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  1. I had a dream about this place last night...which is disconcerting because I haven't even thought about this place in a long time. should I seek psychiatric evaluation y/n
  2. have you guys read Oyasumi Punpun yet
  3. Ramon

    Internet Personality Types

  4. that avatar must be older than the internet itself, in fact modern antiquity
  5. Ramon

    The Smash Brothers

    everyone needs to watch this - very well done documentary
  6. Addiction to weed is still possible though. I've seen it happen before. any addiction to marijuana is purely psychological
  7. the naivete in this thread is fudgeing astounding addicted to weed? marijuana induced death? haha holy fudgeing shizzle also how is this not deserving of 4 million dollars? the man was restrained, in a pitch black holding cell with no food or water for 4 days...he broke down to the point of trying to eat his glasses, drink his own urine, and he even attempted suicide with the broken glass shards the dea didn't bust him for smoking weed...that's beyond stupid. the dea raided the apartment because they had tips that there was trafficking of much more lethal drugs - the victim was only taken in as a formality. in fact he was supposed to be free to go after questioning, so for all of the people who think a criminal was awarded than I'd rethink the situation. you don't fudgeing hold people in solitary confinement for something as minor as smoking weed. use your brains. if you think that's not sufficient reasoning then I don't know what to say to you, obviously everyone in the world other than this guy and myself must be demi-gods that don't require food/drink and have impervious mental fortitude
  8. GO LICENSELESS RIDER GO! licenseless rider is my hero
  9. Ramon

    League Of Legends

    link plz? also it's not that bad, you need around ~~5k because once you get gaunt and Bt/lizard your in business
  10. Ramon

    League Of Legends

    Blue Ezreal is only good if you're ahead. I watched some video where the maker talks about how much more gold Blue Ezreal takes to hit its power spike as opposed to standard ADC builds. If you're behind and you go for the Blue build you will just be doing absolutely shizzle damage.
  11. Ramon

    League Of Legends

    Ah yea I gotcha. When I play tank that's what I tend to do, I just ask my friends which items to go though. :P But for ADC and AP builds is there really that much variance? Maybe toning down attack speed for raw damage, but idk I can't think of too much variance. for adcs, not really build order is almost always Bloodthirster/Infinity Edge/Infinity Edge+Vamp Scepter/Blade of the Ruined King -> Phantom Dancer/Statikk Shiv -> Last Whisper -> Second Damage Item -> Defensive Item aps can vary a lot, lots of times zhonya's will be your first buy depending on the champion and some champions benefit a lot from stuff like liandry's/rylai's/lich bane as opposed to others
  12. Ramon


    i use to pk back in the day ;)
  13. If you read the manga you will have no motivation to watch the anime. That's what happened to me, at least. This is one of the best amvs I have watched in my life...somewhat graphic so be warned.
  14. You might also like Fate/Zero. I just recently started it myself and it's very interesting. It's a lot like Mirai Nikki.
  15. If you liked mind fudges like Evangelion, I'd suggest Darker Than Black. It's pretty action-y and very plot driven. If you want to go for more weirdish visuals/mindfudge/less action, I'd suggest The Tatami Galaxy. The rest of the list looks like standard shounen stuff so I'd suggest Phantom of Inferno and Code Geass. Also Another is really good - very enjoyable 12 episode horror/mystery anime. I highly recommend. Well, when 2 major mangas are coming to a close, of course it'd be major discussion. Anyone here read Ratman? Because holy shizzle was ch. 50 a plot twist. I think you guys are all just masochists/tsunderes or something.

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