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  1. DeeKay

    Runescape Homepage

    The new one is very pretty, but grinds the living crap out of your computer and is slow as hell.
  2. DeeKay

    Prayer Renewal Potions.

    The way the old prayer points worked, the potion would restore 51 Prayer points over 5 minutes, which is 1 point for about every 6 seconds. Now (according to the KB), it's 1.72 points for each second, which is exactly the same, but fancier. So pick you poison... Reckon these will be used with regular prayer potions, depending on the armour. Probably at a 1:2 ratio.
  3. DeeKay

    My Friend Won't Play Runescape

    Not that bored if he plays RS somewhere else (and on a private server...). I do some minigames and boss hunting when I'm a bit tired from training skills, so you might suggest that.
  4. * Nestea for Fletching. * Extra stout for the Overload. * Vodka-Redbull for prayer. * Tabasco for the Zamroak juju potion. * Boogers for extreme ranged. * Banana liquor for extreme defence. Thinking over it, they should definitely be alcoholic, just for the insane variety there is. You could mix them together to make cocktails, and since these are vials, that'd be extra cool. You know, I honestly think you're up to something. You could make a startup of selling small cocktail kits that consist of vial-shaped alcohol micro bottles, for homemade mixes. I'm surprised such a thing doesn't exist.
  5. DeeKay

    Jagex Seizes Gold4rs

    A. It's unbelievable how he regards our investment and effort as s***. The owner's a hairy c***. B. In regard to the text in bold, where the f*** he gets the nerve to talk about human rights? Who makes his money, university graduates in businessmen suits or Chinese children kidnapped from their parents? That sure pissed me off. If that guy was within my physical reach, he'd get beaten.
  6. Wow, the approval, too? Heh, guess I've been wasting a bit of time. Well thanks a lot, anyhow.
  7. The story's like this: I'd 50% of the workers gather coal for about a month, instead of maple logs. Before collection I realized that it means I won't be getting any nests, so I moved them back to maples again for the upcoming period. I spoke to Ghrim to collect the resources, and I got the maple load instead! I guess it means the reward is calculated by TIMExRESOURCE_SETTINGS, but has it always been like this, or I'm onto a bug? Been playing for a while (6 years) and that's news to me...
  8. DeeKay

    The Ge Effect

    Gotta agree with Blazer there. Previously, for either bulk resource supply or individual rare items, you'd have to scavenge the RSOF, fan site forums and World 1. There wasn't any efficiency or gain in the process. At most you'd get a feeling of accomplishment for completing your shopping list, which gets less rewarding as time goes.
  9. DeeKay

    The Ge Effect

    Players don't talk as much thanks to the Friends/Clan chat.
  10. DeeKay

    Large Dungeons

    Best start would be to take a piece of paper, and get marking (or a digital equivalent, if you've a high res wide screen). It's the least demanding and simplest way to do it. SomeMost people don't have an extraordinary memory, and use one form of marking or another. Not knowing this tends to make others think they're incapable.
  11. DeeKay

    What Is Your Mental Age!

    33 at the age 22, with 11 years difference. Ha, that came out nice. ^^'
  12. DeeKay

    Sal's Realm Radio

    Oh. Heh. Nope, that'll never happen. Sorry to disappoint. =/ Your best bet would be to illegally play it, as been discussed earlier in the thread.
  13. DeeKay

    Solo In Gwd

    Firstly, you should go a few times with a team, and in any case, there's no specific level for either group or solo (you can start right away). It's best you'd give it a few trial runs, and see what inventory and equipment suits you best. Look at guides for a basic (and preferably cheap) setup. As for style, when fighting alone, you'll be using melee on Graardor (Bandos) and K'ril (Zamorak), and ranging Zilyana (Saradomin) and Kree'arra (Armadyl). Good luck! :( Edit: Oh, and the easiest boss to start, in terms of fighting complexity and immediate risk, would be Graardor and Kree'arra, in that order.
  14. DeeKay

    Sal's Realm Radio

    I haven't gone through the thread and never listened to Sal's radio, but if understand correctly, you need money for bandwidth? In that case you can try Peer to Peer connection. I'm sure there is already some source code available around the net, and it's just a matter of implementing an interface on it, with a few tweaks. If you're talking about air waves, that's protected by governments (and their militaries), so not a good idea.
  15. DeeKay

    Golden Joysticks

    My friend made an account two days ago, and got overwhelmed with the content, so I think it's worth appreciation. The quality surpasses the drawbacks in this case. As a P2P player however, knowing the game like the back of my hand, I'm not satisfied due to the humongous amount of bugs, so I won't be voting this year. ^^'

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