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Mace Brown

My Work With Gimp

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They are all pretty good, but... They contrast too much from the render. ( 1st and 3rd). Text is completely out of the sig and is everywhere. The things you need to work on before a good signature is:


- Blending

- Color Selection

- Text Placement ( hardest of em all :aware: )


Other than that, too much sharpening is used in th 3rd and too much softglow on the first one. Trust me, I am a softglow user so it takes quite a while to learn how to use it at the right time and places. Anyways, the second one... The numbers covering up the beginning of the text is wierd and good brushing.


1st- 7/10

2nd- 6.5/10

3rd- 5.7/10

Edited by Zephyer Blaze

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Nice for a first sig but later on when you learn some effects try not to rely on brushing :aware:...Text is good for clan banners and ect. but if your tryign to make a display sig the text should be a focal itself :)- But really what I'm telling you is like stuff that even pro's do wrong (excluding brsuhing).

Though don't wory about that I'm just telling you that in ahead of time :P.. I say keep following tutorials and look for effects besides brushing.


Overall for a first sig I'd give you 7/10

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Guest John Smith

no way thaqt was ur first sig. its waaayy to good for anyones first.

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