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  1. kamek_2000

    Races-not Whats Your Expecting

    :P errmmmmm...this is more fun....
  2. kamek_2000

    Examine Other People

    First off yes i know this has been suggested before, but my way is better. You know how if you right click something it says: Examine "Insert thing"? Well what if you could examine other people? I'll use myself for example: Right click Kamek_2000 and hit examine. Then heres the magic of it. You get to decide what the examination says! It could type "hey man whats up?" or "stop examining me lol!" It could be fun and useful! Example: Your cutting wood to get 99 woodcut when a guy comes up to ask for help. If you don't respond they might be curious and examine you. It could say "Please do not bother me, i am working for 99 woodcutting." Unless they were total noobs they would get the message and leave you alone. Now your probably saying: "how do we decide what the examination message says. If your a new player just starting, then after you make your person, a message will come up saying Would you like to give an Examination message? or sumthing like that. There will be a button which will say: decide later, which means they won't have an E-message if they don't go to the examinator. IF your not a new player and want an Examine message just go to the examinator stall. Whats the examinator stall you ask: In Draynor village there will be a stall with a guy sitting behind it. Lets call him "The Examinator" shall we? If you want an examine message or want to change your current examine message, talk to him. If you don't want an examine messgae at all, just tell him. Conversation with Examinator: "Hello Examinator!" "Greetings (Your name Here). May I help you with your examine message?" Reply Options: 1. I'd like to change (or get) an examine message please. 2. I would like to erase my examine message. 3. Whats an examine message? 4. No thanks, I don't need anything. If you don't have an examine message and someone right-clicks you, there will be no examine option. And please be aware it has a language barrier, if you write something like: :P off you :o noob! Then a message will come up saying: Perhaps your message should be a bit more appropriete. After all, we don't want people examining you just to see the words: *swear* you noob! Im also sure that people WILL unfortunatly bypass the swear blocker, so Jagex im afraid must make a new rule: Report Offensive Examine. I hope you enjoy the idea and support :o ~Kamek_2000~
  3. it took gamespy 3 hours to make it.......
  4. kamek_2000

    Examine Other People

    Time for some editing :P there always seems to be a problem :o
  5. kamek_2000


    lol Player owned ship. The though of slaves turned me off. It just isnt right. Also 60 xp for jsut sailing it? Also imagine what a pain this wou,d be for jagex :P
  6. kamek_2000

    Wat Are You Doing On Rs Now?

    getting 99 wodcutting :P
  7. kamek_2000


    Entei isn't half deer, half bird, half...whas the next half...dog?
  8. I like quests...I hate you, learn to spell :P
  9. I remember my first holiday item. Handing out easter eggs, people saying egg me. and having rubber chicken wars :P Another of my favourite times is when i became a memeber for my first time. I asked how to get to the burthorpe games room, some guy handed me a games necklace and i teleported, then i got lost in burthorpe and tryed to get back to falador...only to discover it was just beside the druids :P (Today i know my way around though) Then the first time i did gertrudes cat. i received my first ever kitten, it was brown. Who loves having theyre kitties?
  10. Well pking was an everyday activity, everone loved and enjoyed it (except those who went in with expensive stuff) And...well...i guess seeing in being taken away from us...we wouldnt give up that easy :P
  11. LOL what are the chances of that happening!? I would keep it! P.S can i be on your list of awsome people to :P
  12. kamek_2000

    The Dumbest And The Stupidest!

    I was dumb enough to tell a random NPC character (in game) to stop attacking me. I was dumb enough beleive 1k was alot
  13. kamek_2000

    99 Firemaking Goal, Whats Yours?

    lvl 99 woodcutting and construction :/ My woodcutting is 62 so im getting there...but construction... only lvl 2 ^_^ But it'll be worth trying, then i can brag! :)
  14. kamek_2000

    Improvements To Party Room

    yeh its really annoying. And the majority of people are idiots and they put so much logs, empty beer glasses, fish bat and other noob stuff in it adds up to alot, but when you get there, the place is surrounded with noobs, and the prizes are crap. Runescape is getting ruined while we speak :) and people are still protesting about pking gone, when will it end ^_^
  15. kamek_2000

    Clan Wars Tele,/:; Wild Rune

    yeh, this'll make people quite lazy, i find myself walking to bounty in just a minute
  16. acually everyone hates fatique. Look...i Don't see why jagex can't do it. Its like they think if they add it then their game will be cursed...besides...the've already ruined the game by taking away pking, what worse would this do ^_^ Besides, what wrong with taking asnooze on the grass :) Infact im sure people can make new fake screenshots if it happened (hopefully not gross screenshots :/ ) Excuse me? Runescape also as the purpose of having friends. I hang out with my friends all of the time on Runescape, mainly becuase I barly see them at school.I support.Id like to just sit on a beach and look around.Exactly, im glad you agree, if your a memeber, you don't waste your subscribtion by sitting or lying around hanging with your buds. :s
  17. kamek_2000

    Repeating The Party Hat Goal

    selling runes are you? Nice ^_^ I support you, I hope you can make it :/ Maybe you'll even share the dough :) jk
  18. kamek_2000

    Leveling Up Woodcutting

    Im leveling up woodcutting to get the skillcape (yes i know its members). Right now my Woodcutting is 62 . But chopping yews, is sooooooooooo slooooow ^_^ , especially when there are other people cutting the same tree. Cutting willows is fast, but offers less xp. Basically i dont know which way to decide. Which one happens to better, and what level should i start cutting yews at. Help me please. <_< Thanks. ^_^
  19. figures you don't support ^_^ perhaps it can be used at parties?
  20. kamek_2000

    Leveling Up Construction

    yes, im also trying to get lvl 99 construction cape <_< , (possibly after woodcutting) and I need tips here to. Now first, construction takes lots of lumber to be made by the sawmill guy ^_^ . I here the demon butler, can take your wood and take it to get it sawed at a fast rate. What lvl do i require to get the demon butler? Also, if the demon butler takes the wood to be sawed, does he take my money or is it free? Now i need tips on leveling up. Basically building things you level up right? What things should I build at what lvl? (im only lvl 2 ) Thanks ^_^
  21. kamek_2000

    Leveling Up Construction

    248k ^_^
  22. kamek_2000

    What Should I Do To Merch?

    thanks alot jagex...and ben nearly banned me at the world 66 riot ^_^ . Lol i completely forgot i was there ^_^ ...
  23. kamek_2000

    Quest Cape Party!

    aw shoot...i havent finished the new quest yet ><_< now i cant come...
  24. kamek_2000

    Is There Any Hope Left (2)

    World 66 riot?
  25. kamek_2000

    Horses In Runescape

    i guees, sure ill support, sadly this will be closed down. im almost sure of it <_<

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