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  1. Nice suggestion. You have my support.
  2. You have my support. I can't see why Jagex haven't fixed this.
  3. I was thinking about this as well. Full support!
  4. I like it. You have my support.
  5. Thanks Sharkie ! I'm going for 99 woodcutting before attack though, I have had enough of combat for now :)
  6. Aww thanks sharkie My happiest 99 push ups in my life lol :)
  7. We are a tiny nano inch from being on the rsof. We just need to find the section responsible for each section
  8. Really great goals and levels I wish you luck,
  9. Sad. But I agree with Vincent, why did so many important people fly in the same airplane?
  10. Don't really know, but I see you quite often 8/10
  11. I hire the giant gingerbread man from Shreek to knock you down! *baaang* My phat
  12. The latest version of RuneScape is the best imo. Just one thing that's really bad... the new wildy!
  13. When I just started playing, I would always listen to it But now I prefer to listen to my own music.
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