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  1. Drolleke

    Russia Begins Censoring the Internet

    Their activities (Drugs, child porn) will just move to a darknet, where they are even harder to monitor. Bad guys will always find a way, in the end it just punishes normal citizens.
  2. Drolleke

    Music Recommendations Thread

    Any Comeback Kid fans here?
  3. Originality: 7/10 Neatness: 8/10 Style" 6/10 Overall: 7/10 Jelly of that W series. We use the T420/430 at work. Using ubuntu 12.04 because I cbf to config Arch :P Copied and adjusted most of the configs to my needs.
  4. Drolleke

    All Things Audio [56k? rofl!]

    So far, good. Ofcourse much better than normal line out from my computer :P So much more detail in the sound, I can hear tiny things in some tracks now, like a cough on the guitar track, revealing a loop etc :) Soundstage is also incredible, as advertised. A bit too much highs when I first got it, but its better now, not nearly as sharp. The only thing potato is pototally potato me atm is how tight the headphpotatos are. I have to adjust them every now and then because it just get a bit uncomfortable. Hopefully they'll stretch over time. I also notice some RF interference, from some unpotaton source, but its hardly noticeable with cookbook playing. I can also hear the occasional Cling sound if I'm nto playing anything, coming from the driver tubes when they expand/contract from the heat.
  5. Drolleke

    All Things Audio [56k? rofl!]

    Aww yeaa, amp finally arrived :D http://imgur.com/a/JlqqM Sound is amazing, I wonder how it will sound fully burned in. They gave me the wrong plug :P UK instead of standard EU. Good thing I have plenty spare.
  6. Drolleke

    All Things Audio [56k? rofl!]

    Mediamonkey gold can restructure the folders automatically. I used it to clean my /music/ folder to Artist/Album/(Disc)/Tnr.Title I got the Dacmagic because it has so many input/output options, so I probably wont have to replace when/if I change my setup. And its a good DAC ofcourse.
  7. Drolleke

    All Things Audio [56k? rofl!]

    Here are some pics: http://imgur.com/a/sPhho My Foobar2000 layout, dacmagic front and back, some DT 880 shots. Really can't wait for my amp. Also @ above, tubes are way more fun than ss :P
  8. Drolleke

    All Things Audio [56k? rofl!]

    Anyone got experience with tube rolling (pref LD mk III)? One of my todo things in a few months after my amp arrives. after that, big amp and speakers :D
  9. Drolleke

    Headphone and Amp advice

    Its a Dacmagic, not the plus version. Was around 370 EUR and 240 EUR for the DT 880, 260 USD for the little dot exc import tax. Go ahead, I haven't been able to listen to mine, still waiting for my amp. (still listening from my headphones out port on my pc atm, already a massive improvement over the shizzlety headphones I head before. Can't wait for the amp)
  10. Drolleke

    Headphone and Amp advice

    Yea, schiit valhalla/bifrost combo + DT880 went a little over my budget, so I went with dacmagic + Little dot mk III instead :D got the headphones and dac, ordered the mk III friday
  11. openVPN is probably the simplest solution. They have a lot of guides on their site.
  12. Drolleke

    Headphone and Amp advice

    The Fiio DAC would definitely be the weak point. At least in my opinion, the MK IV does a great job at making high-impedance headphones sing. I'll tell you more about the AKGs when powered by my MK IV in a few days. I personally think AKG's headbands are really uncomfortable--which is why I got the Beyers instead of AKGs. (If I did get AKGs, I'd probably have bought a Little Dot MK V instead--a SS amp priced the same as my MK IV.) Can you post or PM after you tried them? Not in a hurry to buy them. I think I might be able to justify the cost of a dacmagic if its still relevant in a few years, when I add some speakers. Have been reading a lot of AKG k701 reviews and amp/dac price comparisons, and I think I'm going to settle for The Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm version with a shiit Valhalla and bifrost amp/dac. I would like to get the Little dot, but there are no official stores, and I need to pay extra import tax etc. The Shiit products have an official dealer relatively close by and have 5 years warranty compared to 1 year of little dot.
  13. Drolleke

    Headphone and Amp advice

    I might, but at €372 I'm a bit hesitant.
  14. Drolleke

    Headphone and Amp advice

    Current list: AKG K701 €200 FiiO D3 €30 Little Dot MK IV €237 Analog Cable €10 Optical Cable €5 Total €482 Comments? Not sure about the DAC tbh
  15. I'm investing in a new headphone and I need some advice on amps. My budget is 500-700, might go 900 (this is headphone + all required gear) Currently I'm looking at an AKG K601 (-40% on amazon atm), K701, Audio-Technica ATH-AD 900 EDIT: I'm not afraid of DIY, but I'd prefer a kit EDIT2: might need a DAC as well, playing from my computer EDIT3: looking at a http://www.mav-audio.com/base/product/tube_magic_d1 or FiiO D3 + Little Dot MKII ore higher

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