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Rate My Desktop! [official]

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Please, when using ImageShack to upload your images, do not post the entire image on the screen! It'll save time and will not stretch the page across two computer monitors. :ice:


Update 2: A spoiler is fine too.




Due to the overflow (exaggerated :)) of topics regarding rating peoples desktops, please post your desktop in here where people can rate it on the following subjects.


Rate from 1 (Terrible) to 10 (Great!)




Any new topic created will be closed without warning and a notice will be giving with a link back to this topic. So please! To save the mods some time, POST IN HERE! Please! No flaming. Just because someone has OS (A) and you use OS (B) that's no reason to hate someone.



Explanation of each category.


Overall - Does NOT have to be the average of the other three. Just pick what you think you feel it should be!


Originality - Ever seen something like this before? If not, rank it high.


Style - The theme or desktop background.


Neatness - If you see icons all over the place and can't even find the Hard Drive (Or my computer) then you might want to give that a low rating.



I'll start it off!




Check out what I edited out :)

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Nicole, just so you know, that is truly Vista. I will prove it to you if I have to, but you can also ask Fumetsu or Mbridges. Or I can quote something from my previous thread...... Hmm that seems like a great idea!


Dang....... The thread got closed because Fumetsu made this thread so.... They closed all the threads about rating desktops and asked to post them here.


But heres the former thread http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=123075 read the 2nd post or if you wish, read the whole thing and see what everybody else has to say.

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Overall: 9





Very nice desktop, the wallpaper looks pretty cool too. Doesn't it get annoying not having any shortcuts though?



Here be mine.


It's usually packed out with random files all over the place, but I tidied it out out last week (I just brushed it all under my My Documents folder :D).



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I have all my shortcuts pinned in the start menu. I find I wouldn't use them if they were on the desktop, the start menu is quicker. The background is just a default vista one. They're several ones like it which are nice.


Anyway onto your desktop...


Overall: 9





I like how you've hidden the names, it gives it a neat look :P I don't usually like icons, but the way you have done it gets a 9/10 from me. The desktop background isn't that original, but it doesn't really matter to be honest. Overall I give it 9/10 :P

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No need Sam. People have been posting desktop rate threads for a long time. It wasn't until now that they were being posted a bit more (4 or so). I personally think it was just a fad and was going to fade soon. But not anymore. =/

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I kind of sort things by what they do.. Games top right, Browsers and IMers top left.. Paint and media creating programs bottom left, and media editors on the bottom right.. I keeps everything in check for me. :P



And my special bar on the top :P



EDIT: Fruitpastles, I really like your's :P

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