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Death At Dawn.

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Chapter 1


His momentum was his weapon, as he ran through the quarters he dashed towards a table, grabbing the edges and pulling himself over it with all his force. A disgruntled guard sat up, "What the bloody hells going o-" he was interupted by an arrow lodged in his neck, he fell off his chair in a furious slump. Without even blinking an eye, the mysterious attacker had pulled out a slick bow, with a sharp arrow that was now ruined with blood. He continued down the hall and was greeted by bright sunlight coming out of an enormous window, crafted with great care. He could gaze at it forever, but when he came back to reality, he realized guards were coming from the quarters. Without thinking he rushed down the next corridor, completely ignoring the fact that he had failed, miserably. All that he could do now was run out and take his punishment. As he reached the end of the corridor he came to a considerably large room, with luxurious sofas, and incredible paintings. Indeed the highest quality offered by Al Kharid, he could almost grin if he wasn't aghast at the sight he saw. Two guards were talking quietly with him, the despicable piece of slum who betrayed him. The stranger talking to the guards abruptly turned around and strained, "Shiloh.."


The strange man walked and started to run, he lunged at Shiloh with anger in his eyes, Shiloh reacted by crouching and using his momentum to throw the strange man into the solid wall nearby. Yet it didn't work, the man suddenly rolled and regained control. "Its been awhile, right?" Shiloh said with sarcasm, as he got serious. "Oh, Kirao, you've done so much." At this point the guards began to inch forward, and without a moment's hesitation Shiloh spun around and shot them one at the time, always hitting the neck. They flew backwards and Kirao ran up towards Shiloh unsheathing his Scimitar and swung straight down at Shiloh, yet he quickly dodged it by rolling to the right. They now were dead set at each other, and Shiloh took the turn to attack, he ran towards Kirao, who tried to take the moment to jab at him. Shiloh evaded and grabbed his back with all of his force and bent him over delivering a powerful knee to his jaw. Kirao screamed in pain. Shiloh couldn't believe he was at this moment already, he slipped the scimitar out of Kirao's hand, and he thought of what greater of an opportunity could he get? Yet it was ruined by the guards realizing his location as one spun around the corner, screaming something to his friends. Shiloh winced and started to run away, shouting "Another day, Kirao, another day."




If I get reviews, I will keep this going!


I hope this time I will finally have a good story :grindteeth: !

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