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  1. Matej

    Metal Thread

    So much hate in the last posts, keep it together. Just because someone doesn't like a certain band/genre, that doesn't mean it's shizzle, no, it's just different to your taste. Get over it. :) How's everyone? The Windir song sounds awesome! :D
  2. Matej!!! I haven't seen you in a million years, other than facebook, but then alot of your posts are foreign. :P I will certainly clear my inbox, thanks for the support! :) What are you doing now anyway? It's been toooo long. It really has been a while. ^^ Decided to give RuneScape another try, maybe just for the sake of having something to do on rainy afternoons. :P Gap year for me at the moment, but plan on getting back to Uni next year, which will hopefully turn out better than this one. :) Let me know, what your character name is if you want to talk in-game. Considering the DIY, and whether you like it or not, you're going to have to do loads of mining and smithing, or mob slaying, to get the tools for other skills. :P Ah, one quick advice, that might or might not help: play as if you were watching a movie, take a chill pill, there's no rush... Hmm, let me put it this way - your journey should be a casual stroll to Mordor. :D P.S.: What's with avatars, can't seem to upload one? :o
  3. Matej

    *giveaway* LOTRO 2,200 turbine points.

    Oh, that would be wonderful!! :) Which server do you play on?
  4. Most of luck, Chocster :) Wish you loads of fun while playing! :D P.S.: Your inbox might be full. :P
  5. Matej

    Playin Mw2 On Pc

    That won't help if he already has a legit copy? Well, most of European lobbies in Steam version are hacked, not to mention you get a host on dial-up almost all the time. Don't know how it's elsewhere, though. AlterIW offers you dedicated (and modable) servers and much more versatility and overall enjoyment. Hope you enjoy, N3wb. :)
  6. Matej

    Playin Mw2 On Pc

    Just download AlterIW: http://alteriw.net/
  7. Matej

    A Reassuring Fable

    Thank you for posting this, thank you immensely! :)
  8. Matej

    Metal Thread

    Decided to f*ck what I said, I'm posting again. Anyone interested in folk metal, Eluveitie just posted Helvetios' Trailer #1: Enjoy!
  9. Matej

    Metal Thread

    I would like metal to be mainstream, that way I could: a) Enjoy the radio b) Talk about music offline c) Enjoy music at parties d) Enjoy music at the pub (Although 80s pop's not that bad :D) e) Go and see music with friends Also I don't listen to metal to be different, I listen because I enjoy it Hmm, you do raise some valid points. Then again, I like how it is at the moment. And about the last point, since I quit Runescape (and my awkwardly unsocial life) last December, I've been to 6 or 7 concerts. It's not much, but I've made great friends and we continue to hang out every week if there's a chance. Hehe, I think we all listen to it for the same reason - enjoyment. To end, as this will be my last post here, I wish you the very best with managing this thread and to keep it metal :D Take care!
  10. Matej

    Metal Thread

    I understand why you don't like KSE or Hatebreed, but why DevilDriver? They were awesome in concert. Change genre for more fans? Sellout. Plus, crap vocals (try harsher vocals, e.g Be'lakor, Wolfchant, etc.) and music is too happy for their genre. Plus, it's American Metal. Have you listened to DevilDriver's albums? They haven't changed at all. They're one of thew few bands who haven't sold out. You should probably actually listen to them before you blindly comment. Umm... used to listen to them a long time ago, I even listened to them when Beast came out. Then I realised how crap they are. And now, I get to diss them. How fun for me and how you're wrong. Maybe you shouldn't assume at all. I ACTUALLY HAVE A BAND I CAN GO SEE LIVE- Be'lakor, Melo-Death from MELBOURNE. I GET TO SEE THEM FOR $15-$35 a ticket. They are brilliant, I may say. But, they are writing their third album and then touring, so no shows at all for the mean time. Just not enough Violin for you? I don't only listen to Folk/Pagan Metal. I have Black Metal, Death Metal and Melo-Death, etc. I have enough violin at home. 'K? I'll start with saying metal is like an apple, no-one likes the core. Apart from that genre, I'm not against any other. I feel people take things out of proportions, listen to what you like and have enough respect for others (except core, mock it all you want :D). Seeing how the bigger bands already made a name for themselves, it's in the newcomers we should lay our hope. They can experiment all they want, but when a known band does it, it's immediately flagged as 'crap' and 'sellout'. Be happy metal isn't becoming mainstream, imagine how weird it would be if you went out and see everyone wearing black, 'trve kvlt' gear. I'll pass, I want to be known as 'that guy who listens to metal', makes me feel good to be different than most :(
  11. Matej

    Far Cry 2

    It's pathetic...
  12. Matej

    Road To 99 Runecrafting

    Okay, now that's just sad...
  13. Matej

    I Looked At This Picture

  14. Matej

    I've Never Seen A Body Before ..

    Why's he putting sunglasses over another set of the same ones?
  15. Matej

    Modern Warfare 3

    Call of Duty hasn't changed since Modern Warfare. The only thing that has changed - GRAPHICS, but that's it. Better spend that cash on something else...

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