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in the end

Dont Understand=/

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i dont understand berets fake pic guide.am i supposed ot download something?if so some one giv eme th elink.or....i kneed help!!

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am i supposed ot download something?

You don't have to download anything from it if you don't want to. The only download in that guide is for the RuneScape text, and there is a link for the download of that. It's not necessary though, you can do it the long way if you want, by copying and pasting.


This is the part which goes over how to download and where:

How to Use and Download the RuneScape Font

Written by: Beret


The RuneScape font is a RuneScape Faker's best friend. I personally didn't learn about it until i finished my Bestiary Skill idea. But its from Dafont.com.


1. If you want a preview of what it looks like look here but if you want to download it click here. But it's only for PC (Windows), Mac and, OS X users.


2. A screen pops up saying if you would like you SAVE or OPEN it click save and save it to your documents.


3. Next click the download button again and this time OPEN it. It should take to a WINRAR window. EXTRACT all the files that are TRUEFONT to your documents.


4. Now go to your controll Panal > Fonts > Instal New Font


5. Now look for documents under your USERNAME's documents.


6. Click on all the fonts you wish to add, and click SELECT. CONGRATULATIONS! You have succesfully downloaded the RuneScape font!





The "How to Download the RuneScape font" video


Uploaded by: RapidShare.


Prpoperties -


LENTH - 02:14

SIZE - 282 Kbps

The File is a WMV and is

Do you understand it now? <_<

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no i dont no how to extract m files:wacko:

Okay, once you've downloaded it, find the folder it's in. Then right-click on it and select "Extract All". A wizard will pop up and you can choose where you want to extract the file to. After that, click Next and the file will be extracted. :D


When I downloaded it, I did what I said above, then I moved the extracted file called "RuneScape" into my fonts folder. I opened up paint, selected the "RuneScape" font, and it worked. :)



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how do i find the folder for it?or where?or how do i place it into a folder?

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When I downloaded it, the folder was put on my desktop. It makes the folder itself, and it's called "RSFont". So if it doesn't get downloaded to your desktop, you could try going to Start>Search and typing in the folder name to find it.

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