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    Y Is Moost Of It Member

    LEARN TO SPELL!!! And if it werent for P2P therw ould be no runescape. What are you poor? its only 5 dollars!
  2. kamek_2000

    What Should I Do To Merch?

    Im almost positive everyone knows about the castle surrounded by water in the wildy. (if not, in west of edgville in the lvl 15 wildy) If you enter the castle, you'll notice that multiple runes respawn on the ground floor of the castle. This includes, fire runes, water runes, air runes, earth runes, mind runes, body runes, and chaos runes. Theres almost nobody ever there collecting runes and its a sure fire-way of getting money. I coolected for a few hours and ended up with 300 of each rune, after which i sold at the grand exchange. If you do use this method, bewarned. Random Revenant ghosts will enter the castle at times, they can go through doors, so you should hide and bring food incase. These ghosts range, from a lvl 7 revenant imp to a lvl 127 revenant knight.
  3. kamek_2000

    Leveling Up Woodcutting

    well if you surei should get started <_< then i can get moving to construction
  4. kamek_2000

    Leveling Up Woodcutting

    willows all the way <_< .................................... ..............im not sure.......anyone else?
  5. kamek_2000

    Y Is Moost Of It Member

    QFT (wih the complaints)
  6. A while back i was a member and i got costumes (like the plauge costume) before the POH was made. Then after i went back to F2P and i started getting random events. after i got full camo i realised my inventory was filing up with costumes, and since my bank is filled with important member stuff i cant store my costumes. So F2P people need some kind of place to put their costumes to. I thought maybe you could make then like holiday items, and destroy them and if you ever wanted to get them back, you could just go to diango and ask for it! Rate. No flaming..........or ill hurt you!
  7. kamek_2000

    Diango's Messed Up Christmas! Help!

    how about all the party hats?
  8. kamek_2000

    Summoning Fake (not Original)

  9. kamek_2000


    That would be perfect. you have my full support
  10. kamek_2000

    Horses In Runescape

    I support if this can be both F2P and P2P (non-member and member)
  11. kamek_2000

    The Day Runescape Went Crazy

    Part 1-The Discovery Im looking around for stuff to kill, i see a demon, so i pull out my rune sword and hack away at the demon. he puts up a steady fight, and starts beating me,i look in my inventory and find one more pizza to eat. i gobble it up quickly and fight on, yet a again, the demon was owning me. i had no choice but to run. It was strange, i was stronger then the demon, yet he was beating. I decided to ignore it and go to the bank and get more pizzas. I travelled to draynor bank, as a banker open my account, i watched woodcutters cutting willow tree in the soft breeze of the wind, with birds chirping. As i watched i noticed a dark wizard giving a tired out woodcutter some tea, which struck confusion in me, but again i ignored it.The banker finnaly opened my account and i noticed i had no more pizzas left, looks like i wasnt going to be killing anything for a while ********* I went to varrock palace with cooking supplies to make more pizzas, as i reached the oven, i look over into the other room and suprisingly saw delrith the demon, who was having sitting and talking with sir prysin about how he found 1k the other day and how he begged other people for money. once again i ignored it as i was to busy, i starting cooking 4 pizzas: COOKED COOKED COOKED BURNT DRATS, why did i always burn the last pizza!? I was about to drop it when suddenly "PLEASE DONT DROP ME" I couldnt believe it, THE PIZZA WAS TALKING TO ME!!!!!!!!! I was just about toss it out the window, when all of a sudden it punched at me, it got free from my grasp. "how come u can talk" i yelled at it? " alas that is the problem, we can all talk", it explained,"all humans think we are just mindless puppets, but no, one day we will-" "BE QUIET!" "SEE WHAT I MEAN" Great, of all the players in runescape, i had to end up with a rebellious talking pizza I couldn't go killing demons now cause burnt pizza ruined my pizza. He came along folowing me, showing the world what he was made of, cheese, pepperoni, tomatoe, ect, is what the players thought the pizza to be, but Burnt pizza called himself the Greatest warrior ever. i decided i would ignore him since he caused no trouble. I went to falador in search of something to do, when i found a player lieing on the ground covered and blood, he was also very burned. I approached him assuming he was dead, put as i kicked him, he gave a sudden jolt and there was a look of terror in his eyes as if he had been torttured for weeks! "what happened?" i asked him The man opened his mouth, yet nothing came out, he tryed to talk but he couldn't, i quickly fed him a peice of lobster i was saving for situations to the man. He chewed very slowly, and swallowed. It was a few minutes beforer he spoke "I-I...was attacked...*cough*" "by who?" i asked "I-I...*cough*...b-b-by...ch-ch-ch-chic-" There was a strike of terror in his eyes "CHICKENS!" The man shouted terror stricken, and then he fell over and...either fainted or died. But thats when i couldn't ignore the strange things happening. The man looked strong, chicken couldn't off hurt him that much. But then all of a sudden, the burnt pizza, he started trembling with fear to, i looked at him, he looked horrorstruck, thats when i turned around, and saw an army of chickens approaching me, and to my very suprise...they were breathing fire. TO BE CONTINUED... Part 2-A New Friend The chickens had started andvancing on me and pizza, but i did not move a muscle, nor did i draw my weapon. The chickens were marching and marching when they stopped right in front of me. They did not move a muscle either, or open their beaks to breathe fire at me, all they did was stand and watch me. For a minute i didn't know wether to get up and attack or to make a peaceful gesture, so just as the chicken, i stood and watched them.Plent of hours went by, untill all the chickens but one had left. it was a very close call. The last chicken who was there was giving me an angry stare. I knew it wouldnt leave. So i finally got up for the first time in hours and i drew out my rune sword and i slashed the chicken, it only did one damage! the chicken opened its its beak and fire blew out of it. I tryed to take out my anti-dragon fire sheild, but i couln't.......dam lagg. The fire hit me and i went flying.The chicken opened its beak once more to finish me off, but burnt pizza got in the way and shouted: "ha you cant burn me, cause im al;ready burned!!!" The chicken gave a very confused look and then: "i shall not smite thee, but if thee trys to smite me, i shall smite they" The chicken said The pizza and i went from scared to utter shock. "i shall join ur noble party" "Uh...why?" I asked hoping for him to leave "because i have nothing else better to do" Yelled the chicken with triumph GREAT.......i had to end up with a rebellious talking pizza and a noble fire-breathing chicken... It was then i felt as if runescape was going crazy, since the next day when i went to visit Evil Dave his Room was redecorated with pony dolls and barbies. I went to investigate. The orcle of Ice mountain was the only person who wasn't stupid yet...He told me to go see Hetty in rimmington. So off I went, travelling, for some reason it seemed to be a long journey. Each day i wrote in my journal: Kamek_2000's Journal: day 1: A group of very hungry noobs discover Burnt pizza, and now his arm has been bitten off. Day 2: Sir chicken has a seizure and collaspes in falador, Burnt pizza ignores him. day 3:we meet with malignuis mortifier and he turns me to a mushroom. day 4: we are still running from malignuis mortifier and his students, as they shout threats at as. day 5: we end up in barbarian village far from our destination, we ask for a canoe, but they won't let us. So Sir Chicken sets the village on fire and we hi-jack a canoe. Day 6: we reach our destination all tired and worn out. "if i ever have to do thruogh that again i swear ill eat myself" yelled burnt pizza Alas we had reached hettys house, but we were very hungry. so we decided to go to a drive through at the McJagex restaurant. We go through the drive-through and we order through the speaker: (VERY FUNNY PART) Speaker: welcome to McJagex how may i take ur order?" Yeh ill have a large Drunken Dragon soda and a rune burger Speaker: and then? Sir chicken will have a gobble gobble supreme burger and a...chocolate cake Speaker: and then? Then my freind burnt pizza will have a pizza. Speaker: and then? "well...i guess ill have a troll happy meal..." Speaker: and then? "oh...no more stuff" Speaker: and then? "no...no more and then" Speaker: and then? "and then u put them in a brown paper bag!!!!" "and then?" And then u give them to us! "And then?" I take out my sword and i slash the speaker, it blows up, then we pick up our food and eat and finally go to hetty... "stupid and then women, what was that all about?" "she probably wanted to get u to buy more and stuff" replied chicken "i dont care, i just found girl for myself" Burnt pizza said. Burnt pizza was walking with the pizza he order. "You gonna eat that?" I asked "NO shes my girlfriend, plus im not a cannible!" pizza yelled But sir chicken blew fire And the other pizza and burnt it, then threw it into the lake." "NO,MY GIRLFRIEND,SHES DROWNING!" "HEY I PAID FOR THAT!!!" And just then something stopped us There was a white Haired man inf front up us with white robes, i noticed him as: "SARADOMIN?" I yelled. "MUHAHAHAHA, BLOOD, DEATH CHAOS, CHICKENS, KILL THESE FOOLS!!" Is this what saradomin had really just said, it appeared so as a bunch of chickens surrounded us with beaks open. We were dead...but no "no now my brother that is not the way we treat people!" and then Zamarock appeared out of no where saying this. I couldn't beleive my ears! Saradomin wanted to kill me, and Zamarock was trying to protect me!!!! "You must call down brother, why not joing me in some relaxing yoga?" Asked Zamarock "BLOOD!" Replied saradomin. Zamorock approached me and patted me on the head. "run along now little one" he said Zamarock had just patted me on the head! Run i did! I ran to hetty house and instead of knocking, i slammed open the door and ran inside followed by pizza and chicken. Hetty was right there and was looking very angry "your paying for that door you just broke down!" she yelled "no time for that, runescape is going crazy and only u can help me find out whats going on!" i yelled back Ah yes", said hetty,"sit down, i shall tell u everything..." To Be Continued...... PART 3-The story "Tell me everything then hetty, only u can help me" i said as i sat down "long long ago 5 million years ago", She began,"There was the great god war, u remember" She said. "Saradomin and guthix were fighting their evil brother zamarock, but after they defeated him, zamarock vowed revenge." She said as if telling a spooky strory. "zamarock had held an orb, the chaos orb as he would call it, he threw it to the ground and said in 5 million years the world would go mad!" she yelled sadly. "if this keeps up soon, people won't just go crazy, but they will got MAD, soon people will be killing each here and their...but maybe the jagex gods will save us, ugh...listen to me, im going crazy...u must...errghh...u must travel to the end of the wilderness, and find the sword of runescape, then u must..........." "and then?" I asked hoping for an answer. Instead hetty jumped into here cauldron, and started taking a bath...she had gone mad. "We better get moving...quickly...or runescapes doomed to die!" I yelled quickly " right on" yelled pizza "here here, noble one!" Responded chicken. We quickly ran outside and ran north immediatly off to the wildy to find the sword of runescape!! but we were stopped once more by the horrid sight...of lumbridge, the sky above lumbridge had dark clouds above and and there was lightning along with smoke puffing out. I looked at the entrance, NPCs were fighting each other, along with players killing and stabbing one another! we could not pass through lumbridge, our only hope was to gro through draynmor and sneak through draynor manor, past barbarian village, and into edgeville. They quickly ran to Draynor. But once they arrived evrything here to was on fire and NPCs and players were killing each other. All hope had been lost, when all of a sudden, i noticed diango and The Wise Old Man, they had gestured me towars them, i quickly ran avoided all the arrows and magic spells flying over my head. I made it along with pizza and chicken. "whats going on, and why-" But Diango shut me up, he slapped me. "Comencing teleport to Edgville" Diango said "But what the hell-" Before i could even finish my sentace i had been teleported. and i suddenly appeared in Evil Daves Pink pony and barbie room, along with Wise man, diango, chicken and pizza! Before I even knew it i had blurted out the words: "WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON!!!" Diango slapped me once more. "DONT SWEAR, its against the rules!" he yelled "tch tch tch, most un-gentleman-like" Chicken said. "well go ahead and explain it" said wise man "Kamek_2000",diango started,"We have reason to believe u are after the sword of runescape" Diango started. "u must be wondering why u havent gone crazy yet, its because u are the chosen one." "errrrrr........." "5 million years ago right after Zamarock dropped the chaos orb, saradomin put a magic upon ur mother" "whats my mom got to do with this, she only told me to do my homework and clean my room!" I yelled Diango continued,"This spell Saradomin put on ur mom is the Sara-protection Amulet Zinc...in short S.P.A.Z" "Im not a spaz" I protested. "NO U IDIOT, IT PREVENTS U FROM GOING CRAZY!!!" shouted wise me. "k nice to hear that, but what do i do when i get the Sword of Runescape!!?!?!" I asked. "u must go to the widly cenmetary and find the gravestones Marked Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamarock, dig up the graves of the 3 gods and restore their lives!" he explained. "NOW GO, U MUST DO IT NOW!!!!" diango yelled shrilly. "but-" And before i knew it i was in the lvl 1 with a talking burnt pizza and a fire-breathing chicken. I felt like i was doomed...... TO BE CONTINUED!
  12. kamek_2000

    3 Stupid Noobs

    First off, im sorry if the title is almost the same as other peoples "noob" stories. Any way lets start off. Im having guest stars BTW so apply if you want. ONLY 5 THOUGH!!! I RANDOMLY PICK 5. PM AND IF YOU PM OVER AND OVER YOU MAIL WILL BE CONSIDERED JUNK!!! alrighty... Noob1: The leader of the gang, is quite obsessed with food and gets easily offended. Noob2: Thinks he can fly, and trips and falls down alot. Noob3: Easily called the stupidest of the gang. Is an idiot...just...a total idiot...................idoit... Guest stars: Kamek_2000 Jace Young Jujiba 3 spots left (i dont count) Yes im in it to. Alright let the story to begin. Once upon a time there was...wtf...ok ok uh...........uh...................uh..............There was once 3 noobs and they wanted to play runescape, so they did that: The noobs arrive in runescape: Runescape guide: Welcome Newbs to Rune... Noob1:AHHHHHHHHH!!! WE'RE NOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SON OF A- Noob1 picks up the runescape guide and tosses him out the window. Noob3: NOOOOO, THE POOR WINDOW, YOU BROKE THE WINDOW!!!!!!! Noob2 trips The Runescape guide comes back in RSguide: YOU STUPID FOOLS!!! UGH JUST GO OUT TO THE SURVIVAL GUIDE!!! Noob1: ok RSguide: first open the door Noob3: How? RSguide: click it...... Noob1: BUT THATS TOO HARD!!!!!! Noob2 trips on the door and breaks it open. Noob2: ow! My head hurts now. The noobs meet the survival guide. S-guide: Hello, heres a fishing net, catch fish for food and... Noob1: FOOD!!!!!!!! Noob1 jumps in the pond. S-guide: alright then...you two, take these axes and tinderboxes, cut trees and make a fire. Noob2: Cool!!! Noob2 trips and hits the tree, which falls down. Noob2: OW!!!!!!!!! Noob3 takes the logs and sets then on fire. A nearby bush is set on fire. Noob3: AHHHH, I KILLED THE POOR BUSH, AND THE LOGS TO!!!!! The fire spreads and reaches the RSguides house. (from house)RSguide: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! House blows up! Noob1 finnaly emerges from the pond with his mouth stuffed with shrimp. S-guide: Leave now!!!! Noob1 with mouth full: Yeth swir!!! The noobs run off to the next course. Cooking guide: oh hello how may I... Cooking guide looks and the noobs and sends then to the next course. Noob1:This is getting boring, everyone here is offending me, at least theres food! noob2 trips noob3: I should fly out of here! Noob1: HEY I have an idea!! Noob2: And idea, none of us has had one of those for 10 000 years!!! Noob3: its a miracle!!!!!!!! The noobs jump over a fence, jump into the water and swim to the wizards tower. TO BE CONTINUED...
  13. kamek_2000

    3 Stupid Noobs

    ok you two are in the next chapter and ect. Im not stealing it from the dude though y'know i've always wanted to make a noobs story but i've never really gotten into them and i just left them there but whatever! Here it is: Chapter 2 Upon swimming the 3 noobs finnally made it to land. noob1: huff puff...we made it... noob2: Help guys i cant fly anymore! I couldnt fly over the water! Noob3: I THINK I HURT THE water A wizard approaches suddenly. Wizard: well hello, welcome to wizard tower. Hwo may I- noob1: can i eat you? noob2: can i kick you? noob3: can i kiss you? Wizard: eeerrrmmm....all good questions but no... noob1: aw i wanted to eat something noob2: aw i wanted to kick something noob3: Aw i wanted to make out for the first time! Wizard: anyway, how may i help you noob1: ok where are we? Wizard: Noob I just said wizard tower Noob3: Tower wizard? Wizard: No Wizard tower!! noob2: Tower wizard eh? is that like a tower made of wizards or something? Wizard: WIZARD TOWER NUB!!!!! Noob1: alright then lets go into this Tower wizard thingy and looks for something to do. The noobs walked on. When the wizard turned his back, noob2 kicked him into the water. The noobs enter the wizard tower. Noob1:wow, tower wizard is boring, its full of books. noob2: I think ill kick this book. noob3: I feel shmarter now.... noob2: looked at a mysterious man and kicked him. Man: ouch, hey you stupid noob, what was that for? noob2: I AINT NO NOOB, IM MENTALLY CHALLENGED!!!! Man: you'll rue the day you kicked Jace Young!!!! Noob3: ha...who calls themselves jace!? Jace young takes out an abyssal whip and does 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 damage to noob3 Noob3 dies. Noob1: NOOOOOOOOOOO YOU KILLED HIM!!! Noob1 jumps on Jace and bites his whip, but upon contact with the whip, noob1 dies. Jace gets up and turns to noob2 Jace: your turn. Noob2: WAIT!!!!! Jace: what? noob2: Jace, I am your father. 1.5 milli-seconds later, noob2 dies from a heart attack. Jace: thats convenient! The noobs appear in lumbridge. Noob1:I think this is where we were supposed to start...HEY WHERES MY POT OF FLOUR!?!?! To be continued.......
  14. kamek_2000

    Woah Goblin!

    nice, but whats that thing on the right of the screen? it looks like a rock with a bone stuck in it :closedeyes:
  15. kamek_2000

    Don't Insult Saradomin!

    ummm...ok i rate this 1/10....what you asked me to rate it 1/10!!!!! <_< >.< :P :P
  16. kamek_2000

    You Are 1,000,000 Member W000000t!

    OMG 10/10 on the spot thats awsome and hilarious...to bad they dont really do that <_< P.S I love party hats but since its yellow i would pick the dragon mask >.<
  17. kamek_2000

    Top 5 Favorite Games

    My Top favourite: 1:Super Paper Mario 2: Twilight Princess 3:Super Smash Bros. Brawl 4: Smash Bros. Melee 5:?????
  18. I---------------------------------------I I I I You Have been awarded I I The Nobel Fake Prize I I I I <_< I I I I Congrats Beret I I I I Courtesy of Kamek_2000 I I Your Fan I I---------------------------------------I
  19. Its...just...just...sooooo awsome! 1000000/10 theyre awsome. hood ideas man. By the way i acually typed this from my nintendo wii! Anyway awsome fakes man
  20. I really liked the penguin quuest, you get shrunk and then you control an robot penguin, then you enter some kind of penguin base that in my opinion looks like area 51 lol -.- Do you guys like the quest?
  21. kamek_2000

    3 Stupid Noob!

    Noob1 is the leader of the gang, he thinks that when anyone coughs or sneezes they are offending him. noob2 is the most idiotic one, he has bad feet so he trips alot, he also LOVES food! noob3 is silly, he adors pizzas, and instead of eating them, he treats them like gods LEts get this story started: Issue 1-Tutorial island Noob1: hey we here!!! noob2: Yippers! noob3: achoo oh my god achoo achoo choo choo! Noob1: ill kill u!!!!!!!!! Noob3: achoo achoo cough cough achoo choo choo, achoo choo choo!! noob2: you choo choo choo chose me? Guide:great u all learned how to talk, open the door and talk to the survival guide noob3: how do we open the door? Guide: click on it noob1: but thats to haaaaard!!! noob2 trips on the door and it breaks They see the s guide s guide:ok to survive u must eat! noob2: YES I LOVE FOOD s guide: Ok noobs, t- noob3: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH we're noobs!!!!!!!!!!!!! S guide: ooooooooo-k, take these axes and nets and fish for shrimp them light a fire and cook them. noob2 trips in the lake noob2: ahhhhhhh, i got shrimp in my pants!!!!! noob3 cuts and tree and it falls on him noob3: ow, my pancrease!!!! noob1 lights a fire The fire makes a noise that sound like a cough Fire: *fake* COUGH! noob1: dam fire, ILL KILL U FOR INSULTING ME!!! noob1 kicks the fire and his pants start burning noob3 picks up noob1 and throws him in the lake noob1: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-*SPLASH* noob3: picks up noob2 and throws him in the fire noob2: ahhhhh why'd you throw me in the fire!?!?!?! noob3: cause u have shrimp in ur pants and we have to cook them noob2: oh...well........ok Noob2 makes a huge fart and the fire erupts all over the place S guide: ur destorying tutorial- Noob2 gets up and does a blue angel, it flys all over the place setting people on fire! noob2: weeeeeee, im peter griffen, woo woo woo! s guide: im sending you to lumbridge!!!!! ZAP! noob1:gjhsdr noob2:fmghusrtu noob3.......................um.......... to be continued! COMMENT EVERYONE :D
  22. kamek_2000

    Just A Poem

    I enter the wildy full of guys who mage i want to enter to release my rage i want to chop meat and human bones while avoiding the jagex mods ill take out my sword and cut off a head while i do that i'll eat some bread I enter deeper and its getting dark i look at the trees to see burning bark something is bad, all is not well if im not carefull i'll end up in hell but im still in the dark, completely blind while still looking for bones to grind I take out my lantern and turn on the light then a group of mages appear on my right but they aren't players they're NPCs to my left i see a swarm, they sound like bees all looks bad just as i said if i don't act quick ill soon be dead I pull out my sword, about to attack the mage casts a spell and it hits my back the swarm approaches, im about to die them suddenly appears one guy He speaks with triumph "i am sir sam" He casts a spell, and i hear a bam the swarm has been killed, but there i am still in danger of being ham Sir sam leaps foward and makes a strike Right now i wish i could escape, with maybe a bike But i get up and look at sam i pull out my staff and I make the BAM Sam is dead, with bones to grind i saw some money which i hoped to find Yes...sam was dead, his body was gory and that my friends is the end of my story. Well....comment! :D
  23. kamek_2000

    Dead Man's Chest

    i only wanted to say...... sucks, but that would be spam , so ill list some things 1. to easy 2. eh..the words arn't runescape-ish enough acually it doesn't suck so much now that i think about it...only 2 errors i see... 8/10!!!!! :mad: AND MERRY CHRISTMAS
  24. kamek_2000

    Just A Poem

  25. kamek_2000

    The Day Runescape Went Crazy

    ?!?!?!!?!?!???!?!?? WHAT!!?!?!??!!! how? i though it up one day of how runescape would go crazy and stuff and decided to write a story!!! unless by some huge coincidence...i though up the same thing :P BUT, one thing im sure of is, i dont know what the official what ever it is forum is...how could i copy their idea

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