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Terminator's Goals And Achievements In Runescape

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Terminator's Goals And Achievements In RuneScape



Greetings! This is my goals and achievements in RuneScape. I wanted to make a topic last month, but in my opinion, it would be better to post it on December 1. I am a member in RuneScape which means that there will be many goals and many achievements. I started playing it about 2 years ago, however, the actual date of starting is unknown. Here is more information about myself: date of birth is June 6 (1995), born in Israel, likes to play Online Games and favourite colour is yellow.



Recent Achievements In RuneScape


Clue Scroll Level 1



63 Firemaking



40 Herblore





Goals In RuneScape

My goals are 99 Firemaking, 99 Strength, 99 Ranged and 70+ in all skills. These goals are very hard to get and they should take a long time so do not expect them in 5 months because they can be changed, however, this section will be updated if there will be a change.



Special Occasions In RuneScape

Jagex Moderator Loudon






Other Notes About This Topic

It would be very appreciated if you would post in this topic because it would benefit your Goals And Achievements Topic. If you do not have one, it does not matter to you although if you do, you will recieve a post for posting on mine. There might be a time that no levels will be posted because of school (which means working on projects, studying for tests or a lot of homework) or leaving for a couple of days for an holiday. If you see a screenshot with your username in it and you want to keep it private, contact me via this forum. There might be a time that the Special Occasions In RuneScape Section will not get updated although big drop parties, fun events and famous players will be posted in this section. Thanks!


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yay #1 post


nice levels man....i can't wait to see you get better and better

Thanks! ;)


i never saw a mod before :D

good luck with your future goals ;)

Thanks! :D


Finally got Members? :)


good luck :/

It is very fun to be a member; more skills and new quests. Thanks! :D



I am getting 70 Firemaking by burning Maple Logs in Falador. I am going to sleep because it is quite late, however, here is a screenshot of 63 Firemaking:


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