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    Unsure if anyone remembers me - browsing briefly I recognized a few names from a long time ago, although activity seems (understandably) low. A random Youtube video brought me down a RuneScape rabbit-hole, and reminiscing about all the good times and friends from this forum. I think I spent more time here in the late 2000's than just about anywhere, and look back at very fondly. If anyone from the old days happens to read this, I hope all is well and thanks for your friendship in a time I really needed it. Venom: Edit: Dragon Sal Z to this day remains the only anime I have ever watched.
  2. venom

    Pics Of Yourself!

    oh god mr fang what'd your face ever do to you to deserve that elevated chinstrap and i agree with lilshu i am highly disturbed overall
  3. venom


    i said the word sandswell person on a runescape forum once, its haunted me ever since
  4. venom


    Same with NY, go wild Monra.
  5. venom

    A message from a departed member

    Wasn't that after venom tried selling gp to him though? Yup. Orb needed pixels from a game I hadn't touched in 3 years, a good friend vouched for him, easy decision. Even gave him a better deal than the Chinese autominers he was going to buy from initially. Live and learn. As for the rampage, it was hardly a personal attack. That tattoo is an attack on good taste.
  6. venom

    A message from a departed member

    I love seeing thieves attempt to take a moral high ground. This skeleton of a community is so silly.
  7. venom

    Moar Girlfriends and Stuff

    Dude, just chill out and have a good time. If she doesn't, that's her fault. Hang out with her at the friends house, if you both have a good time then give her a call a day or two afterwards and ask her to hang out or do something another time.
  8. venom

    You Thought We Would Stay Silent?

    #freefshi, #traderjoe, #blameyuan, #1.5warns/sandswell person
  9. venom

    The Fight Against The People Against Aabid

    Can I report everyone to the mods for not upvoting everything I say? Harassment imo
  10. Ahahahahahahahahahaha
  11. venom


    plus, when you ship a sunday major, hookers and blow are much more convenient
  12. hmmm. i guess i should probably stop propositioning the US gymnastics team via twitter then.
  13. venom


    he should hop on Skype so you guys can celebrate
  14. venom

    Dear Aabid

  15. venom

    Most honest piece of television ever

    All I got from that was >#1 defense >Allies with everyone >Been consistently super awesome, minor speed bump 'murrica
  16. venom

    Old School Slammers.

    i'm from 06 and what is this they think they have the high ground I have the high ground.
  17. venom

    3 Word Story

    and got raped.
  18. venom

    Fort Rapids Weekend

    You should really leave how much little you actually drink out of your stories to avoid embarrassing yourself.
  19. venom

    The second reply to this entry

    Can't hurt what you don't have.
  20. venom

    The second reply to this entry

    jethraw you're an idiot
  21. venom

    Nakey Tassets

  22. venom

    Standard Teen Life

    Mr. X, I hope you understand that you're trying to do my job. Self-improvement is my forte. Just the other night, I convinced a hooker named Sarah to stop using her herpes as a wall to hide her true self. I explained to her that she needed to drop those walls and spread her wings; there are plenty of men out there who can look past the oozing sores and see her inner beauty. Without men like that, the news would be saturated with stories of women committing suicide and we would never hear about the real news, like the next emerging fashion trends. Now I'm a fashion savvy guy, so I took her to the local Good Will and bought her a few turquoise necklaces to give her a head start on the next phase in her life. Afterwards, I went back home, sat down, and poured myself a glass of scotch. A strong sense of accomplishment filled my heart, and I thought to myself "Ya did good, ol boy. Ya did good."
  23. venom

    last day of high school tomorrow

    ain't no party like a high school party
  24. venom

    Breaking Bad

    Game of Thrones >>>>>
  25. venom

    Hi Sals

    sals wikileaks v2? let's gooooooo

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