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Ft V Tri

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After our fullout with Exer, alot of us were still war hungry so I went looking for another fullout. I first asked Triforce and they offered a match opts and i couldn't refuse. Rules were: Match opts, Melee, binds, and only 3 rangers allowed. No blasts or curses. Center Bounds. 45 minute prep.


The begining was a little bit shaky for us. We were going back and forth from winning, tieing, and losing. We had a member get k0d when he was to busy paying attention to binding making it 14 ft - 16 tri. But luckily we had a few good tanks regain us back valuable ground. We took out all their binders, rangers, and high levels in the begining and that cut their organization, our binds were amazing, and we won with 11 left.




FT: 18/24 people

Average: 118

(People in yellow are the ones that fought)



Tri: (pic only had 14) 18/18 people

Average: Around 118





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Grats. Disappointd with Triforce's recent performances, since their claim to fame is miniwarring. Hope to see you pick it up soon.

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You deserved it. I ranged and got sniped by a few of your members making it the last...I don't know how many wars when I've been piled with less than 4 food remaining. On the brightside, it makes it quite difficult to get KOed.


Congrats on the win, you had impressive binds.

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