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  1. Fahp

    Poh - Architecture?

    Nice suggestion. You have my support.
  2. Fahp

    Spam Barricading Glitch Campaign

    You have my support. I can't see why Jagex haven't fixed this.
  3. Fahp

    Runescape Chat

    I was thinking about this as well. Full support!
  4. Fahp

    Lobby Improvements

    I like it. You have my support.
  5. Fahp

    .:~ Eagles' Skill Log ~:.

    Thanks Sharkie ! I'm going for 99 woodcutting before attack though, I have had enough of combat for now :)
  6. Fahp

    .:~ Eagles' Skill Log ~:.

    Aww thanks sharkie My happiest 99 push ups in my life lol :)
  7. Fahp

    ☼ Don Tex Industries ☼

    We are a tiny nano inch from being on the rsof. We just need to find the section responsible for each section
  8. Fahp

    200M-Goals added screenies soon to come

    Really great goals and levels I wish you luck,
  9. Fahp

    Polish President Dies In Plane Crash

    Sad. But I agree with Vincent, why did so many important people fly in the same airplane?
  10. Don't really know, but I see you quite often 8/10
  11. I hire the giant gingerbread man from Shreek to knock you down! *baaang* My phat
  12. Fahp

    The First Word That Comes To Mind

    Fruit.. still
  13. The latest version of RuneScape is the best imo. Just one thing that's really bad... the new wildy!
  14. Fahp

    Da New Skill

    Definitely not 'Autoing'
  15. Fahp

    Do U Listen To The Rs Music

    When I just started playing, I would always listen to it But now I prefer to listen to my own music.

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