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Jiggig Area Guide And Skogre Hunting

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Guide is ready, could use a map of the underground but it's not a very important part of the area. Please accept.


Jiggig - The West Feldip Hills - Ogre Graveyard

Written by: NJL72413

Special Thanks to: Morty, Valethem, John Adams, The Arch Archer, Simple013, armageddon vision, GrandTheftGamer, irplop


1) Requirements and Suggested Levels

2) Maps

3) Underground

4) Shops

5) Areas of interesting and NPCs in this area

6) About Skogres and Zogres

7) Skogre and Zogre killing and rewards


1) Requirements and Suggested Levels


To enter Jiggig you must have completed the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest.


To wield an Ogre Composite Bow you need 30 Range.

To make an Ogre Composite Bow you need 30 Fletching.

To make Bronze Brutal Arrows you need 7 Fletching, for information on requirements for better Brutal arrows click Here.


The reason for these weapons is that they are the only effective weapons against Zogres and Skogres (other weapons hit far less than normal if they hit at all). And you almost have to make your own arrows as few people make them for anything other than personal use.


To be successful in training at Jiggig I suggest at least 60 Range and 40 Defense to wear good armor and be able to hit consistently. The Defense level not necessary but will keep you from getting diseased as often.


2) Maps


Map of transportation routes to Jiggig


White- Jiggig area

Green- Dueling Ring Teleport to Castle Wars, just a short walk away

Grey- The Hot Air balloon transport available after the Enlightened Journey quest (requires a new part that is available after the quest is finished)

Purple- Watchtower Teleport Level 66 Magic and the Watchtower quest complete are required

Red- Spirit Tree transport available after the Tree Gnome Village quest is complete

Light Blue- Stan's boat transport available from different ports around Runescape for a price

Pink- Fairy Ring CIQ (requires Fairy Tale part II: Cure A Queen)

Orange- Fairy Ring CLS (requires Fairy Tale part II: Cure A Queen)

Black- If you have a house in Yanille you can use the House Teleport (Level 30 Magic and Level 50 Construction) to go there


There is also a Gnome Glider to the south in the Feldip Hills that is available after the Grand Tree quest and the One Small Favor quest; a Fairy Ring (combination BKP) to the south of Jiggig and another Fairy Ring to the west of Jiggig (combination AKS). The Fairy ring to the west is the closest possible transport to Jiggig.


More Detailed map of Jiggig


Green- Path from Castle Wars

Grey- Path from the Balloon

Purple- Paths from the Watchtower Teleport

Pink- Path from Fairy Ring CIQ

Black- Path from house in Yanille

Red- The Tombs to get your loot from

Yellow- The first barricade

Dark Grey (between the yellow lines)- The broken Barricades you have to jump over to get in or out of Jiggig

Blue- Safe spots that you can use to range Skogres from, the barricade, 2 ogre standards, and the ogre fire

White Dots- The 2 normal Skogre respawns

Green Dots- The normal Zogre respawns

Dark Green- The Skogre and Zogre drummers that make the Skogres and Zogres Dance

Orange Dot- Uglug Nar and Grish (and the other Ogres)


3) Underground


Other than its use in the quest there's only one thing you can do in the Jiggig Dungeon... Kill more Skogres and Zogres! There is a safe spot right beside the stairs down into it that you can use. I don't suggest this as it is much easier and faster to just stay near the barricades above ground and use one of those safe spots, but it's up to you.



They get stuck on the rocks that are around this coffin.

4) Uglug Nar's Shop


After you have learned to make the Relicym's Balm potion in the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest you can sell one to Uglug Nar by talking to him with it in your inventory. He will now let you trade with him. This would be a very nice shop but he never has the best items in his shop in stock!




5) Areas of Interest and NPCs


Jiggig is a pretty basic area. Outside of it are several Ogres that guard the area.



Grish is the Ogre that you talk to to start the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest that lets you enter Jiggig.



Uglug Nar is another NPC here that will open a shop for you. (See above)



Pilg is a poor sick ogre.



Grug is another poor sick ogre.



Ogre Guard at the Barricade. He breaks the barricade open for you in the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest.



Level 76 Ogre Guards at the Ogre Coffins outside of Jiggig. You can't attack them but ff they catch you pick-locking the Coffins they will knock you out and 'throw you down a chute'. You will end up in some part of the underground Jiggig area.


6) About Skogres and Zogres


Skogres and Zogres are both level 44, with 71 Hitpoints and extremely high Defense. They have such high defense that only one thing has been proven to be effective against them: Brutals Arrows (requires Ogre Composite Bow to use). All other attacks will hit far more 0s than normal and max out at a much lower hit than normal. Crumble Undead, Magic Dart, and Iban Blast are proven not to work and Melee with a Rune Halberd and Salve Amulet is not effective either.


The only danger from Skogres and Zogres is disease.


Disease is an effect that drains up to 10 points of any skill except Hit Points about every 12 seconds. This is a very annoying effect and can cause a lot of damage over a long time, but you will never die. The only way to cure it is with recilymsbalm.gifRecilym's Balm (takes 3 doses, or 1 if you are wearing an amulet of inoculation) or Sanfew's Serum.


Disease hits like poison but is yellow, not green.


7) Skogre and Zogre killing and rewards


Required Level- 30 Range


Suggested Levels- 60+ Range, 40+ Defense


Suggested Quests- Ghosts Ahoy quest for Ectophial and efficient Ectofunctus training; Animal Magnetism for the Ava Attractor or Ava Accumulator (with 50+ Range) which is the only cape other than the Fire Cape that gives a Range attack bonus (the Attractor gives +2, the Accumulator gives +4, the Fire Cape gives +1) and if you have a straight shot at your target it will pick up most of your arrows for you; and Dragon Slayer so that you can wear Dragon Hide Bodies


Really the only reason other than the quest is to train on the Skogre and Zogres and get some of the best bones in the game. Successfully fighting Skogres and Zogres can benefit your Prayer level and save you tons of money on Dragon Bones that you would have needed to get your Prayer level up.


The greatest complications in this are disease and time. There's nothing you can do about the time factor, but it is much faster than killing all your own dragons and some of the bones are better. There are three ways you can get around the disease though. The only way that they disease you is if they do damage to you. As long as you are hit 1 damage you will be diseased. A basic precaution against this is wearing armor, which will make it less likely for them to hit you.


1) The first is the easier one if you had the forethought to make an extra Relicym's Balm that you could trade it to Uglug Nar so that he would open his shop. In this case you can now buy Relicym's Balm potions from him for 200 gold each, and you will have an infinite supply that is right beside Jiggig.


2) This one is a little more complicated. You will need to either make or buy quite a few Bracelets of Inoculation. When warn these will protect you from up to 250 damage from disease. This means that you won't be able to wear any gloves (this can be quite a loss if you have good gloves from the Recipe for Disaster quest), or you will have to interchange gloves with the bracelet whenever you get disease. Also, you will still have to get Relicym's Balm potions to cure yourself, the bracelet just keeps you from taking any damage while you are diseased. -The Bracelet of Inoculation only makes it so that disease does 0 damage, so you will still be hit but not take any damage until the bracelet runs out of protection- While wearing the Bracelet it only takes one dose of potion to cure disease.


3) The last one is the most complicated and least worth it. You will need a Magic Level of 33 and a lot of Law and Air runes. Just Range them from any of the safe spots. If you want any rewards for the half an hour that it takes for the Skogres and Zogres to stop being aggressive then you will have to telegrab them.


The only effective way to fight them is to use the Ogre Composite Bow and Brutal Arrows (Iron or better) at level 30 Range but I would suggest at least 60 to be effective at all. This weapon is meant for the sole purpose of killing Skogres and Zogres but can also be used to kill Chompies and Jubblys.


Since you will be using a type of ranged attack you can take advantage of the many safe spots that there are here. And since the only danger from these Big Fluffy Undead Ogres is disease (they may get a 5 off on you if your having a bad day but they mostly hit 0s) so you can wear your best armor without any fear. This is the armor that I suggest but don't be afraid to take Blessed Dragonhide, Barrows armor, or even 3rd Age! Whatever you have.




Armor- Range


Helm- Archer Helm or Robinhood Hat

Cape- Ava's Accumulator

Necklace- Amulet of Glory or Fury

Arrows- Iron Brutal or better

Weapon- Ogre Composite Bow

Body- Dragonhide Body (the best you can wear)

Shield- N/A

Legs- Dragonhide Chaps (the best you can wear)

Gloves- Recipe For Disaster reward gloves (the best you can get) or a Bracelet of Inoculation

Boots- Snakeskin or Ranger Boots

Ring- Dueling Ring or Archer Ring




About 1-10 thousand gold coins (to buy more Relicym's Balm Potions if you need them)

2 or 3 Relicym's Balm Potions


The first thing you are going to need is a bow and ammo. If you haven't already made an Ogre Composite Bow and some Brutal Arrows for the quest than you will need some items. You will probably need at least 1000 arrows if you intend to train here for very long.


For the bow you need 1 set of Achey Tree Logs and 1 set of Wolf Bones. You can buy Achey Logs from Uglug or cut them from a number of trees just around Jiggig. There are Wolves south of Jiggig by the Death Rune respawn that you can kill for the bones. Now you just need 30 Fletching, a Knife, and a Bow String. You can buy a Bow String from Uglug if you've opened his shop.

Just use a knife on the Achey Logs with the Wolf Bones in your inventory and choose to make an Unstrung Ogre Composite Bow. Just add the Bow String and you have your bow.


Making arrows is a bit more complicated. You will need a Fletching level of at least 7 (Bronze Brutal Arrows, click Here for more information on Brutal Arrows) or higher, a Knife, a Hammer, Feathers (4 per shaft), a lot of Achey Logs, and the same number of nails (these will act as arrow heads) as you have shafts (you will only know how many shafts you have once you have fletched all your Achey Logs).

Start by getting a lot of Achey Logs and fletching them into shafts with your knife (you can buy Achey Logs from Uglug's shop for very little, which is faster than cutting them). You get from 2 to 6 shafts from each set of logs: it's random. Once you have all the shafts you want then you'll need 4 times that many feathers. Any feathers, from normal white to any of the colored feathers except Rainbow will work. Just add the feathers to the shafts as you would normally.

Now you will need your nails and a hammer. Just add the nails to the shafts the same way you would arrowheads. You have to have a hammer in your inventory to do this.


Now for the fighting!




Once you have all your arrows and your bow then head to Jiggig. You will most likely want to use this safe spot to range if you have the Ava's Accumulator as it will be able to retrieve your arrows for you most of the time.



This gives you a straight shot at them and they won't run away from you here. If you just range them from the Barricade then most of them except one Skogre will run away as soon as you hit them because you are out of their aggression area and they can't attack you even if they could reach you. Also if you range them from the barricade than you will have to go out and pick up all of your arrows.

Also if you are lucky then you can run and pick up the drops and the Undead Ogre standing there will just sort of stand on top of you not able to attack for a few seconds at least; this works better if there are several Undead Ogres stacked on top of another. It is best if you right click on the rewards to pick them up so that you don't accidentally attack one of the Undead Ogres.


After about 30 minutes the Undead Ogres will stop attacking you and you can range them from over the fire pit as well but I don't suggest it. Just continue at that same safe spot as above, using Long Range to get the attention of a Skogre if need be and then switching back to Rapid.



Fire Pit


Whichever way you do it you will need to get their drops. Kill one or two and run out and get the drops. They only drop Ogre Coffin Keys ogrecoffinkeyrr2.gif and Zogre Bones zogrebones.gif and you will also want to pick up any arrows you lost too. Bury the Zogre Bones as soon as you get them. Try not to bury more than 3 or 4 at a time because of this interesting effect:


Whenever you bury a Zogre Bone, if you are in Jiggig (have crossed the barricade), then there is a chance that a Skogre will appear.risesagaindf7.png This is very useful if you are lucky because it means that you will always have an aggressive Skogre close by to fight. As soon as they appear they will try to attack you. These re-risen Skogres don't dance and they vanish after about 3 minutes, but they still drop Zogres Bones and Ogre Coffin Keys. Kill them fast and summon some more.

There is one disadvantage to this: you don't want to bury to many bones at once or this may happen...


This usually happens when you bury about 15 bones at once.


Once you have an inventory almost full of Ogre Coffin Keys (you want some extra room for other items you may get from coffins) you will want to leave Jiggig and go to this place just south of the barricade. (The Skogres and Zogres will reset while you are gone and will be aggressive when you come back).


There are three coffins here. Situate yourself near 2 of them and you can open them by clicking on them as long as you have a key in your inventory, otherwise it will just tell you it's locked.


You can get up to two items (you may just get one or none at all, it's random). One bone and/or one random item from this list-



Rusty Sword

Damaged Armor

Broken Arrow(s)

Broken Staff

Leather Body

Bronze Pickaxe

Iron Pickaxe

Steel Pickaxe

Bronze Axe

Iron Axe

Steel Axe

Bronze Nails- up to 12

Iron Nails- up to 12

Steel Nails- up to 12

Black Nails- up to 12


Bronze Dagger

Iron Dagger

Steel Dagger

Gold Coins- up to 20

Uncut Opal

Uncut Jade

Uncut Topaz



Unidentified Lantadyne Herb

Clue Scroll- Level 2



And 4 types of Bones


zogrebones.gifZogre Bones

raurgbones.gifRaurg Bones

fayrgbones.gifFayrg Bones

ourgbones.gifOurg Bones



You will want to keep all the bones that you get. You can also keep the money to help pay for Relicym's Balms. Keep the damaged armor to repair in your house if you can, or you can save it until you can. Keep any herbs, and polish the buttons before dropping them to get a little crafting xp.


Happy Skogre Hunting =)

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It is faster to use the Fairy Ring in the swamp just west of the Jiggig entrace then the one outside Yanille. I'll find the coordinate in a second.


And it's not "Journey of Enlightenment quest," it's "An Enlighted Journey quest." You should also say that you need lv 50 firemaking and use 10 yew logs to unlock the balloon route, after you have unlocked it you need 1 yew log for each trip and no "Puzzle" thing. Here are pictures and a small guide of how to unlock the route:


Screen 1: Sandbag x2, Log, Relax x5, Pull Emergency rope, Relax, Log, Relax x2, Pull Emergency rope, Relax x2, Sandbag, Relax x3.


Screen 2: Log, Relax x2, Pull Emergency rope, Relax x5, Pull Rope, Relax x2, Sandbag, Relax x2, Pull Emergency rope, Log, Pull Rope, Relax.


Screen 3: Log, Relax x2, Pull Rope, Relax x3, Burn log, Pull Emergency rope, Relax x4, Sandbag, Pull Emergency rope, Pull Rope, Relax x2.


All information and pictures of the balloon routes copied directly from the Balloon Travelling System Guide. (It was declined for some reason)

Edited by Morty

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4) Underground


If someone would be so VERY kind as to map it for Sal's??


I will work on mapping the underground area.

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yea, first don't use any image supporter other than image shack ;) , some images just don't come up with other supporters. second the pick didn't work lol so i can't use it if i don't even know what it is :P

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Good guide, however you messed up on the url coding. You put the url in the wrong order. It is url not ulr ;),



The first 'url' is messed up.



Edited by John Adams

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Thanks a lot, now you can forget that I even try it for you.


For the second, Image Shack has too many advertise and you need to use IE 7 on most of the stuff + if you think you're better, try it yourself :devil:


Your guide need more info and spell checking :P


Like this : "The Defense level not necessary but will keep you from getting diseased as often"


It's Defence!

Edited by kanonkas

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sorry... if i had known you would take it so hard...


anyways it is Defense


Defence is a British spelling of it. My compute does not recognize Defence as a word so I will stick to Defense.


but thanks.


and please don't take it so hard. i know i'm not better but the pic wouldn't load! what am i supposed to do?


also my guide is not finished. i don't write guides in one day. i want help from people and i REALLY DO appreciate your help but i want to be able to use what you give me.

Edited by njl72413

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Fine, I'll try to tranc your pictures but, the problem is that I don't get it on the forums but I'll try :aware: With better Tranc..

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Fine, I'll try to tranc your pictures but, the problem is that I don't get it on the forums but I'll try :aware: With better Tranc..


what do u mean you don't get it on the forums?

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I dont know what to label, should I post it unlabeled, or do you want me to label it? I am almost done.

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it should be called the


Jiggig Dungeon


thanks so much. i can add the name if you dont' want to, just make sure to post it in image shack

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excuse me but when you sed, "Legs- Dragonhide Body (the best you can wear) or Blessed Dragonhide Body"

did you just copy paste from the body section? it should say dragonhide legs.

Edited by The Arch Archer

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thanks Arch Archer, ill fix that


and TYVM to Hawk!!!! awsome map! HOPE YOU DON'T MIND THAT I ADDED SOME STUFF...

Edited by njl72413

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Hm, I really think you should take out one part... Magic just isn't worth it. Normally Crumble Undead has a max possible hit of 15 on the undead. Not with Zogres and Skogres: max 7. Slayer Dart hits a max of 4. There is only one way to effectively kill them, as was told during Zogre Flesheaters: Ogre Composite and brutal arrows. Any other way is doomed from the start.


Stripy feathers can not be used for fletching and is only used as bait for Rainbow fish. The red, orange, brown, and blue feathers can be used.




I filled it with yellow and sure enough, residue from the www.tip.it are visible:




Here is a part enlarged. Part of the p, the dot, and part of the I are visible.





Edited by Simple013

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i searched tip.it for a jiggig map and couldn't find any...


i believe you but it would be nice if you could find it, or get the picture on here so that i can see it (i can't see it right now)


i'll fix the magic dart part, tyvm for that info

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What is it about it you do not understand: the picture in the post above yours is the one taken from your guide: It has residue of the tip pic in it. You want the link to the tip.it pic? By all means: http://www.tip.it/runescape/map2/zogre_tomb.png Download it then put it over yours. It will show you what I mean.


The main reason for me to suspect it is this: You cannot map the full dungeon after completing the quest. Part of the dungeon is sealed off after finishing it, yet he mapped the whole of it...



Edited by Simple013

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Thank you Simple, it's fixed now


now I just need a not ripped one... :king:



and would someone PLEASE transparent these?














and i woudl also appreciate a transparent pic of some Zogre Bones too

Edited by njl72413

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Guest armageddon vision
6) About Skogres and Zogres


Skogres and Zogres are both level 44, with 71 hit points and very high defense. They have such high defense that only one things has been proven to be effective against them, Brutals Arrows (requires Ogre Composite Bow to use). All other attacks will hit far more 0s than normal and max out at a much lower hit than normal. Crumble Undead, Magic Dart, and Iban Blast are proven not to work, Crumble Undead maxes at 7, Magic Dart maxes at 4, and Iban Blast is abotu as effective. Melee with a Rune Halberd and Salve Amulet is not effective either.

You misspelled "about" after Iban Blast.


Other than that it's pretty good.

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Recilym's Balm:






Coffin Key:






















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