prayer potion, combat potion, guthix balance, saradomin bre-GOT IT!!!! ,''I bellowed, my voice thundered across the hall. I took the saradomin brew from the shelf(1/4 left), its description written: This potion may cause giddiness that affects accuracy and may feel weak(affects strength) but will have a great deal of defence; heals all wounds in a jiffy. I poured the liquid into Firzen's mouth, I lifted his head up so that he could swallow the mixture of green and yellow substance. I waited for the wounds to be magically healed but the sight I waited did not come, instead, a different one shocked me!! Firzen's entire frame was now quivering violently. '' Master, no...no...no ,''I said, sobbing turns to crying hysterically. '' Ouch... '', a familiar voice engulfed me. I looked up and still expecting the corpse to lie on the bed-he is not there but beside the berth standing there was Firzen, rubbing his head. '' MASTER! ,"I yelled. '' Ho! I can see you saved me, eh? ",Firzen chuckled. He added ," What did you give me? Holy water? " " Nah, it was Sardomin potion ",I replied wiping the tears off my eyes. Firzen sighed and said,'' 2.5k gold pieces worth potion used... But still, I am happy that you revived me. Now, tell me what happened when I was in a world of my own. " I beamed and told him head to tail what happened. " Wow, I missed a whole lot of good, fun stuff... ", he said sadly. He yelled, adding ," Now, LET'S CELEBRATE!!! " He snapped his fingers and multiple diaphanous figures appeared and filled every area of the room, they represented different kinds of creatures, there were all the gods in runescape: Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak, Zaros, Seren, Tumeken, Marimbo, Amascut, Icthlarin, Armadyl, Bandos, Elidnis, Athankos, Iban and Ikov. They were all doing entertaining emotes. I laughed as Firzen did a comical Zombie dance. He amazed me by pretending to play an instrument that is not there but music still came out of the ' invinsible instrument'. Chapter 7: The Trip Into The Wilderness-And My Birthday The sun shone brilliantly and the tall trees swayed to the gentle breeze, fluffy white clouds waltzed across the vast blue sky as a gentle breeze blew. I woke up and was glaring at the sun which shone blazingly. It was the 18th February, I remembered that it was my birthday. Today reminded me of my previous birthdays in Lumbridge where the villages gave me different kind of commodities such as ashes, two logs, three burn meats and the best present was the old, ragged leather boots the farmer gave me. Now, I had a aciculate weapon of an adamant scimitar which Firzen gave to me three weeks ago as a New Year's gift. He also gave me a full adamant set that he smith out himself except the platebody he bought from the Grand Exchange for 10.3k. '' Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday to YOU!! ," the mixture deep and soft voices flew into my ear drum, they came nearer each second. Firzen, carrying the birthday cake with the icing letters of ' HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ZYROTH ', and the Cook with two servants were beside him(1 on Firzen's left and 2 on Firzen's right), singing. '' How did you guys know it was my birthday? ", I asked, puzzled. '' Oh, a little bird told me that... ", he chuckled. I did not fire any more questions even though I badly wanted to...I thanked them profusely for the great surprise. " Here is your birthday present ", Firzen asked, eyes sparkling. He opened a medium-sized pouch and showed me what was in the light-brown pouch: amulet of strength, adamant boots. He opened a dark case he brought out of his pocket, he opened the case with a soft click-a nicely coiled Abyssal Whip, the suspense was too much, there was pandemonium, the butler screamed, the servants were about to faint(yet again), the Cook ran around the room about ten times! " I don't understand... Why must you give me a special, expensive weapon that is worth 1.5 million? I am just your not-that-much-worth apprentice... Furthermore, I only know you for an estimation of about a month... " " You are worth more than this weapon by an infinity-not just my apprentice but also your old present and future friend, take it and use it well-GUYS stop this choatic messing around that is driving me crazy! ", he said in his original voice. " But... ", said all of them, thinking that Firzen must indeed be crazy to give me a valuable item to a not well-known stranger, he would have gave it to me for whipping up thieves and burgalars, thought the two servants, he would have gave it to me to whip up the meat to make it tendy and good, thought the butler, he would have gave it to me to train my strength to have enough strength to carry those huge meat and chickens to the butler, thought the Cook. I went to my room and wore all the armour that Master gave me: Adamant Full Helm, Amulet Of Strength, Adamant Boots, Adamant Platebody, Adamant Platelegs and I holded what he gave me too: Adamant Kite Shield and the special, ten times more valuable than me whole adamant set: Abyssal Whip. I was prepared and I saw Firzen, already there, holding the Saradomin 2-Handed Godsword. Wearing the Amulet Of Glory (that he uses for teleportation only), Dragon's Boots, Klank's gauntlets, ring of wealth, and the rest of the armour and shield were dragon items. His words echoed in the dragon full helm," Let's go...Hold my hand tightly, ready? " I nodded, not sure if I am ready or not. Firzen took hold of the Amulet Of Glory's gem in the middle up high and press it-hard...he muttered," Edgeville. " '' Wang...Wang...Wang... ", three circles surrounded us and floated diagonally, there was a flash of light , the world turnes to pure darkness, there were no oxygen going into my nostrils-" Wang... ", we appeared in a small town of Edgeville, I saw many guards, dressed the same way as the ones in the entrance of Varrock. " Wait here. ", Firzen whispered into my ears, making them feel ticklish. He ran back to the BANK. To Be Continued... Pls post yer comments...

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