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Diango's Messed Up Christmas! Help!

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You all know about santa and how he collects your wishes and makes them come true, well sorry to burst your bubble but he doesn't, That's Diango's job, Well this year Diango's messed up Christmas! Last night he drank one to many Dwarven Stout and come back to his workshop drunk! He tripped over himself and broke his magic Xmas machine, He examines it later when he's sober and is terrified to find what stupid self did while he was drunk, he examines it to find its pretty much ok, But Oh No! He's broken the dream storer where all the childrens wishes go for what they want for Christmas like a dolly, new bike or an xbox 360, these dreams then go to the pixies who make them come true, What will he do!?!? All the childrens wishes have gone!


Well he's got a plan, he thinks he can handle fixing the dream storer but he needs you guys to make some wishes of what you want for Christmas or they'll be no presents this year!


Just post what you'd like for Christmas in order to save Christmas for all of runescape!

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