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The Falador Massacre

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The falador massacre really happened and the rs economy really took a hit. this is a slight elaboration on that terrible historic event. All the details are correct.


It was June 6th, 2006. YES: the devil's day: 6-6-6. Try to remember what you were doing that day. I remember it quite clearly, even though it was quite dull: I was backing up all the files on my hard-drive.


Somewhere deep in Runescape, Cursed_you was celebrating being the first to achieve 99 construction with a house party. Needless to say, the party was massive. Most of the guests ventured down into his dungeon, where they could fight eachother. Eventually, cursed_you was sick of the thousands of players infesting his house, and he expelled them all simultaneously. Thousands of players spilled onto the streets. Whether the server was overloaded, or a simple glitch was exploited, who can tell.


Possibly the most famous pker of all time, Durial321, with a formidable 115 attack, rampaged through world 111, killing everyone in sight, OUTSIDE OF THE WILDERNESS. The other players could do nothing at all to stop him, as they were all outside the wilderness. He and several of his friends rampaged through falador, reaping in multiple billions of gp worth in RS gold, and MILLIONS, truly MILLIONS of players lost EVERYTHING they owned, and could only watch as their precious party hats or barrow's weapons were taken from them mercilessly. For hours, the murderers devastated falador, ripping apart the thousands of unexpecting victims who had been celebrating cursed_you's victory minutes before. It is not known whether cursed_you lived or died. If he ventured out of his house any time within an hour of when he expelled the guests, he probably lost his life.


The mods flooded in, and so did hundreds of spectators, some of whom undoubtedly became the victims. The mods pleaded with everyone to teleport to a safe location and put everything they owned in a bank. These are the true heros of the massacre, the ones who tried their best to save everyone.


Shortly after, Durial321 was banned, but the millions of players he devastated recieved no compensation. It devestated the runescape economy and millions of players. It was the devil's day, the apocylpse. A day to remember.


(Very Great) Sources:


http://www.runetower.com/Falador-Massacre.php << exclusive interview with durial321!



A real live movie of the massacre, taken by some smart guy with a screencaster:


See for yourself the chaos and destruction!


Please rate this! It is my first RS story! I will be making more non-fictions about the heros/villains of runescape soon!

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I see you did a little embelashing, which i don't know if you did on purpose since you said all the detail are correct. Only 2000 people are allowed on a server at a time, meaning thousands of people could not have flooded the streets. And there are millions of people who play runescape, maybe two at the most. Maybe a couple hundred people died, but i'de geuss more in the dosens.

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Thankfully jagex did a rollback (which takes the game back in time. For example. One day you worked hours and got 2 bill, then jagex does a rollback, so you lose all your 2 bill as if you did nothing) So jagex did a rollback and it was as if it never happened. I should know this BECAUSE I WAS ONE OF THE BLOODY PEOPLE TO DIE :P :P :) I LOST MY PARTY HAT AND I COULD'VE KILLED THE FREAKIN NOOB IF HE WASNT A CHEAP :P :D :) :P :D :D :D :D .............................. :) ......................................sorry about that, at least i got me stuff back....what about you?

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