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Does anyone here read Ctrl+alt+del? The comic strip? It's an online, gaming/tech based comic strip, which I find hilarious...



Things like "ram bouquets..."


Google it (lazy to type it properly.. (the website name.)



It starts out slow, but it gets hilarious. Hard to explain, so just check it out.



The art is great too. Takes a long time to make...



Things like Ethan having 24 GB of ram in his comp, 4 GEforce cards... cooling from antartica..

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Ahmigawd Winter-een-mas=Ownage.


I'm most definatly (however the hell you spell it, my spell check is on the fritz) celebrating it this year, and I have a few new games to play, as well. :P

(I swear I am finally going to actually beat Shadow of the Colossus....)


Bleh, I need to stop being a moron and finally buy the Halo games. :P

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