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Races-not Whats Your Expecting

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What Runescape needs is races...NO not races such as trolls or elves! I mean races, like racing!

Racing requires, agility and strength!

These are normal running races in which you use your own feet, not horses, not racecars, not hyperjets with rocketboosters.


First off like I said before, the races require agility and strength. You can enter a race at any level, but the higher your agility and strength, the more of a chance you have of winning.


To get to the races, you must board a ship from Port Sarim (like in Pest Control) and sail to Race Island. Upon reaching race island, you will find buildings and such. The buildings and such are:


A Bank- Every place must have a bank! Useful for storing your things so you are lighter and your run energy lasts longer.

A General store- Useful for selling your items if you wish, or to buy an "energy potion" (later explained)

Race sign up- there is where you sign up for races! Almost like a bank, except the booths are where you sign up. It costs 50gp to enter a race.

Medical Building- This is where you wake up if you faint during a race, (explained later) or to get healed.

Croud Pier- If you wish, you may come here to watch a race with other people (it is up to jagex if your character acually sits down while you watch)


Also in the racing square, you will find a person named Ricky Racer, talk to him for a racing tutorial tutorial.


Suggest more buildings and such if needed!


Now for entering races:


To enter simply walk up to a booth at the sign up building. The conversation is as folows:


Sign up person: Good day sir (or Ma'am if your a girl), how may I help you?

Your options:

I'd like to enter a race.

Nothing Acually.


If you select to enter a race, you will be put in a waiting room. Once the room has 5 people in it, the race begins!


Race types:

5 Race! or

One on One!


To begin a 5 race just talk to a person at a booth.


However, to begin a one on one race, you must right click some one ONLY in the sign up building. Then click the option: challenge (insert name)


If the challenge is accepted the race immediatly begins.


Now for the racing itself:

In the Race:

5 Race and One on One are the same, except the amount of people.

There are 5 lanes for a 5 race and two lanes for ONe on One races, so you may only stay in your lane to prevent people from folowing other racers!

It is recommened you keep run on all through the race...or youll lose. Once the whistle is blown, start running to your first obstacle, YES obstacle. This is where agility and strength come in. There are many obstacles, and weather your agility and strength are lvl 1-99, you can always attempt these obstacles. However if your lvl 1 on each skill theres almost no chance you'll even make it to the end. Remember, the higher the skill the easier you'll do. If you fail an obstacle you get slowed down. also some obstacles may damage you if failed. If you lose all your health, you faint and wake up in the medical building.

Lets see the obstacles shall we?


Obstacles are ordered by number, if an obstacle if number 1, its the first obstacle you encounter. I'll also tell you what skill it requires and what happens if you fail:


1. Hurdle jump- you jump over 3 hurdles-requires agility-if you fail on, then on the 3rd hurdle you will fall, slowing you down.

2. Rope Swing- you swing on a rope over a pool of mud- requires agility-if you fail you do a belly-flop into the mud, then you continue.

3. Wall climb- You grab a rope hanging from a high wall and climb over the wall- agility and strength- if you fail you lose your grip and fall back to the ground in which you might possibly take 2 damage-you will also have to restart the wall

4. Metal Ball-You must pick up a heavy metal ball and haul it over to a switch and place it on the switch which will open a door so you may continue- requires strength- if you fail you will drop the metal ball, where it will land on your characters foot, making him jump around holding his foot awhile, after that pick up the ball again and continue.

5. Light Wooden plank- You focus your balance and make yourself light so your weight doesn't break the plank-agility-if you fail, you will either fall off the plank, or the plank will snap in half, sending you into the pool of mud that awaits below.

6. Monkey Bars-old fashion playground monkeybars-agility-if you fail, you fall and smack into the ground

7. Rock Throw-your character throws rocks at a switch on a wall above a door, which will open the door-strength-If you fail, the rock just misses and you keep throwing rocks until you hit the switch

8.Vine and Zipline-You climb a vine up to a platform, where you slide down a zipline-agility and strength-you fail either because the vine snaps (causing to to fall and take 2 damage) or when you slide down the Zipline and slam full-force into the wall at the end (which causes 3 damage)

9. Wet pole Jump-you jump on poles across a pond-agility- if you fail you slip on the wet poles and fall into the waters, causing 1 damage, swim back and try again.

10. Tremendous Dive-Things get harder here. There is a large, wide pit filled with water. You do a head first dive into the pit and into the water, then you climb up the ladder positioned on the wall- agility- If you fail you do a giant belly-flop giving 5 damage, then continue on

11. Swinging Axes-You run past 5 swinging axes- agility- if you fail an axe cuts you doing 6 damage, which will also send you back a bit

12. Rockslides and avalanches- you run through a ravine while rocks and boulders fall, you must dodge them- agility -if you get hit you fall down and take 5 damage.

13. Double Rope swing- you swing from ropes again, but this time you swing from one rope to another- agility- if you fail you miss the second rope and fly into the pool of mud below.

14. Through the Fire and The Flames- There is a dragon at the end of this obstacle and its shooting bolts of flame at you! Dodge the flames, make it to the end and the dragon will let you pass to the final obstacle- agility- if you fail you get blasted by a flame and take 8 damage

15. Raging Bull- There is a bull raging at you, and you must stop it to pass and run to the finish line! When you enter the bulls territory, it will chrage you. While this happens your character will position himself, then he grabs the bulls horns and if he doesnt fail, he will toss the bull to the ground- agility and strength- if you fail, the bull either slams into sending you flying back, or when you grab his horns he flips you out, both causing 9 damage.


Once you finish all these obstacles, keep running and run past the finish mark to win! If you havent finised the race and someone passes the finish, the race ends and you are teleported out. Remember the 50gp you payed to enter? If you win your prize is the money everyone payed and an Experience Scroll, which gives 5000 EXP to either Agility or Strength, whichever you choose.



-It would be good if you didn't wear or carry any items during a race, because it saves run energy.

-Boots of lightness would be also good becasue they increase your chances of the light Plank obstacle and the Vine and Zipline obstacle. it also makes your run energy last even longer.

-Increasing Hitpoints would be helpful, because if your not perfect in Agility or Strength, you'll take damage.

-Energy Potions, when you run out of Run energy in the race, drink this to restore it to 100%

You may only use ONE in a race, for it is cheap to have a full inventory.


Well thats It. Feel free to post any suggestions. I would greatly appreciate if you supported ^_^

(I also don't see how this is against the rules)




P.S $5 says Redmonke will be the first to post :P

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*Hawk takes $5


So pretty much an obstacle course? Why not race friends in the Brimhaven Agility Arena? Sorry, I do not support, seems useless in my opinion.

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This seems like a pretty good idea, my only suggestions is rewrds (sorry if its there and i didn't read it), 1st 2nd 3rd plc rewards (or maybe points). These wouldn't be very good, but one on ones would be better. However, to prevent cheating against just 1 easy guy, you can only face some1 on a one on one every 15 mins.

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Guest David Hua

I guess its OK idea but i don't really know what you GAIN fom it

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Not really needed, if you want to race challange your friends to a race in Brimhaven Agility Arena, first to 10 tickets wins 30k.


Or challange them at any high-levelled course, like first one around the ape atoll course without failing 10 times gets a whip (this was before unbalanced trading)


Not really needed, as you can see.

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Wait...what's the point of this? Is it for fun?



I'm really missing the fun part of this...


Sorry I didn't get that $5. :P

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Well, you could say the real reward is the Experience gained from the obstacles. Whats fun about this you ask? Well who wouldn't find jumping into a deep pit of water, swinging down ziplines and wrestling bulls to the ground fun?


Also to redmonke, don't worry about the $5, chances r in my next thread you'll be first :blink:

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Its ok I suppose, I always thought races would be open jungle races. Hack your way through scrubs, climb trees, shake trees to knock opponents off, add spikes to the harmless stream, it would focus more on hunting and construction than agility, it would play a part, but stategy would be more involved.

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I like the concept, but the 5k experience rewards are a bit much. I'd love to be able to just go there with a few friends and train 50k strength xp in a matter of minutes. :s


Maybe raise the entry fee to, say, 1k and get rid of the exp scrolls? That'd give a decent monetary reward to the entrants, and you'd still get xp from the obstacles.


Just a few thoughts :blink:


-- wilting

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:) Are you saying Redmonke posts in here more than I do?!


*Looks at post count*




I really like the idea of an agility minigame that incorporated other players as well. When I began to read this I was anticipating a "whoever has the highest level wins" suggestion, but this seems to be a creative idea.

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Guest Terror alpha

lol, I want to ride a basilisk :rofl:

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