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  1. 8, I remember you back in the day.
  2. Markbalex

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    MC Hammer - Can't Touch This :3
  3. Markbalex

    The Hunter Of The North.

    I think your one of the only people I know that can say something in four paragraphs the could normally be said in about 4 words.
  4. Markbalex

    War Of Legends Name List

    DreamyD00m - Imperial Palace
  5. Markbalex


    Ah I see, Oh and I was wondering when I click in the "Alliance" tab at the bottom of the screen and look in Received Applications and theirs one for Kot0 And Anarchism what does that mean?
  6. Markbalex

    Ages B Days?

    Same here but in July and I know what you mean
  7. Markbalex

    Type The Next Word With Your Eyes Closed.

    In the ning nang nong where the cows say bong! --------- the who?
  8. Markbalex


    Was just wondering if anyone here played it. Currently a SFC1 4 willing to 1v1 anyone.
  9. Markbalex

    Free Taco's?

    Well me and my Dad just went to go grab some quick taco's. Apparently its Jack In The Box's free taco day, also our cat has started to finally grow some so we can let it outside eventually. Long as we can get our dog use to it, he just about charges his big long obese overweight body at anything that moves by it self (He tried to eat a bush...twice...). Other then that and my Brother no lifeing Black Ops for the last day or two nothing really has happened So yea.
  10. Markbalex

    Whips, Wilderness, And Herblore.

    I'm guessing he's referring to Farming Runs. And you'd have to ask Eval Riz about that lol, Anyways this is my first time looking at your blog and I actually like your recent entries. I shall be reading.
  11. Markbalex


    Well I made a account during the beta of the game and got him to a decent level and quit and now I'm back on another account. And I'm on Charging Boar and I was wondering why didn't I get to choose a side?
  12. Markbalex

    Dwarf Fever

    Almost half way to 99 Gratz.
  13. Markbalex

    Woodcutting Help

    You make profit off of Ivy Maybe not a ton but you do get bird nest's fairly often if you have your sound on or your actually paying attention.
  14. Pretty decent loot, What kind of pure is he? And why is the name blacked out on the first picture?

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