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Land Of The Goblins

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Land of the Goblins


Special Thanks to: Tiddyn, Un0, Gillis, ---Reaver, Roy, Agent F, Hawk, Master of Pokemon, Mrcsupertrain


Start: Speak with Grubfoot at the Goblin Mines

Skills: Level 30 Prayer, level 36 Agility, level 36 Thieving, level 36 Fishing, level 37 Herblore, and the ability to fight a level 35, 45, 55, 65 and 75 foe in succession

Quests: Another Slice of H.A.M., Fishing Contest

Items Needed: Light source, (preferably a Bullseye Lantern, or Mining Helmet), Yellow, Blue, Purple, and Orange Dye, a Goblin Mail (2 to make it easier), Slimy Eel, Toadflax, Water filled Vial, Fishing Rod, Empty Vial, Pestle and Mortar

Quest obtained Items: Mushrooms for Black Dye, Whitefish for "White Dye", Pharmakos berries

Advised Items: Teleport Runes, Skills Necklace, Combat Bracelet, Amulet of Glory, Tiny Crystal

Additional information: The Goblin Dungeon close to the Fishing Guild is where this all takes place.


Goblins Unite


[/name]To start this quest head over to Lumbridge Castle, enter the basement and have yourself transported to the Goblin Mines. Make sure you have your light source in your inventory unless you want an untimely death to fall upon you. Once at the entrance of the mines speak to Grubfoot, your friendly armor model from a previous quest. Grubfoot desperately wants to speak to Zanik and to do so he will have to enter Dorgesh-Kaan. Sadly, Mistag informs him, this is not possible.





Unless... You accept responsibility for him. This you will of course do, and together you can enter the city. You will have to find Zanik and, rather than trying to locate her by wandering around, you now make your way to Oldak, your kind Teleport Sphere maker. He is located in the room at the north-west end of the city.


Once there speak with Zanik, and introduce Grubfoot to her.




Grubfoot will relate a story about his recurring dreams and more particular a new dream he had recently. This dream, apparently, was important enough for him to risk the wrath of his fellow goblins and seek out Zanik.




Grubfoot is sure about one thing: It could be Zanik's destiny to lead the Goblins to a new era of peace.




Both of you are now impatient to hear the story about his new dream, and rather than telling the story the Blokes at Jagex hand us a cut-scene with pictures of friendly Goblins united in their peaceful existence in a previously unknown area.






And so we come to the important part of this Goblin story: The Goblin land, or in Goblin tongue, Yu'biusk. Apparently the Big High War God, later to be revealed as Bandos, took the Goblins from their fair land and turned them into fearless warriors. As Grubfoot tells us this is forgotten my most of the Goblins.




When questioned how he can be sure his dream is true, Oldak feels the need to instill some Cave Goblin wisdom:




Grubfoot is sure the priests at the Goblin Temple know the way to this strange land, but before he will tell where this Temple is he wants your solemn promise never to reveal its location. What is more he wants you to promise never to reveal the name of the Big High War God, Bandos.





After getting this promise Grubfoot reveals the general location of the Temple: A place far west from Dorgesh-Kaan, where many humans catch fish. A nice way to describe the general area of the Fishing Guild. Oldak, in his role as friendly Teleport Sphere maker, will provide transportation to said location:




Note: You will need to transport from the quest area to various locations all around Runescape, from Aggie the Witch to Hemenester Fishing Contest area. You can have more Spheres made by Oldak for the price of 2 Law Runes and 1 Molten Glass, alternatively you can use a Combat Bracelet or a Skills Necklace to enter the quest area fast.


Finding Zanik


Oldak's Spheres will teleport you to the Goblin Cave next to the Fishing Guild, head in a North-West direction taking the middle one of the three corridors. You will end up amongst Goblins and in the Northern most room you will find a stairway leading down.




This stairway is guarded by two, rather dimwitted, Goblins, and when you and Zanik try to enter only Zanik is successful. You aren't able to follow simply because you are not a Goblin.




vial2-1.gif Time to change into one, with the help of the Makeover Mage. Make your way to Falador in any way you see fit and bring a Toadflax and a Water filled Vial with you. The Makeover Mage will tell you how to make this transmogrifying potion and even supply you with the secondary ingredient for it:




Since this potion is delicate there are a few restrictions to its use: You cannot wield anything other than wielded by Goblins, you cannot enter combat while looking like a Goblin, and your disguise will be destroyed when entering direct sunlight. Should you run out of it you can return to the Makeover Mage and get the secondary ingredient, Pharmakos Berries, again.


Make your way back to the cave and, once inside, take a sip of your newly made potion. You now are able to change into one of six different Goblins. Anyone of these will do for the next part of the quest.




Talk to the guards you spoke to earlier and enter the Temple area. When you speak with them they will want to guess your name. Agree with any name they give you or, if you don't like that particular name, have them guess again until they give you a name you like:




As your Quest Journal tells you, you need to find, and ultimately set free, Zanik. She is located in a prison in a room at the North-West end of the area you are in. To enter you need to dress like the guard: Wielding a black Goblin Mail. If you want you now can take a short-cut in the quest, by talking to the High Priest and taking a test. This test consists of a number of questions and you need to pick the right answer to each. But remember this: you need to click through the whole conversation before taking the test, you wouldn''t know the answers if you didnt.


The first question:




To which the answer is 'True', the follow-up question, the High Priest really wants to know if you know your stuff, is: 'The Big High War God commands it'.


The second question:




The answer to this one is 'False'. Again a follow-up question to which the answer is: 'Goblins were not mighty warriors before he chose us'.


The third question:




And the answer is: 'False'. This time again a follow-up question with the answer: 'That's one of the commandments'.


Finally the last question:




And its answer: 'Lead Goblins to victory all over the world'.


You now are able to extract information that matters from this High and Mighty, ask him about Zanik, about the rooms, about Yu'biusk and store that information in your mind, or don't, it doesn't matter, as long as you click through the whole conversation it is ok.

Go outside again and enter the small room at the Western side, pick one of the mushrooms there. You need it to make Black ink.

Time to free Zanik and prepare for the next chapter


A key-hunt begins




Right, to free Zanik you will need to access the North-West room, but for the rest of the quest you need to access all other rooms. So it is time to collect some stuff: Various dyes as mentioned in the section ‘Items Needed’. The fast way to collect the dyes is to use a Tiny Crystal and teleport to Lleyta, the slow way is to have Aggie the Witch make you various colors. One thing you need to do is this: Talk to Aggie (even if you buy the dyes in Lleyta) about white dye. She is not able to make that but can make a kind of bleach to remove all color from a Goblin Mail. For this you need a Whitefish.


You can catch this Whitefish at the Hemenester Fishing Contest area. The bait used is a Slimy Eel. These can be caught in the Lumbridge caves using a fishing rod and bait, right-click the fishing spot and choose ‘bait fishing spot’.


Time to get the ingredient for the 'white dye'. Take your Slimy Eel to Hemenester and try to enter the Contest area by opening the gate.




It will not work if you try to talk to the contest master. You now have the option to talk about the Whitefish and enter. Use your fishing rod on a fishing spot and when you have a Whitefish in your inventory you are set to go.


Head back to Aggie and have her make the appropriate dyes, or, as a fast alternative, zap over to Lleyta and buy the Purple, Blue, Yellow, and Orange dye there. Then ask her to bleach your armor.


Head back over to the cave with this in your inventory: The appropriate dyes, one bleached Goblin Mail, some food, a weapon and armor to fight five 'bosses' up to level 75 in succession, your transmogrifying potion.


For those with a low combat level: Take some decent armor, a good weapon, some good food, and some potions. Remember you cannot wield anything while you are a Goblin. Only when the fight starts you can slip into your armour. One more thing: While in the crypt you can teleport out with normal magic, Item teleport, or teletab. Hometeleport does not work.


In the cave take a sip of your potion and morph into a Goblin again, enter the Temple and head for the room with the white dressed Goblins. Slip into your white armor and talk to the Guard, who will let you pass. Pickpocket the High Priest to get a key: item4.gif. Exit, take off your Goblin Mail and use the Black ink with it to dye it black. Go to the North-Eastern room and again speak with the guard to enter. Head to the back of the room and speak with Zanik. Her Teleport Sphere was taken from her and stored in the near-by crate. Search this crate and give the sphere to Zanik. She will leave for Dorgesh-Kaan and leave you with the rest of the mess to sort out. Again, pick-pocket the Priest to get your second key: item1-1.gif


Enter the other four rooms, each time using the appropriate dye on your Goblin Mail, and each time pick-pocketing the Priest. You will end up with four more keys: item5.gifitem6.gifitem3-1.gifitem2-1.gif


Once you have all six keys it is back to the main room. Use any of the keys with the door behind the High Priest.




A cut-scene will follow and the door will open, revealing the burial grounds of previous High Priests. In this room there are five different places where you can 'say-name'. What you do with this 'say-name' is wake-up one of the priests who will part information to you regarding Yu'biusk.


The first name you need to say is Snothead and will wake a level 35 High Priest.




The second one, level 45 Snailfeet, is directly opposite the first one, followed by, level 55 Mosshin, level 65 Redeyes and finally level 75 Strongbones:




Though it might look dangerous in the picture it is a fairly easy fight, depending on your combat level.


Upon his demise Strongbones will part with some wisdom:





Time to head back to Dorgesh-Kaan and the grand finale.


Hanging from a cliff by your fingernails


Find Zanik and Oldak in that familiar room in the North-West corner of the city. Relate to them what you have learned and Oldak will think of a way to access this 'other plane of existence'.





Oldak thinks up a way to use the Fairy Rings with the help of some complicated machinery.




Then he tells you to meet both him and Zanik at the Fairy Ring South of the city. To get there, go to the second floor and walk all the way South. Climb up the stairs at the end and then down the ladder at the western side. Walk South and follow the first corridor East. Your radar will show where the Fairy Ring is located.




The complex machinery created by Oldak, though experimental in nature, seems to be working.




But Oldak will need your help controlling the energy used to open the portal to the other plane.




Though this sounds very complicated but all you need to remember are these numbers: 9 4 1. Click on the control panel and you will see this picture, make sure you have the numbers correct and off you go.




All three of you will end up in what was the beautiful land of Yu'biusk. Sadly Bandos got his hands on it and this devastation needs to be investigated. Head West until you see a large Sarcophagus like structure. Both you and Zanik will try to open it... And Zanik vanishes.




Sadly this is where it ends for this episode, Oldak has no way of opening the portal again, since it has become 'resistant to his machine'.




[name=24]Still, for this episode of the series it is: Quest Complete!





  • 1 Quest Point
  • 3k xp in Agility, Herblore, Thieving, Fishing, and Strength
  • 2k xp in Prayer
  • Access to Yu'biusk using the Fairy Rings, code BLQ
  • Access to mini-quest and 13,750 Prayer xp (use ring of visibility and ghost speak amulet with the bosses, and bury their bones in Yu'biusk)

Fast Quest Walkthrough


[^] 1. Speak with Grubfoot

[^] 2. Accept responsibility for Grubfoot

[^] 3. Speak with Zanik, introduce Grubfoot

[^] 4. Get teleported to Goblin Cave

[^] 5. Talk to Guards

[^] 6. Go to Makeover Mage

[^] 7. Make potion

[^] 8. Go back to cave, enter, take sip of potion

[^] 9. Talk to Guards, enter Temple

[^] 10. Talk to High Priest, take test

[^] 11. Collect Mushroom

[^] 12. Collect Dyes, talk to Aggie

[^] 13. Collect Whitefish

[^] 14. Go back to Aggie, have White Goblin Mail made

[^] 15. Head back to the cave, enter Temple

[^] 16. Collect White key first

[^] 17. Free Zanik, collect 5 other keys

[^] 18. Use keys with door

[^] 19. Defeat five bosses

[^] 20. Back to Dorgesh-Kaan, talk to Zanik

[^] 21. Head for Fairy Ring South of the city

[^] 22. Enter the numbers 9 4 1 in the machine

[^] 23. Open sarcophagus like structure, speak with Oldak

[^] 24. Quest complete

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Items Needed: Toadflax, Water-filled vial, Empty Vial, 1-6 Goblin Mail (The more the better), Yellow Dye, Orange Dye, Blue dye, Purple Dye, Light Source, Tinderbox, Slimey eel

Quest Obtained: White Fish, Black Mushroom, Pharmakos Berries, Goblin Potion

Recommended: Lumbridge Teleport Runes, Falador Teleport Runes,


1. Speak to Grubfoot in the Lumbridge Goblim Mines.

2. Tell Mistag that you will vouch for Grubfoot, and he will begin to follow you.

3. Enter Dorgesh-Kaan, head to Zanik in the bottom South-East Corner

4. Talk to Zanik, ask about Grubfoot's Dream.

5. When ready, you will be teleported by Oldak to the Goblin Cave north of Ardougne.

6. Go to the North-West Corner of the caves, and you will find a Staircase and 2 Guards.

7. Zanik will enter the temple, but you will be stoped.

8. Go back to Oldak, he will tell you to go to the Make-over Mage.

9. The make-over mage will tell you that you need Pharmakos Berries and a Toadflax

10. Mix a toadflax into a water filled vial, and use the berries with that.

11. Head to the cave north of Ardounge, or back to Oldak, who will teleport you to the cave.

12. Drink potion, Choose goblin type, and goblin name.

13. Head north to the High-Priest, and ask where Zanik is, and about their land.

14. Take the test:

a) True

b) The Big High War God commands it.

c) False

d) The goblins were not mighty warriors before he chose us.

e) False

f) That's one of the commandments.

g) Lead goblins to victory all over the world.

15. The High-Priest will now answer your questions. Ask him about Zanik, the rooms, their god, and Yu'biusk.


Half a FQW, enjoy.

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3. Enter Dorgesh-Kaan, head to Zanik in the bottom South-East Corner

Sure about that location? For me it was Oldak's room and that is North-West as far as I know...



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It could be Zaniks destiny to lead the Goblins to a new era of peace. <- Zanik's.

Unless….. <- Just three dots there I think.

Quest obtained Items: Mushrooms for Black Dye, Whitefish for "White Dye" <- Both probably need, or don't need the "s around them, for continuity.

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add too the required items:


normal fishing rod and about 5-10 normal bait. Also add that you need a pestle and mortar.

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It could be Zaniks destiny to lead the Goblins to a new era of peace. <- Zanik's.

Unless….. <- Just three dots there I think.

Quest obtained Items: Mushrooms for Black Dye, Whitefish for "White Dye" <- Both probably need, or don't need the "s around them, for continuity.

White Dye needs them: it isn't dye its a bleach called white dye.



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Slimey Eel

Slimy doesn't have an 'e' in.





Transparancies are slowly appearing in IBD entries.

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You should add couple tips just incase the player makes a mistake. Like for example.


If you leave the place Zanik takes you, How do you come back? - Oh yea mind answering this question :lol:


'tis this dungeon >.< ~ Neo

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At the end Oldak says you may be able to find a way back to the plane. If you have use of the fairy rings you can use the code below to get back. Nothing of interest though, if you try to open the chest , it wont.







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Not to be much off - topic but how do I get in the secret temple? The goblins doesn' t let me in.


Its a goblin temple and who may go into a GOBLIN temple?



Makeover mage, she does more then just chancing gender






Black or white?

Witch in draynor








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Not transparencies, but rendered. Feel free to use these pictures.










Select your Goblin. Lol, Jagex's humour :)


for those doign the quest the answers to the high priests test are 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2

Maybe the order of questions is random for each player, except for the last one?


You need a Fishing Rod, don't you?

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nvm how do you make all gob mails?. I cant find the other white fish and stuff :|

Edited by cxpk

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for those doign the quest the answers to the high priests test are 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2



wow you're already done! NICE!


Imma do it now!

Done? Not by a long shot. :ph34r:




I guess he means the quest, not the guide. :wizard:


nvm how do you make all costumes. I cant find the other white fish and stuff :|



For Black 'n' White should you see Aggie.





After passing the test, get Zanik escaped.








EDIT: You can't use Home Teleport in the crypt. It's possible to teleport out with Ectophial or such.

Edited by iFree

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Thanks, were do i find the black mushroom. I got the white mail now.


aggie told me how but didnt say were to find the mushroom :)


Clicky ~ Neo



edit; ty neo <3

Edited by cxpk

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just gotta love all these cliffhangers we're getting in quests :wizard:

i dunno if it is up there but talking to aggie is a must to get into the fishing contest again to catch the white fish

and if anyone wants that code for the machine oldak has you operate on the fairy at the end of it

it is


9 4 1

that is the order they are in on the machine, after that is put in, there is a short cut scene and you end up at yu'biusk where you head west and open the box with zanik and she is taken away while you are teleported out and then quest ends-pretty big cliffhanger right there in my opinion




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