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Tournament Of The Warriors

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I'm I-Cup, your host for the very first...






This is the very first TOTW so it might no be so perfect. Basically, this is a tournament held monthly to determine some of the strongest warriors in Sal's. Hopefully if we get enough members it will lower it down to The Top 5 Warriors in Sal's. Now this tournament is for everyone. Even if you're a Mage, Ranger or Knight, you can still enter this tournament.


At the end of the Tournament will be a fun battle between everyone. It will be the Blue Team vs the Red Team. Location of this is TBA.




Time: TBA

Date: TBA

Place: All around Misthalin and Asgarnia (F2P areas) also Karamja.


Note: We need some members to join so the Time and Date will be announced later.




Just like I said, Mages, Rangers and Knights are all allowed. But please keep in mind that:

  • Monks
  • Mixed (Knight+Mage+Ranger)

Are not allowed. If you'd like to contribute but no be part of the Tournament tasks, then you may apply as a Volunteer or Umpire. Volunteers contribute by providing food, extra supplies and other items for the players. Volunteers will have the choice of participating in the Volunteer Battle, which is after the Tournament. The Volunteer Battle will be where all Volunteers fight each other for fun until last one standing wins!


Umpires are simply people who umpire all the tasks. They make sure everyone's following the rules and no intruders come along. After the Tournament the Umpires will go along to a pub somewhere (possibly Varrock) and drink as many beers as possible until drunk. Last one standing wins!




That hasn't been decided yet. As I'm currently broke. I can't give out 100k's of money. But if the poll come's down to players contributing k's (max. 5k per person) then we'll go along with that. Vote in the poll to voice your opinion!




Now, here's the uniform that must be worn to the Tournament.

  • KNIGHTS: Full Mithril Armour with any Rune Weapon. (NO DRAGON OR ITEM HIGHER THAN RUNE)
  • RANGERS: Full Studded or Green D-Hide with a Maple long/shortbow and Adamant arrows.
  • MAGES: Full Blue Wizard Robes with any Elemental Staff.
  • UMPIRES: Full Steel with a Frog Mask or Chicken Head.
  • VOLUNTEERS: Full Bronze with a Chicken Head or Frog Mask.



To join, use this code to join. The Blue and Red Team option is for the war at the end of the Tournament.


Blue or Red Team:
Mage level:
Attack level:
Strength level:
Defence level:
Range level:

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Good idea. But may I suggest instead of picking what color team your on. The odd place finishers are on one team and even on the other. The winner of the tourney picks which color he and the other odd finishers are. =)

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In Karamja. We go to Volcano etc. It's a tournament. Not always will others fight each other. Be sure to stay for the end war, if we get enough people to join.


~Random Sniper

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Might come if I know the time and date. If we are knights do we HAVE to wear full mith?

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