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Strike System

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From this point forward, the forums of Sal’s Realm of RuneScape will use an additional punishment-system for the Clan Forums along with the traditional warning-system.

The official Forum Announcement and also the introduction to this system can be found in This Thread, and any questions can be asked there for the time the thread stays open and active.

This will only affect the Clans' Board, meaning that you will not be striked on any other board on the Forum.


Now, as you can all see, this additional system will revolve around giving out strikes for certain offences which are both too often broken here on the Clan Forums or too severe to be left alone since it is intentional. These strikes will each lead to removal of permission-masks for the Clan-Board and the length of this removal will increase according to how many strikes you’ve received in the past.


This is the basic overview of how long these removals will last can be seen here:

  • 1st strike - 1 week.
  • 2nd strike - 2 weeks.
  • 3rd strike – 1 month.
  • 4th strike - 3 months.
  • 5th strike - 6 months.
  • 6th strike - Permanent removal.

Do note that these are just added punishments to the already existing warning-system. You will be both warned and striked if you break the specific rules earning you a strike, the difference is that strikes simply can not be worked off and reduced while the warning-rating can.


The following rule infractions will earn you a strike:

  • Deliberate mass-spamming in one topic to get the thread closed.
  • Flaming
  • Flame-baiting
  • Multiple Swearing/swear-evading occurances in one topic with intentions of making the thread closed.
  • Discrimination
  • Ban-evasion (Permission-mask evasion) is to be striked yet again on the main account with the temp-account banned.
  • Accusations - Only used when forumers create false accusations to smear the reputation of their rival to a large extent.

The Moderating Staff will also take action if it is discovered that any Clan official tells their clan-members to violate the rules in their place: This is not acceptable, forcing your own fellow members to do your dirty-work will not only warrant that member a strike and a warning, it’ll also affect this Clan-official in equal terms.


You have been warned.

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