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Banana Nut Muffin

A Joke

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Once there was a prince. He was put under a spell where he could only say 1 word a year.

One day he spotted a beautiful princess, he wanted to say "You're beautiful" so he waited 2 years.

Then he decided he wanted to say "I love you" so he waited 3 more years (5 total) theeeeenn...

he decided he wanted to say "Will you marry me?" so he waited 4 more years (9 total).

Finally they were alone together, and he said "You're beautiful ,I love you. Will you marry me?"

And the princess responded "Pardon?"


I lol'd when I read it.

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Guest RangingJunkie

Ok then heres a joke... At a airport, there was a man and his luggage, and a mistletoe above him. So, a lady comes and asks, "Would you like your bags moved?" And the Man says "We are under mistletoe, we are supposed to kiss." then, the lady says "I will move the mistletoe." So she moves the mistle above the mans luggage. Then the man says "We still have to kiss." The lady then says "Your luggage is under the mistletoe." The man says "What is that supposed to mean?" Then the lady moves his bags and says "It means you have to kiss your luggage goodbye!"


Sorry about spelling errors...


Sorry if this has nothing to do with this post, but the joke is funny...

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