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  1. cancel my order for 500 coal, you took 2 months and you still haven't done.... -.-
  2. I submited a order form on 19th October... :P# I've got the iron but not the coal... Please fulfill my order... Thanks... :D# OMG, i could have bought 500 coal from G.E at lowest price NOW!!!!!!!!!!! :P Your service is bad!
  3. Woah! Thats a lot, LOL, that ain't a big sale mate...
  4. I'll do if if you don't take another order besides me and how much will you pay per jug of water? I might consider...
  5. I still remeber it was 86k from partyroom
  6. I submited a order form on 19th October... :P# I've got the iron but not the coal... Please fulfill my order... Thanks...
  7. Well... Sainsburys might be far away from you but it might be close to some other people while ASDA if closer to you and further away from other people... Sainsburys is ~6miles away from me too... ^_^
  8. Literally LMAO, i didn't know.... sorry! ^_^ ____________________________________________________________Edited ORDER FORM - runescape username: hang881 section of item: Ores name of item: Coal quantity: 500 And section of item: Ores name of item: Iron Ore quantity: 250 :) PM in THIS forum when done!
  9. o.0, I've ordered 500 Coal and 250 iron ore but it hasn't be completed... It's been 9 days and nothing. I'd rather mine it myself. If you haven't started gathering the order cancel it. If you have PM when you're done! ^_^
  10. I want to order 500 coal and 250 iron ore. My ingame name is hang881. You can put this order in low priority, (not not too low though). Work out the price for me could you? I'll have enough gp to pay. We'll arrange a time, place and world to complete the transaction. Thank you! (PM me when you've done).
  11. Same but i join my Clan's CC aswell!
  12. What other stuff...... :) :D ^_^
  13. I think F2p has boring combat cause the best monsters are lesser demons etc... they are too easy!!!
  14. join clanmuffinz, we have a webpage and all, u can find us on this page, we are new and all, more info in topic. 60+ clan btw
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