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The Kill Point (2007)

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There's this TV show called The Kill Point, it's on every Sunday at 9pm or 3pm EST(one of them works). But it's only Spike TV, I'm not sure this channel is on worldwide. So everyone that lives somewhere that have Spike TV, watch it! By the way, I think the last episode ended already but it's in season 1 and I'm pretty sure season 2 is gonna come out :blink:.


Here's the info..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kill_Point


"Mr. Wolf" (Leguizamo) and his men enter a bank and leave with the money. Once outside, the former U.S. Marines are attacked by Pittsburgh Police. Once the shooting begins some of the frightened bank customers flee out the back door. Wolf tells his men to retreat back into the bank as the getaway driver escapes. The men, who go by animal codenames, begin to barricade themselves in the bank along with about twelve hostages. Captain Horst Cali, a police negotiator, (Wahlberg) arrives outside and begins to set up the command post in a local restaurant. Slowly the news of the hostage situation begins to spread throughout the town. People show up outside to catch a glimpse of what is going on but are pushed away by police barricades. After Cali refuses to meet one of Wolf's demands, Wolf threatens to kill a hostage if the demand is not met within the hour. As the deadline approaches, Wolf begins to contemplate if he could kill an innocent man. One of his men argues "This is not what we signed on for. We said no one would get hurt, now we are cop killers." Right before the deadline, Cali meets Wolf's demand, which causes him to become secondary negotiator. After an FBI agent comes in and takes over the operation but Wolf begins to toy with her and making jokes, finally yelling at her that he will only speak to Cali.


(You can read what happens in between here and the end from the character profiles.) In the finale, Henry (Mr. Rabbit) Roman takes control after Mr. Mouse was shot and killed by SWAT when he pulled his art book out of his pocket and they thought it was a weapon. He answers the phone and tells Cali that if he doesn't have a bus and a chopper by half an hour, he'll throw bodies out every five minutes. He says he'll discipline the hostages, and when Ashley Beck doesn't listen to Mr. Rabbit he drags her by her hair and leaves the phone on so Cali can hear.


In the end Mr. Wolf, Cat and Pig get help escaping from Cali when he learns that they have his wife. They escape disguised as hostages and leave in an ambulance. They have a van waiting for them under a bridge and take it to a secure location but Wolf has a bug on him and the police hear everything he says and are ready for him at the location. When they get there Deke and some men are waiting for him. They tell him there has been a change of plans, and that they need to take Cali's wife. When they try to leave, the platoon members point there weapons at each other, squaring off, and Quincy the sniper shoots one of Deke's men. Deke escapes with Horst's wife, and Horst follows him into a warehouse.


Pig takes off, with Hawk hot in pursuit. They exchange fire, until Pig hides behind an alcove and, using the broken mirror on the ground, stays hidden and looks on, while the other SWAT leave. He boots it down to the train track, pressing himself against the grill to avoid being seen, and when he sees a train coming, hops in, avoiding the gaze of Hawk.


Wolf and Cat engage the SWAT on the bridge. Using his last round, Wolf hits Connie in the arm. He screams he is out of ammunition, and Cat tells him to run, saying he has him covered. Showing great loyalty, he continues to fire until being shot in the stomach with a single round, and dies.


Meanwhile, Deke and Horst shoot it out in the warehouse, with Horst finally killing Deke, and getting his wife back. As he leads her out, he spots Wolf, and hands his wife to another SWAT member, as he pursues Wolf, first throwing away his police issue gun, and removing a concealed Beretta 92. They get to the end of a wharf, and Wolf claims he has no life to go back to, or live for. He puts his gun to his head, and walks towards Horst screaming: "LET ME DIE WITH HONOR! PULL THE TRIGGER BEFORE I DO! YOU CAN DO IT!!!" Horst finally does, shooting Wolf once in the stomach. As he falls over, and dies he asks Horst if he felt anything. Horst replies yes, and Wolf accepts that he now knows what he had to go through. Wolf dies. Albert (Mr. Pig) Roman is the only one to escape (By the train.) and flees to Canada. The Canadian bank into which they've transferred the six million dollars allows a fellow 10/13 platoon member to withdraw it for him, and he leaves with checks for his parents ($1 million), Mendez's son Luke ($1.5 million), Marshall's dad ($1 million) and himself ($2 million) with $500,000 in cash.



Have fun reading it :blink:



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