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  1. Adley23

    91 Defence

    20 Levels to maxed
  2. Adley23

    The Doors Open

    Range and mage arent considered melle. Attack, Str, Def, and HP are considered as they are well "melle" Range/Mage/prayer/Sum is for maxed combat.
  3. Adley23

    The Doors Open

    99 Attack 90 Str 90 Defence 95 Con/HP 22 levels to maxed melle.
  4. Adley23

    Almost 3/4ths Their

    4 More, planning to train in via Slayer.
  5. Adley23

    Tried To Solo Kbd In Welfare =s

    Irealized that now lol
  6. Adley23

    So It Begins...again

    90 woodcutting :) Now have 6 90+ Skills :)
  7. Adley23

    Time To Take A Shower

    Yes, actually, there were 2 that said it
  8. Adley23

    Time To Take A Shower

    Thanks To Everyone That Came
  9. Adley23

    The 99's Blues

    Hi, Have you ever worked on on a 99, your existed or proud that your close to it, then you likely have a small party, then get the skillcape? I have. However, whenever I get a 99, I also get the " 99 Blues" As I call it. I work for months on a certain skill, reaching it to level 99, I get 99, but now what?. Anyways, My question. How do I not get the "99 Blues"?. Also, please dont suggest getting the skill to 200m xp.

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