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Addition To "colours And Effects"

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Before i begin, i would like to say that I am not too sure what this section should go in, but i think it is too little to be a guide of its own, and therefore i think it should go with other text descriptions. The point of this section is for thos on runescape who have trouble understanding what "rofl", "newb", and "soz" means. I also need somebody to get a table screenshot for me. many thanks






text language

The text Language on Runescape may be extremely confusing. Read the table below to find out all the words you have always wondered what they meant:

ROFL- Rolling on the Floor Laughing

LOL- laugh out loud

LMAO- laughing my cabbage off

soz- sorry

KK- okay

WUU2?- what you up to?

newb- newbie (new to runescape)

noob- im an idiot for saying this word

W8- wait

M8- mate

TBM- taking the bloody mick

CBA- can't be assed

Kl- cool

Kwl- cool

OMG- oh my God

Cya- see you (bye)

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