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Required Herb Updates

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Jagex has made an announcement today describing how they've hanged how Herbs are named and handled, meaning lots of little things that need changing/adding to the IDB. :)


I've gone through and re-named the Herbs currently in the DB, so they should all come up with a search for 'Clean'. With all those items, new images are needed due to the strange updates that have made all the Herbs look odd. :) Pictures for all the 'Clean' Herbs can be found in this thread. :ice:


As well as Cleaned (IDed) Herbs having name/picture changes, the humble Herb has been put out of business, with lots of Grimy Herbs being put in its place. All these Grimy Herbs will therefore need to be added to the DB too. :)


The other thing that's changed is that Unfinished Potions have been given a name change, and since the Tarromin one seems to be the only one currently in the DB, this seems like a sensible time to try and add others. :)


A while back, the looks of Glass objects were changed, and that may have included Potions, although I'm not entirely sure. :beret: There are also a number of Potions missing, so if work is done systematically, getting the Herblore skill just about fully in the IDB should be fairly simple. :yay:

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