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  1. Blazer1332

    Questions About Pking?

    I explained this all to him in PM :( And 5 other people Just answered answered his questions... Just use sharks. Don't use a firecape... No one even uses those for PvP. Don't auto cast! What are you telling him! We wen't over the getting blitz. And You can use rune gloves, not dragon or barrows because there hard to replace. People do use firecapes for PvP. Autocasting is what a majority of today's hybrids do until they see the opportunity to switch styles up. If your bank supports it, use barrows gloves. They're more expensive for a reason.
  2. Blazer1332

    Hybrid Or Mage Pure In F2p Multi?

    That makes no Sense... Less KO power and more styles? Noone at his level has Prayer an he cant KO. That makes no sense. And Tribrid are useful for Getting around prayer. You'll have less KO power with a smaller group of people then you would with a lot of people; thought this was clear for anyone with more than half a brain, but apparently not. And clearly tribrid is useful for getting around prayer.
  3. Blazer1332

    Good Ways To Kill Pures?

    That made no sense. I used a Equipment builder on Tip it. Look: Attack Defence Stab 18 Stab 199 Slash 18 Slash 195 Crush 18 Crush 197 Magic -43 Magic 56 Range 124 Range 210 Other Prayer 3 Summoning 154 Strength 21 Absorb melee 8 Magic Dmg. 0 Absorb magic 6 Ranged Str. 105 Absorb ranged 21 Those are the stats. Mage has the lowest defense. And he should either use mage or melee depending on what style they're using. Do you really expect someone with his stats to be able to fight a ranged tank? He'd stand a chance against a rune pure simply because he has the defense advantage. I'm talking through experience, not what Jagex's little statistics say.
  4. I'll start posting Frozen Fury & Violent Resolution clan fights and trips here, will hopefully bring up a bit of activity.
  5. Blazer1332

    Do You Still Clan?

    Well well well... look what we have here... Of course I still clan! When you read this True 2k8, RoT will still be dead. LOL.
  6. Blazer1332

    P2p Range Question

    Iron. They're cheap yet still work well. I used them even when I was 90 or so going for 99.
  7. Blazer1332

    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    I own an iPhone 4 and an iPod video. Still reppin the PC though :(
  8. Blazer1332


    Dangerous CWA. Profitable.
  9. Blazer1332

    The Ge Effect

    Of course it made people less social. Less negotiating of prices and less PMing people from the forums inquiring about a sale/purchase and of course. However, I think it's a load more convenient.
  10. Blazer1332

    Can Haz Friends?

    With the clan update, I'm sure you could join a community clan and meet some friendly people there as well.
  11. Blazer1332

    96 Farming

    Congratulations, good luck on finishing 99 off.
  12. Blazer1332

    --[ Official ]-- Young Money Thread

    They're on tour right now and where I'm from they're promoted a lot.

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