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  1. Lord Lookov

    You put those hours in, and look at what you get.

    Early Gratz. Hell of a skill >.<
  2. NIS works well for me, here's my fullscreen setup:
  3. Lord Lookov

    Making Money

    I have liked making investments in the past, and I've usually done well. However that is a very long term way to make money as you say, and I'd like to build up my capital a bit more quickly. With regards to fishing, I'm fairly sure fishing doesn't even break 500Kgp/hr?
  4. Lord Lookov

    Making Money

    I realize there's a money making method thread, but it's horribly out of date. I haven't needed to or wanted to make money for a while, so now that I do, I'm a bit lost. What do people do to make money these days? I'm completely maxed (bar 105 dung) and I have just over 100m in startup funds, I would welcome any suggestions. To note a couple of my attempts so far: merching- horrible margins, made a mill over 2 hours whilst afk. Only an option if I combine this with something else. Qbd- has been buffed within last couple of days, no longer viable without drygores which I cannot afford.
  5. Lord Lookov

    Getting Scrolls PoP

    Which region should I focus on if I really need to get scroll parts? I'm currently in the pincers, but I have failed 6 scroll voyages in a row and I really need to complete some. I'm approaching the trade good cap on numerous trade goods, something which I definitely want to avoid,
  6. Lord Lookov

    Google Docs Parsing Test

    Thanks! That answers my question. It seems jagex have blocked google docs from accessing their servers for a period of time. Hoping its not my fault >.<
  7. Could someone please try visiting this google spreadsheet for me? (Grimy's Herblore Spreadsheet) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AldEhLOK6ejJdGxma1R3NlNOS1F2UEpMNUY4MU11Rmc#gid=0 In the price columns, you should obviously be seeing price values. If you could let me know if you can see numbers or if '#N/A' appears that would be fantastic! Background in case you're wondering- I'm running my own google docs project which has encountered a parsing issue, and I'm trying to see if I'm having a personal network issue parsing the data or the problem is a wider issue with google docs or jagex.
  8. Facebook wouldn't have been on RS radar in 07, its active userbase was only about 3% of what it is today.
  9. Lord Lookov

    Melee Training in EoC

    I remember red spiders and ice warriors to be aggressive, maybe this has changed
  10. Lord Lookov

    Player Owned Ports

    I got into the pincer region recently too. Not going so well, lost a whole night of voyages. *facedesk* Been testing out the superior rock crushing scrimshaw recently. I get about 125Kxp/hr mining gold at the lrc with juju pots, lava titan and varrock armor, master aura and ofc scrimshaw. For those who don't know, you can switch the scrimshaw on and off, so you can extend the training time with it beyond the 4 hours.
  11. Lord Lookov


    Gratz. Good luck on finishing off.
  12. The marketplace here used to be so crazy with shops like that, haha. wc lvl? wc lvl wc lvl?? are u a bot im reporting you I still get that :/
  13. Lord Lookov

    Headless Player Glitch!?!?

    1. 2. You have no screenshot in your post. 3. You shouldn't be asking how to glitch/bug in rs on these forums.
  14. Lord Lookov

    Anyone know how long it'll take to get 89 to 99 WC

    Yews 89-99 266 Hours, Not Worth it. Willows Power Cutting W/Rune Axe OR Ivy, 123 Hours. Maples Powercutting W/Rune Axe, 145, this is the most untested figure out of all of these. Arctic Pines 85-90 Hours
  15. Lord Lookov

    How Many Hours Will You Play This Year?

    I Imagine I'll play 20-25 days this year. I'm around 2 weeks of game time away from max cape. That will probably take me till summer, and I guess I'll see if I like the new skill at that point.

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