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The Seduction Vs Sunflower Mafia

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Everyone loves these, am I right?


Anyway, We were looking for a mini war tonight, and after having no luck for a while (go figure, at 11 pm) The13lade tells me that he could get a war with Sunflower Mafia. Standard Rules, Seduction defends in green, SM attacks in black, and 1 ranger was allowed.


Starting Opts No pictures, sorry.





Dragonite Jo(116)




Sunflower Mafia





Panzy Bit(103)



SM attacked prematurely I think, either that or blade didn't say they were coming. We quickly potted and attacked panzy, their 103, while they split piled(it looked like) blade and supreme. We managed to kill panzy before either one of our members died, and we began to attack smoking, Blade and Supreme fell around the same time, and it was 4 v 3 but shortly after, smoking fell. We moved on to token, who we had been workign on for a bit, so he was a little damaged, he fell and it was a 3 v 2. Fusetest did an excellent job at tanking, allowing us to fight griffin to no prayer, no food, and eventually death. After that, we easily had the win.


It was a good fight, I know SM members seemed to have harsh feelings near the end about our levels, but we agreed 1 ranger, no level cap.


Good fight SM


3 kills 0 deaths


Ending opts






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Wow, haven't seen a no cap mini in a while... Enjoy the "More Epic" win.


I love the sarcastic "epic" posts on every miniwar. :lol:



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I wasn't there but I allowed snoop on my account. (i was doing some report to get my licinse)

When I came to watch I saw you guys had an average combat level of 118.6 to our lonely 111.4 and I was upset with snoop for setting up this war without even looking at your ML. I guess we do stupid things when we are bored at midnight lol.

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Guest Kody M Ade

gj mates, looks like a good fight

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