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  1. Melik

    Show us your bum

    I used to live in a smaller city, but now I live in a bigger one. But the population density is somehow lower here...
  2. Melik

    Film reccomendations?

    I know Scarface isn't exactly emotional, but holy crap, I just wathced it for the first time last weekend, and it was amazing. One of the greatest films I have ever seen. I don't know why I hadn't seen it before. Sorry, just had to tell someone.
  3. Melik

    Mirai Nikki

    I could have sworn this topic was about Nicki Minaj before I clicked it. What's Mirai Nikki?
  4. Melik

    Sals Is Dying

    Sal's can't die, Sal's is the ultimate. Anyways, someone was saying that the new Like system let people just click Like instead of having to post, thus decreasing new post volume, but I don't know.
  5. Melik

    Removal of member no. and posts?

    I liked the old member number and the old, more public join date. My 6-year-old join date was my only source of pride. :( I have nothing left.
  6. OP doesn't seem to be a new user, he has 244 posts. This is weird.
  7. Melik

    Sal's Gold Membership

    Name: Melik Mental Age: Alternating between 9, 17, and an elitist 25 Gender (M/F): M Heb0? (Y/N): Depends on the size Will you use your ego responsibly? (Y/N): If I can't save the Sal's, I sure as hell will avenge it
  8. Melik

    Lamar Smith with another bill?!

    Why does this old guy hate freedom so much? ... and, the kicker:
  9. Melik

    Sal's /R/eal{m} of Reddit Awards

    Topdog for /r/seduction
  10. Melik

    NDAA Passed

    Is there a version of your original post without the obvious slant, drama, and loaded language every other word?
  11. 35 seconds on the rubik's cube, time to learn some Fridrich method

    1. Tabt


      Impressive! I can only do the beginners method and it takes me a few minutes but i'm happy with that! is the Fridrich method super quick then?


    2. Melik


      You wouldn't believe how quick, I surprised myself. I recommend it if you can get below a minute with the beginner's!

  12. Melik

    This is sad. :(

    Just noticed that. What the hell is that thing?
  13. Melik

    Dear Redmonke

    Heb0 is redditor, I'm so proud And jealous of all those books.
  14. Melik

    Sals 3.0 Tips

    Melik to the rescue! Okay, here's what you do: first type in the word or words you want to be clickable first. Now, select those word/words. While those are selected, click the Hyperlink button and paste in the URL, and it should transform the word/words you typed in earlier into a link without displaying the URL itself. Like so.
  15. Melik

    Pc Vs. Mac

    For this very reason, although I'm an iPhone and Mac owner, I cringe every time I hear or see a fanboy, or listen to an Apple presentation. "Revolutionary," "magical," "it just does," and "simple" have pretty much lost all meaning.

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