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  1. Grosstesque

    Close Please :)

    I am having a problem transferring my iTunes library from Windows to Mac. The problem is not how to do it, but I want to keep all the previous play count and ratings, but I am having a problem with this. From my Windows PC, I dragged my entire iTunes folder to my external hard drive. Then, I dragged that folder from my external to the desktop of my Mac. Then, I deleted the premade iTunes folder in Music folder (on my Mac), and then in its place, dragged the newly added iTunes folder on my desktop to the music folder, where the other iTunes folder was originally. Then, I go to iTunes on my Mac and tell it to search for songs. It found all the songs just fine, but did not recognize the play counts and ratings that were present on my PC. Did I do something wrong? (If anything was confusing, please let me know) Edit: I am now wondering if this is a glitch with the new iTunes, since there seems to be a lot of problems with the new iTunes, but I am not sure. Problem solved.
  2. I just got a new iMac and I am trying to run RuneScape, but it won't work. I got the latest version of Java, but when RS starts up, it opens a seperate Java icon in the dock, then loads up, then asks to do auto setup for graphics, but then just goes black. Any suggestions? :)
  3. Grosstesque

    iMac or Windows 8

    This is true. I still buy music CD's frequently, but if anything, I can get the Apple USB SuperDrive as a Christmas gift. :P Other than music and maybe installing a few purchased programs, I don't really use one too much. I just need a reliable desktop that will last a long time, and everyone tells me Apple is the way to go. This will be my first Apple computer, so I am still interested in knowing more about them. Other than using one twice a week at school, I am not too familiar with them. This was a difficult decision to go with iMac or a Windows 8 All-In-One. Hopefully I enjoy using the Mac full time! Thank you all for the feedback! I truly appreciate it.
  4. Grosstesque

    iMac or Windows 8

    So I've been waiting for the new iMac to come out and I just discovered it has no CD/DVD drive. I don't really feel like buying an external drive. Any places out there that still sell the old model?
  5. Grosstesque

    iMac or Windows 8

    I was actually asking about that for my iMac. :P My iMac will be in my room but the internet modem will be downstairs. Thank you all for the feedback, and I think I am starting to lean toward the iMac. I actually use one every day in my graphic design class, and it is currently my major, and I honestly love using it, but I've always been a Windows user, which is why I could not decide between Windows 8 and Mac. I was going to use my future MacBook Pro (which I am 100% sure I am getting) for graphic design, but I might as well get an iMac to avoid switching between the operating systems.
  6. Hello! I was planning to buy a new desktop this week, but I do not know whether to buy an iMac or a Windows 8 PC. I was looking at the 21.5" 50BG iMac and the HP 20" TouchScreen All in One PC. (and other touch screen and non-touch screen PCs with Windows 8, I honestly cannot decide) A lot of the touch screen PCs are pretty neat, but the more I thought about it, I wouldn't really use the touch screen feature all that much. I am just considering PC because it's what I have been using all my life and I am comfortable with it. I am, however, looking to buy a MacBook Pro next year anyways for my job, so I will have to get used to a Mac either way. The PC is also cheaper, though I could afford either option at the moment. I would only really use it for music, internet, and schoolwork; no gaming or anything like that. Based on this information, what do you guys think I should do? I'd like any and all suggestions! :) Also, I need something (like a USB wireless internet adapter or something like that) to plug into my computer so it can wirelessly connect to the internet like a laptop. Any recommendations on a brand?
  7. But I can't update without internet access and it won't let me find any networks. I even tried hooking it up directly to the modem and it did not work either.
  8. I have a Toshiba Satelite P505-S8946 Windows Vista laptop that was having problems with the internal hard drive, and my laptop told me to back up my data and replace the hard drive. So not long after, I took out my internal hard drive, purchased a Seagate Momentus Laptop internal drive and installed it. Then I ordered the recovery media CD's from Toshiba's website and tried recovering the laptop today. I chose the options to restore the laptop back to factory settings. But when it finished, many things were not installed properly. For instance: I have no sound (HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modern with SmartCP) When trying to play a game, it told me "Hardware acceleration is either disabled or not supported by your vido driver" and the game ran very slowly and laggy It would not let me search for any networks The screen resolution seemed lower than it used to be Some other things did not install either, such as Windows Mail, Atheros Gigabit Ethernet Controller, etc. My question is: did I do something incorrectly? Or did the discs not do what they were supposed to?
  9. Grosstesque

    51-60 Thieving

    Hey guys. I'm currently at 51 Thieving and was wondering what the best way to get to 60 is. I'm currently doing Fremmenik citizens, but that's going a bit slow. The only upside is I won't die due to access to a fishing spot/fire. I'll consider any suggestion, thank you!
  10. For the past few months, my iTunes has been doing strange things. First off, one day I opened it and all the settings to my songs were mysteriously restored. What I mean by this is that I deleted all the comments and lyrics for every single song and organized each song's genre, but then all the comments returned on the songs and the genres changed back to what they originally were when I uploaded them to iTunes. Genres were even completely deleted from certain songs. Also, many songs had lost their album art. And when I tried to add the cover art, it would sometimes make the song corrupt and would have the first 10 seconds of each song repeat itself a few times during the song. It's very annoying. The only songs affected by this are MP3's and I am currently using iTunes What is happening? What should I do?
  11. Hi, is there an app in the Apple App Store that can tell you how many minutes you've used for the month, and much data you've used online, etc.?
  12. Grosstesque

    Itunes Question

    I'm getting annoyed with iTunes. It never lets me change my album art for any song and it randomly deletes the intros to my songs (the first few seconds of the songs) that are MP3's. If I uninstall it and the reinstall it, will I still have my music library?
  13. Grosstesque

    Htc Thunderbolt

    I just saw a commercial for the Incredible 2 and it looks really neat. How good is that phone?
  14. Grosstesque

    Htc Thunderbolt

    Alright, good idea.
  15. Grosstesque

    Htc Thunderbolt

    Alright, sounds good. :( And the reason I ask about the touch screen is because while I was reading about the HTC Sensation (which I thought was for Verizon at the time :D), I noticed many people were having problems with the touch screen about 10 days or so after they got it, and that it wouldn't be as responsive at it should be, and they did not drop it or anything. I do NOT want this happening to the X2. Anyways, as long as the touch screen will work fine, it has decent battery life, and I can use the web at a good speed, this sound like the perfect phone for me. :D Thank you, you've been very helpful. :P

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