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Runescape Acronyms And Abbreviations Guide. Completely Done! (thanks Sal!)

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You for got "phr33", another way to say "free" And "J Mod" as in "Jagex Mod".

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I've done a large proofread of the guide, and i've written new words and corrections in red. :(

Non listed/ Numbers

(g): Gold trimmed

(h#): Heraldic, either Rune helmets or kites

(p): Poisoned

(P+) Extra poisioned

(P++) Super poisoned

(s) Super poisoned.

(t): Trimmed

(u): Unstrung

1337: Elite

1337speak: The official "geek" language

2h: 2-handed sword



Abby: Either Abyss or Abyssal Demon/Whip

AC: Anti-crash team

Addy: Adamantite

AFK: Away From Keyboard

Alch: High level alchemy spell (That is more used as a verb: TO alch, in other words to use alchemy spells on something.Ammy: Amulet

Ancients: The spellbook reward from Desert Treasure, Mostly used for the ice barrage and burst spells

Anti: Either Anti poision or Antifire (Antidragon breath potion), usually accompanied by P or D

APKER: Anti-Pker. Someone who only pks other pkers, instead of anyone

ATK: Attack (Usually it's Att)

ATM: at the moment



BA = Barbarian Assualt, should be here.

Baxe: Battleaxe

BBL: Be Back Later

BBQ: Barbeque

BF: Boyfriend/ Female Dog Fit.

BRB: Be Right Back

BS: Back-stab, bow string, bullshizzle ("Usually Bowstring, but can also be backstab and Bullshizzle," is beter to use for that)

Bsale: A sale usually in the bank, where varieties of items are sold

BTW: By the way



Camo: Camoflauge from the Drill Demon random event.

Cammy: Camelot

CB/CMB: Combat

Chain: Chainmail, usually Dragon or Rune.

Cleaned: When you lose almost all your bank through staking.

Con: Construction

CW: castle wars, a minigame found close to Yanille



D[item]: Dragon

D bone: Dragon bone

DD: Dragon dagger (You should add a note that ddp, dds and ddp++ is a dragon dagger with various poisons.

Def: Defence

Dh: Dharok, usually meaning the armor, which is a reward from Barrows

Dhide: Dragonhide

DK(Ing): Dagganoth King Hunting.

DM: A fun/planned fight to the death.



Ea: Each

Edge: Edgeville

Emote: Usually a skill emote done by a person achieveing 99 in a skill or completing all quests

Ess: Rune essence, used in the runecrafting skill

Exp/xp: Experience.



How could you miss out f2p!(also known as ftp)

Fally: Falador.

FFS: For Frick's Sake

Flail: Verac's Flail, a barrows item/reward

FM:Firemaking or Forum Mod

Fremmy: Fremennik

FTW: For the win

Fury: An enchanted Onyx Amulet, which is known as the Amulet of fury



GF: Go figure/Girlfriend/Good fight

GG: Good game

GJ: Good job

GL: Good luck

Glory: Amulet of glory, an enchanted dragonstone Amulet

GMT: Greenwich Mean Time

Grats: Congratulations.

Gr8: Great

GTG/G2g: Gotta go

Guth: Guthix/Guthan



HAM: Humans against Monsters.

Herby: Herblore

HO: Hold on

HP: Hitpoints



IDC: i dont care

IDK: I dont know

IMHO: In my honest opinion

IMO: In my opinion

IRL: In Real life



JK:Just kidding

JW: Just wondering



k: Okay or 1000 (I.E. 10k = 10,000)

Kb/kbase: Knowledge Base, found on the runescape homepage, or in terms of (m)IRC, Kick Ban.

KQ(ing): Kalphite Queen (hunting)



Lag: When a computer slows down and runescape jumps around

Law: Law rune

Legs: Usually meaning platelegs, can mean plateskirt

Limp: Limpwurt roots.

LMAO: Laughing my cabbage off

Lobby: Lobster

Logger: Person that logs off right before something significant happens

LOL: Laugh out loud

LTNS: long time no see. (It's usually LTNC)

Lvl: Level



M: Million Can also be Mill

Macro: Botting, against rules (Rule 7)

Mage: Magic, or could mean Magic robes, blue or black

Max Hit: The highest hit you ever have done

MOM: Mysterious old man, but could really mean their mother

MMO(rpg): Multi media Online (Role Playing Game)

M8: Mate



Nat/Nature: Nature rune.

NFS: Not for sale

Noob/Choob/Froob/Newb/N00b/newbie/n00bie Etc.: A person who is new to the game or low-leveled

NPC: Non player character

Np: No problem

Nty: No thanks

n1: Nice one



Obby/Oby: Tzhaar items, most of the time either Obsidian shield or cape

oh my gosh: Oh my firetruck-driving gosh

OMG: Oh my gosh



PC, Pest Control, should be here

Phat: Partyhat, from the 2001 Christmas event

PJ: Pile Jump(er)- Meaning you kill other people right after they get their loot, which makes it easier for you to get both loots

PK: Player Kill(ing/er)

Pl0x: Please

Pl0z: Please

PM: Private message

Pm/Pmod: Player moderator

PMG: Deliberate mispelling of OMG in accord with the principles of l33tspeak

POH: Player owned house, from the construction skill.

Pot: Potion

Pot up: Telling someone to drink potions

ppl: People.

Ppot: Prayer potion

Prayer noob: Someone who uses protection prayer ina 1v1 fight

Pure: A person who trains usually one type of skill, or there are skill pures which train all non combat skills to earn money.

Pure Set: Super attack and Super strength, mainly used in World 18 for pking

PWN: Pronounced "poon", it's a deliberate misspelling of Own



QP: Quest points



Ranger Set: Ranger Boots and Robin Hood Hat.

RC(ing): RuneCrafting

ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing

ROFLMAO: Rolling on the floor laughing my cabbage off

rsc: You forgot capital letter Usually means Runescape Classic, but in some cases can mean runescapecommunity

RWIT – Real World Item Trading



Safer: A person who eats when their health is high, usually used in terms of Pking

Santa: Santa hat, from the 2003 christmas event

Sara: Saradomin

Scimmy/Scim: Scimitar

Spec: special attack

Sq: Square, usually meaning shield

ss: So sad/Sorry

STFU: Shut the firetruck up.

STR: Strength

St00f: Stuff (eg: Fr33 st00f pl0x)

Super Set: Super attack, Strength, and defence potion. Can be (3) or (4), ask seller

Swordy: Swordfish



Tally: Talisman

Tbh: to be honest

TK: Team kill/killer/killed

TT: Treasure trail

TTYL: Talk to you later

TY: Thankyou

TYVM: Thank you very much Can also be TYSM = Thank you so much



Unid: Unidentified herb.



w(/): With

W/o or Wo: Without

How could you miss out Whip? :P

Wildy: Wilderness.

WIP: Work in Progress

w/o: Without

WOM: wise old man

Woot!: Usually a term of just accomplishing something that took awhile

WP:Wrong person

WTF: What the firetruck

WTH: What the heck

W8: Wait



X-bow: Cross Bow, usually Karil's (barrows reward)



y: Why?

YW: Your welcome



Zammy: Zamorak

Z0mg: Just another way of saying OMG

A great guide anyway, it will really help me! But it should have been in rewrites.

Edited by Morty

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i stealth is correct it sould be in guide re-writes


anyway ...


Your missing a few:


Pl8- as in plate legs/body

(a) as in ring of charos activated

(u) ring of charos unactivated

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DM: Deathmatch, A fun/planned fight to the death.
(u): Unstrung

(u): Unactivated, usually in terms of Ring of Charos

(u): Unstrung/unactivated, usually Ring of Charos
(P+) Extra poisioned
(p+): Extra poisoned

Total: Total Level

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Add Lumby=Lumbrigde. I think you should let this stay on the forum for some more time. It's been proved several times that even if you've covered hundreds of words, some of the most common were missing. This means we need more people to look through it and find missing words, and we should give them time to do that. :cute:

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Guest VDH99

PC could also mean: price check


"kk" is also used to say O.K. besides just the one "k"


in dutch kk could also mean something really offending, in which the second k stands for cancer...

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Don't forget 'Plz', which is 'Please' in the 'P' Section.


And also, W/E means Whatever.

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Some more words from the wilderness:

Hybrid = a pure with 2 or sometimes all 3 combat skills, usually ranged and magic.


Tank ranger/mage = A pure with defence.


Pure noob: Something people may call your pure in the wilderness when they are envious at you.


Str(enght) noob: Something you may be called if you have a high strenght level compered to your other stats.


Those are the most common "noob words," but there are way more. :)

Edited by Morty

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As i've seen u had Kqing, u should also put in Barrowing and Barrower, as me and other barrowers (people who do lots of barrows) use those terms alot.

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Thanks guys, I've updated it and some aren't really needed. For example, OnYx, Drag is already listed as Drag [item]. Thanks for all the help and concern guys! (And gals!)

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You missed this:

Bb = Big bones


Dragon bones are also often called Db


You might want to include some more Power-things, like:

Power-ranging = Training ranged without picking up arows.

Power-wcing/woodcutting = Training woocutting and then dropping the logs

Power-fishing = Training fishing and dropping/giving away the fish

Power-cooking = Buy or fish food, then cook it and drop it.


You should also put this little thingy here in:

<>< = Fish/Fishing


I have also heard this a couple of time:

V = Verac (Barrows brother/reward)

Edited by Morty

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Great guide so far Hamtaro.


I found some thing that can be added:


NFS: Not for sale


Can also be "N4S"


At the words that starts with "B" you can add "Brassy". It is Verac's brassard.

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Thanks, adding it now :D

I took a look at your special thanks list, and noticed Pez is there twice and i'm listed there 3 times! :D


You also forgot to add this:

<>< = Fish/Fishing

It's quite common to see at Musa Point or other fishing location, when people ask "What's your <>< lv," or "how many <>< have you caught?" If you look closely you see that it's shaped like a fish. :)

Edited by Morty

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Pk Run-in: Planned fight between 2 clans with no special rules.


DD: death dot (all members of the clan stand on one square so it looks like 1 person on the minimap).


Fall in: all clan members follow the leader.


RR: Rune rocks


GDS: greater demon building


Mossies: moss giants in wilderness


Hybrid: someone who pks using melee with mage (instead of the normal melee only).


Returning: if you die in a pk, it means you can come back and fight again.

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GDS: greater demon building

...in wilderness

Mossies: moss giants in wilderness

Can be Moss giants anywhere

Hybrid: someone who pks using melee with mage (instead of the normal melee only).

Already in the guide. :D


2 new words:

Bts = Behind the Scenes

W = World (Like world 1, 2 etc)

Edited by Morty

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2 Things:

  1. You have "MMO(rpg)" listed 'Multi Media Online.' I don't know about the "MMO" part alone, but when you put it all together for "MMORPG," then it's called 'Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game,' instead of 'Multi Media.'
  2. It's not a commonly used word, per se, but you're missing 'MM' for "Monkey Madness."

Hope that helped! :D

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U- You

C- See

IC- I see

UR- You're/Your

Edited by Pig

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I also have Death dot :o Thanks, adding them now.


EDIT: I saw your post Morty, fixed that too =D

Edited by Hamtaro

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