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    New Emotes

    Lol perfect, i would love making my clan do push-ups. I fully support, add me to da list!
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    Horses In Runescape

    so you have 512 supporters :( I am shocked by the fact you put down everyone single supporters name, including mine. Man runescape better add horses!!!!
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    My First Two Comics!

    kinda lame
  4. I think i might know the creation of the wilderness. it was once a peacefull place. But if u look around u can find ritual markings. I guess that dark wizards summoned the demons that walk around in the wildy, and they turned it into a place of destruction
  5. kamek_2000

    The Super Mario Bros. Enter Runescape

    CHAPTER 6: DIASASTER Mario and Luigi landed with a thud in a barren wastland. There were pools of lava everywhere, dead trees that looked as if they were there for millions of years, and cold rocky ground as far as eye could see. "...where are we?" Luigi said as he broke the silence "Good question, because I'm not sure!" The Mario Bros. looked around, unsure of which direction to head in, unsure of where they would end up, and unsure of what could possibly be awaiting them. "I say head North, that-a-way!" Luigi said pointing at a direction. "Thats South numbskull." "No its North ya egghead!" "North, stupid!" "South, moron!" "North!" "South!" "NORTH!" "SOUTH!" Luigi raised his hands into the air with anger. "This is just like the time I made that football, and you said it was a stone!" He said. "It was a stone Luigi, you didn't make it!" Mario said. "I chisled it!" "You didn't make it!" "It was a football, I chiseled it!" "Stone!" "Football!" They seized each others throats and starting choking one another untill a distant figure behind them spotted them and began running towards them. "AHAHAHAA Nubs, I'm gonna kick your axes wit my dragon scimmi!!!!" Mario at once realized it was a lvl 104. Mario yelled out his trademark MAMA-MIA while Luigi's jaw dropped in fright as he did his trademark Luigi's mansion scaredy-cat pose. However after a while the lvl 104 staggered to a halt right in front of the Mario Bros and frowned sadly. "Oh right...you can't kill anyone here anymore." The lvl 104 turned his back, shoulders slumped, face down, and walked away silently. Luigi raised an eyebrow. "Whats he-a-talkin' about?" Mario recalled the Wise Old Man saying Runescape isn't what it used to be. Perhaps this and that odd 3k limit thing was what he was talking about? He decided not to give it a decond thought and returned to his situation. "Jeez...screw this, lets just head in any freakin' direction and just hope for the best." Mario said. "Meh, why not, its better than arguing about weather my football was a stone or not." "Just so you know it was a stone, Luigi." "Mario...STFU AND GET MOVING OR I'LL SACK YOU SO HARD YOU WON'T HAVE CHILDEN!!!!!" Mario speed-walked for the next 5 hours. On their journey through this god-forsaken place, they saw many unusual sights. A destroyed castle. A massive fenced up place that looked like a zoo. Strange demonic ritual markings, which I might add scared Luigi quite a bit. The most unusual was a short drunken man that suddenly appeared and began pestering Luigi. "C'mon ickle buddy *hic* dont'cha want dis here kebab an' ale." it said. "Get outta here, ya midget, I don't want your crappy beer...and wtf a kebab?" "I hates you, Luigi *hic*" "Yes yes, i'm sure you really "hates me", by the way, take your crap beer and go fu-" Before he knew it a rock flew straight into Luigi's face, then another, and another. "I HATES YOU!" "YOU SON OF A BI-" SMACK! Luigi pulled out a random hammer and began beating the tiny man with it till he was reduced to nothing but a bloody pile of flesh and bone. After that incident occured, Luigi decided never to trust short people again, except for his brother. "Hey look, I see pure land and not a crappy wasteland!" Luigi said pointing. "ITS SAFETY!" They began to run towards it, but unfortunatly for them, two giant red monster things grabbed them. "What the!?" Sadly for Mario, he was reunited with "an old friend". "Well well well...look who we have here." Said the Wise Old Man. "Look i'm sorry I-" "SILENCE...I KILL YOU!" "..." "ahem i see you have become aqquianted with my demons...and who this?" The Old Man gave Luigi an icy stare. "I'm Luigi you freaky old geezer, and might I mention thats a cool blue hat." The Old Man smacked Luigi. "Its...a...PARTY HAT!" "ummm...ok." "Your brother is stupider than you Mario!" "At least I'm not a bank robber!" Mario shouted angrily, choking from the demons grip. "No your a bank smasher, and a staff stealer...oh yes ill be taking that back, thank you!" The Old Man snatched away his staff from Mario. "Now prepare for your doom." The Old Man summoned power as if from a god, and struck Mario with a bolt of pure electric lightning, then Luigi. They both survived though. "Strange your not dead, you must be quite powerful, i guess I'll just keep going then." the Old Man said. With that blasted Mario and Luigi with another bolt of lightning, and another, and a fourth one, yet they were still alive, but very weakened. Luigi had something up his sleave though, he just needed to be shocked one more time...unless this next shock killed him. The Lightning came down and blasted Mario. He was still ok, but bearly alive. Then the next bolt came down. This was it! It shocked him. Luigi mustered up all his strength. "PK THUNDER!!!" He shouted. A bolt of electricity shot out from his head. It zipped around, hitting the demon holding Mario, then the demon holding Luigi, then finally it shot straight at the Old Man and knocked him down with a large blast. "Whoa Luigi, how'd you learn to PK thunder?" "I asked Ness to teach me." Luigi replied. "Oh, I haven't seen Ness in a while, maybe I-" Mario was struck down with a blast of fire. He quickly got up and ran towards the Old Man, who proceeded to shoot a blast of dark magic at Mario. Mario dogded the blast, but it hit Luigi. Luigi suddenly became confused, as his surroundings blurred. Mario punched the Old Mans stomach and kicked him in the face, knocking him out. The Old Man flew to the ground, and dropped his staff and an odd bag. Mario, sensing the Old Man was down for now, ran to Luigi to help him out. "I feel dizzy..." Mario softly smacked Luigi once or twice. "Snap out of it, you alright?" "I'm good now, lets go quickly before that old guy comes back." Mario ran up to the Old Mans body, snatched up his staff once more, and also picked up the peculiar bag. Then the brothers both ran off towards what looked like a safe place.............. TO BE CONTINUED...
  6. kamek_2000

    The Super Mario Bros. Enter Runescape

    CHAPTER 5: REUNITED Mario teleported to Lumbridge. He recognized the place as this is where he first appeared when Bowser sent him here. Upon arrival Mario was immediatly swarmed by lvl 3 and 4 noobs, all asking for his hat. Mario took what he had learned from the Old Man, and shot fireballs at the noobs. It killed them, but the reapeared right beside him after 5 seconds, so mario ran once more. he ran past a bridge where 3 lvl 26s where arching on ducks. after passing the bridge he stopped at a gate, where two guards were standing. "I need to get through fast!" Mario yelled. "Then you will need to give us 10 peices of gold." The first guard replied. "But I put my money in the bank!" "Go get it." "I've got no time!" Mario screamed looking back at the noobs who were just a few more seconds away from piling on him again. "You've got all the time in the world." Mario had had enough. "SCREW THIS!" Mario pushed the guards over and scrambled up the gate. He looked back as he ran, and saw that the noobs began sawrming other people, asking them for 10gp to pass the gate. Mario took a left turn and did not stop running until he slammed into someone. "Hey, whatch where your-a-going!" cried a familiar voice. "LUIGI?" "MARIO?" They embraced each other at once and then sat down in the warm sand. "I'm confused, I thought you died, how'd you get here?" Mario asked. "Well, I was falling, awaiting my doom, when all of a sudden and star appearered right beside me," Luigi said, "I grabbed it in the nick of time, and I became invincible, and fell to the ground, but i didn't even feel a thing!" "Ah I see, go on." "Well right after Bowser slammed out of his castle door carrying the princess, and once he saw me, he took out that wand and zapped me with it to, and here I am, but now we gotta find a way to get outta here!" Luigi said as he finished. Mario had remembered the spell that had sent him to Lumbridge, but once he tryed to use it, a randon voice in his head said, "You need to wait 30 minutes to use this!" Mario was flabbergasted but accepted it. "I dunno how to get outta here." Suddenly a passerby spotted them and, curious, walked up to them. "Hows it going?" Mario and Luigi looked up to see a lvl 89 standing looking down at them. "What, are you here to bug and insult us cuz your a higher level or something?" Mario said with a frown. "Absolutely not, I would never do that sort of stuff man, I was thinking you might need help." Mario at once noticed this was one of the high levels who enjoyed helping others. "We could use some help getting out of here." Mario said Luigi, who was utterly confused all of a sudden sat, thinking in silence. "Do you have anything that can teleport us to Draynor, and then someplace safe." Mario asked. "Of course." The man tossed them some stones, with markings on them, then gave them a book. "Just open the book and touch the runes to the proper symbols." "Thanks!" But before mario had even noticed, the man dissapeared into thin air. Smacking Luigi to snap him out of his trance, Mario opened up the book, which was filled with sybols just like on the runes, with instructions. Mario looked up, draynor teleport and put the proper runes on the page. At one a flashing light emmited from the page and they found themselves not in the desert, but in Draynor. "I'll explain everything later, I just need to get something for you." Mario approached the Wise Old Man's house, looked in the window to check if he was home, and nervously entered his house. Inside mario began push over maps and throwing books around. "Who's house is this Mario?" Luigi asked. "uhhh....its uhhhh......its George Bush's house!" Mario said. "Ah, so that probably why we're ransacking it, let me help!" Luigi started pushing over tables, ripping maps in half and crapping on the stool. After 10 minutes of searching, Mario and Luigi went upstairs and finally found what Mario was looking for, the tutorial book the old man got him to read. It was right beside the bed. Mario approached the bed, which suddenly moved. Mario froze and Luigi stared. "What was that?" Mario asked. The bed shook once more. Mario quickly snatched up the book. The bed made a creepy noise. Mario with all the courage he could muster, looked under the bed to see a huge green bug. mario had seen this type of bug in the book. "KALPHITE!!!" "Huh?" Mario grabbed Luigi's hand and he opened the teleport book. He didn't have time to match the symbols of the runes, for the kalphite was crawling out from under the bed, straight towards them. Mario just threw the runes at the book and they teleported. TO BE CONTINUED...
  7. kamek_2000

    Favorite Songs To Play

    1.Through the Fire and the Flames 2.Miss Murder 3.Rock You Like a Hurricane 4.Rock and Roll all Night 5.The Devil Went Down To Georgia 6.One
  8. kamek_2000

    Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!

    Labradoir when im a mem
  9. kamek_2000

    The Falador Massacre

    Thankfully jagex did a rollback (which takes the game back in time. For example. One day you worked hours and got 2 bill, then jagex does a rollback, so you lose all your 2 bill as if you did nothing) So jagex did a rollback and it was as if it never happened. I should know this BECAUSE I WAS ONE OF THE BLOODY PEOPLE TO DIE :P :P :) I LOST MY PARTY HAT AND I COULD'VE KILLED THE FREAKIN NOOB IF HE WASNT A CHEAP :P :D :) :P :D :D :D :D .............................. :) ......................................sorry about that, at least i got me stuff back....what about you?
  10. kamek_2000

    The Super Mario Bros. Enter Runescape

    Chapter 4: Finding The Way Mario wandered around aimlessly until he though he got far enouh from the Old man, whom he had tooken the staff from. Mario looked at the staff carefuly, wondering if he should go back. "I wonder what this thing does." He thought. A smacked the staff against the ground, and suddenly a bolt of lightning struck a nearby lvl 116, killing him. Mario rushed over to to see what he had. Full armour that was red, and oddly coloured whip, a lot of money, a long red pointy sword and a yo-yo. Mario thought to himself that all these things except the money were probably worthless, but he took them nontheless and continued down the road, until he reached a large wall. Mario wondered past the walls and saw an enourmas white castle surrounded by a moat. "Very interesting." he said to himself. He continued on, until he found a bank and promptly entered inside to store his "worthless" items. After doing so he overheard two people discussing a familier matter. "Did you hear what happened in Draynor?" Asked the lvl 96 in a strange light blue armour. "Yeh yeh everyone has, the stupid Old Man has robbed the bloody bank, it so old!" Said the lvl 76 person sporting a british accent. Mario looked suprised. "NO not that!" "Then what?" "A giant flaming log smashed into the Draynor Bank and set it on fire! It was put out after, but then some idiot started lighting fires IN the bank, and almost everyone inside died, the people who escaped lost all there stuff to!. I was there to collect peoples stuff so I could return it to them if it wasn't burnt." The lvl 96 said. "That was very thoughtful of you, especially in such a terribly situation." The British one said. Mario covered his face and continued to eavsdrop on the conversation. The lvl 96 sighed sadly. "My girlfriend was in there though...she died, along with Paulsen and Geoff." The lvl 96 said. "Bugger...." The British one said sady. At this point Mario felt very reproachable, a word which here means "felt very guilty", and decided he had heard enough. He was about leave when he heard giant crashing noises and a few yells of pain. "What the bloody hell was that?" The lvl 76 british said. They looked out the window to see the old man stompting around and bowling over guards with odd magic. "WHERE IS HE!?!?!" The Old Man yelled very angrily. Mario noticed that his blue party hat was a bit charred. "I WILL RIP HIM LIMB FROM LIMB, WHERE IS HE, I WANT MY SARADOMIN STAFF BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" THe Old Man shreiked in anger. As the Old Man passed and left the city to look elsewhere, Mario left the bank. He needed help and a way to get around. He entered a park and looked around. All he saw was a bunch of gardeners and an odd fellow sitting on a bench. He knew that gardeners wouldn't help him, so he had no choise but to approach the fellow on the bench, who looked like he was sipping some coffee. "uh...Hello there, I need your help!" Mario said to the man. "...I've been sitting on this bench for 60 years..." The man replied. Mario looked at this man with eyes half closed and knew at once that he wouldn't be of any help. "Sorry about that friend, I pass off and talk about myself and whatnot, a cup of tea perhaps?" he said calmy. "What?" "Yes indeed it is a spiffing day for a walk, oh tea and crumpets I've spilt my tea. I guess we'll have to sit here another 10 years and whatnot! Mario quitely sat down beside the man, a smacked him across the face. "For each time you talk stupid, I slap you, ok? "Oh coffee cream and wishy-wash thats a terribly dashing idea!" SLAP! "Indeed that was well whatnot most refreshing in a spiffing way!" SLAP! "Indeed I am in the liking of this treatment, I shall cook tea and crumpets for my fellow spiffers." SLAP! "I've been sittting on this bench for 60 years..." "C'mon! WHO ARE YOU AND CAN YOU HELP ME!!!!!?!??!" Mario yelled very angrily. "I am the spiffing Sir Tiffy, at your asistence my good lad, what are you need the help with?" "I need help to get around..." "Indeed, take this newcomer map friend, and search away, after all it is a spiffing day for a walk, whatnot!" Sir Tiffy said cheerfuly. Mario got up and began to leave. "Thanks!" Mario yelled. "Not a problem friend, and thank you for the shock treatment!" Tiffy yelled back. "Errr...right...." Now that Mario had a map he could go to new places. After leaving the town he was in known as Falador, he consulted his map and discovered that he had power in Runescape. It was called Lumbridge Teleport. Knowing what Lumbridge was form looking over the map thoroughly, Mario decided to try this magic. Mario took out a pen and book he never knew he had and drew a circle around him. Next he sat down and read from the book and he bgan to teleport to his new destination... To Be Continued.........
  11. kamek_2000

    Death At Dawn.

    doeasnt seem interesting so far :)
  12. kamek_2000

    The Super Mario Bros. Enter Runescape

    Chapter 3: Learning Mario woke up one day, witha book on his face. He remembered falling asleep at chapter 364, but he didn't want to read on anymore. "ah, I see your awake, good morning. Did you enjoy your sleep?" "I guess." "I know your still confusing, so I'm going to teach you all there is about this place, until we can get you back home." "but the book...." "Yes but we'll give you a hands on experience!" The old man smiled, "Come along!" Mustering up all his courage, Mario went outside with the old man. "This is Draynor, over there you can find Diango, hes friendly so you may talk to him whenever. A noob suddenly came up to the old man and said: "CAN 1 HAV3 Y0UR BLU3 CR0WN PL0X?" The Wise old man delivered a jaw-breaking punch to the noobs face and guided Mario into the bank. A banker came up to him and said: "HEY YOUR THAT GUY WHO ROBBED OUR BANK!!!!" "I'm sorry, you must have mistoken me for him." The wise old man said, pointing at the noob he has just punched. The noob got up, only to be dog-piled on by a bunch of bank gaurds. The wise old man took stome stuff out of the bank and gave it to Mario: a Rune axe, a fishing rod, a tinderbox, and many other essentials. "What? No weapons?" Mario asked in disbelief. "I'm most sorry, but I cannot go over the 3k limit." Suddenly after saying that, the old man's face became sad, and he mumbled something about Runescape not being what it used to be... They walked beside the bank and near water. "Here, try to fish. Mario cast out his line. The hook flew far bank and got hooked into a nearby woodcutter face. Mario then pulled and the hook ripped open the mans face. "Ummmmmmmmm...perhaps you should try that again?" Mario cast the line once more. Suddenly a giant troll came up to him and said "argh these fishing be mine!" Mario laughed and said: "screw off noob!" The troll took out a bone and whipped mario in the face with it, and Mario flew into the water. The old man took the liberty of casting a saradomin strike of the foul beast, and put an end to it immediatly. Mario emerged from the water, his pants filled with fish. Mario pulled the fish out of his pants and offered them to the old man. "Thats disgusting!!! Throw it away!" The Old man yelled! Mario threw them with all his might, and the fish slapped a woodcutter in the face, sending him down to the ground, where a nearby falling tree fell on him. "Perhaps we should try something else." The old man led him past the jail cell earlier and into the forest, where the odd people from before were still cutting wood. Mario ran up to them. "Hi there, hows the woodcutting going?" Mario asked. "Those are bots you idiot!" "Oh yeh." Said Mario rememebered what he read in the book. "Now ignore them and chop that tree." The old man ordered. "Mario swung the axe at the tree, but accidently let go. It wne tflying out of his hand and hit a bot, killing it. The old man stared angrily. "My bad..." Mario toke his axe back and try to chop again. This time it worked. When mario finished chopping the tree fell on him. "Help me!" "You idiot!" The old man lifted the tree off Mario. "Try again and stop screwing up!" Mario cut the tree, and it fell on the old man. "My bad again..." "Help me fool!" Mario shot a fireball at the tree, setting it and the old man on fire. "ARGH, HELP ME!!!" Mario kicked the tree off the old man. The tree trunk rolled and rolled, past the jail cell and it slammed right into the bank, creating a gaint hole and setting it on fire. The wise old man grabbed Mario and they ran to the bank and put out the fire. "OK...that didn't work...try...fire making." The old man said, putting his saradomin staf fin the bank incase he died. Mario took out the logs the logs he cut and set them on the ground and began to try to light them. "MARIO WAIT, don't light them in the bank!!!!" The old man shouted. But Mario didn't hear him. while trying to light the fire, a high level walked on the logs mario was trying to burn and said: "Ha I bet I can beat you noob!" Mario finnally succeeded in lighting the logs, setting the high level on fire. "Argh! IM ON FIRE!!!!" The high level jumped around and slammed into a bank booth, setting it on fire. Not noticing this, Mario made more fires, convinced that he was doing good. The bank was once again on fire and the Old Man dragged Mario out. Then suddenly, the old man realized that he left his staff in there. He raced back into the bank, kicked a burning person out of the way, and ran back outside with his staff. "DUDE YOUR CROWN THING IS ON FIRE!!!!" Mario yelled! "For the last time, its a party hat...wait what?" The Old man looked up, his party hat was on fire, he took it and threw it into the lake. "WAIT NOOOOOOO, THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!!!" The old man yelled angrily. He dropped his Saradomin staff on the ground and jumped into the water to find his Party hat. Mario couldn't help but stare at the staff. he quickly snatched up the staff and ran off... To Be Continued...
  13. kamek_2000

    The Super Mario Bros. Enter Runescape

    Chapter 2: The People of The Land "CAN 1 HAV3 Y0UR R3D HA7 PL0X?" Is what mario heard. He screamed in pain and quickly spun around to see a bald man, with a beard, in a green shirt. "PL0X?" He said. Mario ran for his life. He ran past a general store, he ran through a forest with odd people chopping wood, and then he ran past a jail cell, until he arrived in a small village with a few people around. He looked around in fear, and suddenly a lvl 126 in Dragon armour came up to him and said: "Hey there nooby, nice overalls loser." Mario let out a high-pitched yell and ran off further into the village. He took a right turn at a bank and ran into someones house and slammed the door shut. "Why, hello there, may I help you?" Mario was just about to run out the door when he looked around and saw and old man, with a white beard, giant eyeglases and what seemed to be a blue crown. "Uhhh uh....I uh..." Mario stuttered. "Are you a newcomer?" Asked the Old Man calmy "Ummm...kinda." "You look familiar...have we met?" Mario didn't even know who this man was, infact he didn't even know where he was. He knew nothing right now. He did not know weather Bowser ruled now, or weather the princess was ok, or weather Luigi was alive. While Mario thought these thoughts, the Old Man had pulled a book out from one of his many bookshelfs and was quietly reading it. After a long silence he finally said, "I thought i knew you..." He said slapping the book shut and returning it to its former place. "You are Mario, resident of the Mushroom Kingdom, are you not? "Yes...I am." He replied. "Your in an interesting dilemma right now, there is a prophecy stating that after a few ages, a man dressed up up in Red clothes with blue overalls, and a hat that says "M" on it would appear in our world, and he would visit me, now here you are after ages. "At least you know my problem," Finding the man trustworthy, "But where am I, who are these people, and who are you?" "I am the humble Wise Old Man of Draynor, as for your other questions read this book." Said the old man handing Mario a dusty old book. Wondering what in God's name Draynor was, Mario took the book and looked at its title: Runescape and You. He opened it: CHAPTER ONE: WELCOME TO RUNESCAPE. WELCOME NEWCOMER, YOU ARE READING THIS BOOK BECAUSE FOR SOME REASON YOU DID NOT ATTEND TUTORIAL ISLAND, WHICH MAKES YOU A CHEAP LITTLE HACKER OR SOMETHING ELSE. IN THE FOLOWING PAGES, WE WILL TELL YOU OF THE LAND, OF THE PEOPLE OF THE LAND, AND THE MANY OTHER THINGS. CHAPTER TWO: THE GODS OF RUNESCAPE. THREE GODS RULE RUNESCAPE. GUTHIX, SARADOMIN AND ZAMAROCK. GUTHIX IS THE GOD OF BALANCE, AND HE WAS THE ONE THAT CREATED RUNESCAPE. SARADOMIN IN THE GOD OF GOODWILL AND PEACE. ZAMAROCK IS A GOD OBSSED WITH EVIL AND HATRED. CHAPTER THREE: THE LAND AFTER IT WAS CREATED, PEOPLE WERE ALSO MADE BY SARADOMIN, BUT ZAMAROCK WANTED THIS TO BE HIS LAND, AND HE PLACED DOWN HE EVIL CREATURES AND MANY BAD PEOPLE, WHO STILL EXSIST TODAY, PRAISING HIM. CHAPTER FOUR: THE PEOPLE: TODAY THE PEOPLE ARE A COCKY TYPE. SOME ARE NICE AND SOME ARE UNPLEASANT. THE NICE PEOPLE WOULD BE WILLING TO SPARE YOU SOME MONEY, OR HELP YOU OUT. THE UNPLEASANTS ARE TO BE AVOIDED, WHICH WILL BE EXPLAINED INTO THE NEXT CHAPTER. CHAPTER FIVE: THE UNPLEASANT PEOPLE UNPLEASANT PEOPLE ARE AS FOLOWS: 1.NOOBS 2.HIGH LEVELS 3.SCAMMERS 4.MACROERS/CHEATERS 5.BOTS 1. NOOBS ARE THE WORST OF THEM. THEY WILL WALK UP TO YOU AND INSULT YOU, BEG FOR FREE ITEMS, FOLOW YOU, ANNOY YOU, AND TRY TO RIP YOU OFF. THE MOST COMMON IS THE BEGGER NOOB AND THE ANNOYING. BEGGER WILL COME UP TO YOU AND SAY: "FR33 ST00F PL0X" IN AN ATTEMPT FOR YOUR VALUABLE ITEMS. ANNOYING NOOBS WILL BASICALLY ANNOY YOU. 2. HIGH LEVELS. THESE ARE THE JERKS OF RUNESCAPE. THEY WILL ALWAYS TRY TO PUT YOU DOWN JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE BETTER THEN YOU. DON'T BE AFRAID THOUGH, A GOOD COMEBACK CAN PUT THEN OFF. ALSO, NOT ALL HIGH LEVELS ARE BAD, SOME WILL BE WILLING TO HELP YOU BE LIKE THEM. 3. SCAMMERS ARE THOSE PEOPLE WHO WILL SAY: "RARE SPINACHE ROLL, 1 MILL!!!" tHIS IS A SCAM, SOME MIGHT ALSO OFFER TO TRIM YOUR ARMOUR, THIS CAN'T BE DONE THOUGH! BEWARE! 4. MACROERS ARE CHEATERS, PLEASE KILL THEM. 5. BOTS ARE ROBOTS THAT ARE PROGRAMMED TO WORKS CERTAIN SKILLS AND TRAIN. THEY ARE IDENTIFIED IF THEY HAVE ODD NAMES, OR IF THEY DONT RESPOND TO YOU. MOST BOTS HAVE THE DEFAULT LOOKS, BALD, A BEARD, GREEN SHIRT AND DARK GREEN PANTS, BUT NOT ALL OF THEM DO. CHAPTER FIVE: HANDLING THE UNPLEASANTS: a GOOD COMEBACK CAN ALWAYS WORK. FOR EXAMPLE: A HIGH LEVEL WILL TRY TO HURT YOUR FEELING BY BEIN BETTER, BUT THEN YOU COULD REMARK THAT YOU HAVEN'T SPENT YOUR LIFE PLAYING THIS GAME, WHICH CAN SET THEM OFF. THE REPORT BUTTON CAN BE YOUR BEST FRIEND. NOOBS AND HIGH LEVELS MAY MAKE THE MISTAKE OF BREAKING A RULE, BY SWEARING PERHAPS. THIS GIVES YOU THE CHANCE TO REPORT THEM, AND BANISH THEM! SWITCHING WORLDS WORKS TO! CHAPTER SIX......................... The chapters and pages kept going on an on, and Mario read into the night.............. To Be Continued............
  14. I am adding myself into the story, and 5 guest stars. the first 5 people that pm will be made guest stars. if you pm more then once or if i've already picked 5 people, then your pm will be considered JUNK! Lets begin. Chapter One: A New World It was another day. Bowser had captured princess Peach again and Mario and Luigi made their way to the castle. "What do you think it will be this time?" Asked Mario as if very bored. "More Flying clouds, walking bombs? suggested Luigi. They entered the castle as if it was the 2 billionth time they had done it, through the front door which was always open. How ever this time the castle had no guards, it was plain empty. This made Mario and Luigi supicious, but they dismissed it as laziness and moved on. Upon climbing thousands and thousands and thousands of flights of stairs, they made it to the top of the castle and stood in front of the throne room door. "Its going to be giant Monty Moles again, I know it!" said mario with certainty. "Absolutly not, He's just going to send in stupid old Kamek and his magikoopas again, then run away like a baby when we bash them." remarked Luigi. "Well...let's find out!" Mario kicked open the door and they burst in...but noone was inside. "Where the hell is he, he's always up here!" yelled Mario. "Bah, I bet the stupid old turtle was such a baby he ran off like a little girl." mocked Luigi. Suddenly Bowser fell from the ceiling and landed on Luigi. "I so saw that coming..." "So you finally made it, well your in for a suprise this time, Im going to-" "Throw bombs at us? Hit us fire at us? Take over the galaxy and make a black hole that will suck us in? BOOOOOORING, you always fail!" Yelled Mario with utter disgust. "Oh yeh, you know what I'm gonna do this time?" Bowser said with a toothy grin. "Whatzat turtle boy?" "I'm going to send you to RUNESCAPE, where lvl 3 noobs and high level jerks roam the land!!!" "WHAT?!?!?! NOOOOOO!!!!!!" At this point Luigi had gotten away from underneath Bowser and jumped out the window to escape, not realizing he was on the 500th floor... "Hey wait a second..." Luigi said in mid-air. "LUIGI YOU CHICKEN, GET BACK HERE!!!!" Yelled Mario out the window. But it was to late, Bowser pulled out the star wand he had stolen again, and hit Mario with an energy blast. Mario disapeared into thin air. He reapeared near a small castle. Mario looked around in fright, worried about what might happen in this strange new world. Suddenly, the first thing he heard was: "CAN 1 HAV3 Y0UR R3D HA7 PL0X?" To be continued.
  15. kamek_2000

    Races-not Whats Your Expecting

    The dragon only shoots flames, the bull rages around and smashes youThe dragon only shoots flames, the bull rages around and smashes you

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