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Sal's RuneScape Forum Rules

Last Updated: 27 February 2012

Dear Member,


First, we would like to welcome you to the forum. Since you're reading this, you must be wondering about the rules and what happens if you happen to break them. These rules are here to make the forum a better place for everyone. We're generally an easy-going forum, but you really need to follow these rules, and if you do, you'll be fine. But remember, the most important rule is to have fun! By following these rules, you'll help make these forums more enjoyable for everyone who uses them! smile.png



The Sal's RuneScape Forum Staff


1. [anchor = general]General Rules[/anchor]

2. [anchor = blogs]Blog Rules[/anchor]

3. [anchor = guidelines]Forum Guidelines[/anchor]

4. [anchor = warn]The Warning & Banning Systems[/anchor]

5. [anchor = sigs]Signature and Avatar Rules[/anchor]

6. [anchor = specific]Forum-Specific Rules[/anchor]

7. [anchor = revisions]Rule Revisions[/anchor]


[name = general]1. General Rules[/name]


The following rules are in effect throughout every part of the forum, except where otherwise noted. These rules are not meant to be "airtight". It is impossible to cover every possible scenario on this forum, but the rules outlined in this topic are a general guideline on how to behave. It is up to the discretion of the staff on how to handle individual cases, including cases which may not directly violate any of the following rules. If you follow the stated rules and use common sense, you will be fine.








Spamming is defined as any pointless messages posted on the forums and is strictly prohibited. This includes off topic posts and topics which serve no purpose, as well as using another member's topic to advertise your own needs or causes.

[name = flaming]Rudeness & Flaming1:[/name]

Any posts, topics, comments, or names that could be considered hurtful to a member of the community are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, making fun of someone, physical threats, provoking flaming ("flame baiting"), and discrimination of any kind, including discrimination based on anyone's religious or personal beliefs, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, language, or social condition.

[name = swearing]Swearing1:[/name]

Swearing or using any other type of inappropriate language is not allowed on this forum. Images containing swearing must be linked to or in a spoiler. In either case, there needs to be a warning about the content. The word filter is designed to catch most bad language, but that does not excuse overly profane language and you may be punished regardless of whether what you posted was censored or not.

[name = privateinfo]Sharing Personal Information[/name]

Making known the personal information of a member or members without their explicit permission, especially in an attempt to harass or defame them, is strictly prohibited. Personal information includes, but is not limited to, name, age, location, gender, and links to social media or other websites containing that member's information. Members are encouraged to use discretion when disclosing any of their personal information to other members of the forum.

[name = multiple]Multiple Accounts:[/name]

Each member is allowed to have only one forum account. Having multiple accounts will result in the original account being warned and the additional accounts being deleted. Any positive warns accumulated on the additional accounts will be transferred over to the original account. You can still be banned for multiple accounts if your warn level reaches eight, or if your offense was severe enough.

Note: Once a member has been banned from the board, he or she may not return using another account. Bans and suspensions are handed out for good reason, and attempting to evade a ban or suspension is strictly prohibited. Any member caught evading the temporary ban given with their seventh warn will have six months plus the age of their ban-evading account added to their suspension

[name = accuse]Accusations:[/name]

If you have evidence that a member of this community has been scamming or hacking, please send the evidence to a moderator who can deal with the issue appropriately. Please do not post on the forums, as this will only cause arguments. If the evidence is conclusive, we can take the appropriate action against the member.

[name = mislead]Misleading Content:[/name]

All titles must be clear and relevant to the subject of the topic. Misleading titles used only to grab attention are not allowed. On a similar note, all links must be properly labeled, and attempting to trick another user into clicking a link by giving it a misleading title is prohibited.

[name = link]Linking:[/name]

All links in a post must be related to the topic's content. External links to violent or otherwise borderline content must be accompanied by a warning stating that it may not be appropriate for all users. We reserve the right to decide if a link is appropriate or not, and may remove any link we feel breaks any of our rules.

[name = copyright]Copyrighted Content1:[/name]

Copyrighted content such as articles and images may only be posted if credit is given to the copyright owner. If the owner requests that the content is removed, their request must be granted. You may not post any copyrighted content such as software, validation keys, etc. You may not encourage other users to break copyright laws, and you may not request help in breaking these laws.

[name = content"]Inappropriate Content1:[/name]

Posting any type of material that is inappropriate for this forum is strictly prohibited and will result in warnings or, possibly, a ban. This includes vulgar and graphically obscene content, links to websites which intentionally try to scam, cheat, deceive, or infect another user's computer with malware, and any malicious websites.

[name = advr]Advertising[/name]1:

Advertising any kind of service is not allowed. This includes (but is not limited to): websites, forums, blogs, and chat channels (e.g. IRC, Teamspeak, and RuneScape Clan Chat). Personal messages advertising these services are not allowed. You may advertise these services in your own signature or blog, as long as the service does not break any of our rules, or any RuneScape rules. The exception to this is advertising money making and free membership systems and all kinds of referral systems. Advertising these is never allowed.

Note: The exception to this rule is in the Clans forums, where only links to the clan's website, forum, IRC, TeamSpeak and/or Clan Chat may be posted for recruitment and/or informational purposes.

[name = beg]Begging:[/name]

Asking for free items or money in the game is strictly not allowed, and such topics will be closed on sight.

Ranting About Our Rules:

While we welcome constructive criticism on how to improve our rules, any topics/posts which simply rant about the rules without making any constructive criticism, or rant about a staff member's actions, will be closed/deleted. This includes topics ranting about bans and suspensions, warnings, promotions, demotions, etc. If you want to criticize the rules, please include how they should change in order to make them better. If you have a problem with an individual moderator, please PM him or her directly. If you feel that the moderator in question did not give a satisfying answer, you can PM an administrator.

[name = impersonate]Impersonation1:[/name]

Impersonating others is not allowed. This includes the impersonation of Jagex staff, forum members, and staff members. Using the pip of another member group as your avatar is also considered impersonation.

[name = bug]Bug Abuse:[/name]

You will not abuse any bug of the forum software in order to gain any advantages for yourself, to gain access to protected areas (unless explicitly given permission to do so from the staff), or for any other reason.

[name = warnprivacy]Warn Logs:[/name]

Warn logs are to be kept private between their respective owners and the staff. Do not share the contents of your warn log with other members of the forum.

[name = rsrules]RuneScape Rules:[/name]

While we cannot punish for breaking RuneScape rules in-game, we will not tolerate discussions of rule-breaking on our forums. You may not encourage the breaking of any RuneScape rules, or ask for or give help with the breaking of RuneScape rules. The complete list of RuneScape Rules can be found in the
Official RuneScape Wiki

Note: We also enforce Jagex's confidentiality rule regarding messages from Jagex: "Messages sent to you by Jagex are strictly confidential and are intended only for the owner of the account to which they are sent. The contents of these messages must not be disclosed to any other person or copies taken."

1 - Displaying these actions a considerable number of times may suggest that you do not wish to cooperate with the rules of the forum and, subject to staff discretion, you may be banned before reaching your eighth warn (see the "warn" section of these rules).


[name = blogs]2. Blog Rules[/name]


While almost all forum rules apply in blogs, there are a few exceptions and additional rules that apply to this section of the boards. It is important to note that moderation of the blogs is up to the staff's discretion. While we are often more lenient in blogs, any activity that deemed inappropriate will be dealt with in a manner consistent with the forum rules.


[name = blogadvr]Advertising:[/name]






While advertising on the discussion board part of the forum is limited to signatures, it is allowed in blogs. You may link to other websites, forums, or blogs in your own blog—so as long as the link does not break any of our forum rules, or any of the RuneScape rules outlined by Jagex.

[name = bbl]Blog Block Lists:[/name]

You may create a clearly visible Content Block with the name "Blog Block List" and list the display names of any member(s) you wish to restrict from your blog. Every time you update the content block, you must record the change with a blog entry. The entry must be locked as soon as it is posted. Any member on the list who posts in your blog afterward will receive a verbal warn for the first offence, and a full warn for each additional offence.


You may not make comments or entries in your blog, negative or positive, about any member on your Blog Block List. You may also not talk about any user in any blog in which they are blocked. Doing so may result in warns and/or blog strikes. Attempts to subvert the system unblocking someone, talking about him and then blocking again will be considered as an abuse of this system and will be punished accordingly. Similarly, attempting to get a user warned by altering the date of the blog entry documenting your update of your Blog Block List will not be tolerated.


[name = guidelines]3. Forum Guidelines[/name]


The following are general guidelines for the forum. Unlike the General Rules above, you are less likely to receive a warn for a first infraction, although it is still possible.


[name = bmp]Bumping:[/name]

The act of "bumping" covers two actions:
Making a post with the intention of moving the topic to the very top of the topic list to gain attention, which is strictly prohibited, and
Posting in an "old" topic, defined as a topic which has not been posted in for more than 14 days. When posting in an "old" topic, we ask that you use your best judgment: posts will be allowed only if the topic still has relevance and potential for discussion.

Note: In the Marketplace, Clan board, Skill Logs, and Submissions board, you may use the "Bump Topic" link in the "Options" menu above the first post in the topic to bump your topic to the top of the list. Note that this does not allow the topic starter (or anyone else) to make a double post.

[name = correctforum]Posting in the Correct Forum:[/name]

Topics should always be posted in the appropriate forum. All forums have a short description of the forum's purpose, so please read those before posting. If you're not sure where a topic belongs, simply message an online staff member and they will help you decide where to post it.

[name = liketopics]Posting of Like-Topics:[/name]

Before posting, make sure that a similar topic has not already been posted recently. To do this, use the Search Feature to look for keywords to your topic (for example, if your post was about Gnomes, type the word "gnomes" into the search box to find similar topics).

[name = xpost]Cross Posting1:[/name]

Posting the same topic multiple times is called "cross posting", and will result in the topics being removed, and may be punished as spam.

[name = dbl]Double Posting:[/name]

Double posting is when you post twice in the same topic, one post directly after the other. For example:

Post 1 (Member A): "Hey guys, how do I get a dragon spear?"

Post 2 (Member B): "You can get them from KBDs!"

Post 3 (Member B): "Or from Blue Dragons!"

The line in red could have just been added into the first post. Instead of double posting, please use the "Edit" button to add the content on to your first post.

[name = dispname]Display Names:[/name]

Your name may only contain A-Z, a-z, 0-9, spaces, underscores ( _ ) and hyphens ( - ). Any name violating these rules may be changed by an administrator without notice. You are allowed to change your name twice in a 180 days' period.

[name = request]Requesting to be a DM or Staff Member:[/name]

Requesting to be Distinguished Member, Forum Mod, or Forum Admin is not welcome and severely inhibits your chances of a future promotion. We choose our staff members based on forum activity and behavior, and do not accept applications to choose additional staff unless we specifically request them.

[name = report]Reporting a Post:[/name]

If you see someone breaking the rules, please do not post to inform them of their infraction. Instead, simply use the "Report" button located under the offending post to report it. Moderators will see this report along with the information you provide, and will act on it as soon as possible. Abuse of the report system may be punished if reports have no legitimacy.

[name = sticky]Super-Glued Topics:[/name]

These topics are pinned at the top of a forum, and usually include very important information that you should - and in most cases, must - read before posting.

[name = postct]Minimum Post Count:[/name]

Certain forums requires you to have "x" number of posts before being allowed to post. These requirements are listed in the forum's description.


[name = warn]4. The Warning & Banning Systems[/name]


This forum uses a system known as a "Rating System" for dealing with both punishments and good deeds. To the left of your posts will be an indicator of your current rating level:


Everyone starts off with a 0 rating, which shows up as a note saying "0 warning points." in your profile. Your rating will improve as you become a helpful community member by answering questions, helping other members, and submitting content to the site. That's all there is to it! Breaking rules, however, will cause your rating to get worse.





This is the best possible rating you can have.

This is your current rating level. Negative is good, positive is bad.

If you reach this warn level, you will receive a one-month suspension in most cases.

If you reach this warn level, you will receive a nine-month temporary ban from the forums.

This is the maximum (and worst) warn level. If you reach this level, you will be permanently banned from the forums.

[name = warnnotes]Notes About the Rating System:[/name]

  • Warns are given out based on the severity of the offense, and it is up to the moderator to decide how many warns you will receive for a specific offense.
  • Any member may be warned for breaking the rules if the collective staff sees fit.
  • Moderators reserve the right to place a member on posting moderation, disable a member's posting ability, or suspend a member completely if they believe it is necessary.

[name = decr]Decreasing Your Warn Level:[/name]

Over time, your warn level can be decreased. If you make useful and helpful posts, the moderators will notice and will reward you by lowering your warn level. After at least a month (30 days), if you believe that you deserve a warn reduction, send a message to any staff member so that we can review your posts and make a decision to lower your warn level or not. You may not ask for a negative (below zero) warn level.

[name = warnappeal]Appealing a Warn:[/name]

If you feel that a warn given to you by a mod or administrator was unfair, you may appeal it to that same moderator and explain why you think it ought to be revoked (be careful not to flame in your appeal!). However, so that we can effectively review warns, we require that all warn appeals are sent to moderators within two weeks of the warn being dealt.

[name = autoban]Banning Without Reaching +8 Rating:[/name]

It is possible to be banned without reaching a +8 rating level. If a member makes several consecutive serious infractions such as flaming with no apparent intent to change their behavior, the staff may consider an early ban. Creating an account just to advertise, post to obscene or objectionable material, or posting malicious links are all offenses for which a member may be automatically banned.

[name = ban]Ban Appeals[/name]:

If you received a ban under the old +7 warning system (that is, you were banned before 8 December 2010), you may request a ban review nine months or later from the date on which you were banned. This option is open to all members banned under the old system except for members banned for extremely severe offenses, such as those highlighted under the “Banning Without Reaching +8 rating” header. The staff will review your case and make a group decision. If they decide to revoke your ban, you will return to the forums with a warning level of +7.

Note: the ban appeals forum was created just for this purpose, and it is the only forum in which banned members may post. For more information, please see the Ban Appeals Forum Rules.


[name = sigs]5. Signature and Avatar Rules[/name]


All signatures and avatars must comply with the following guidelines. Remember that all other rules still apply in signatures and avatars.


[name = sig]Signatures: [/name]

Signatures appear below each of your posts, and may contain any amount of text (including links), spacing and images as you like, as long as it fits within an area of 650x200 pixels, and a filesize of no greater than 150KB. Here is an example of the total size of a signature:




All oversized signatures will scroll, so it's okay to have 2-3 extra lines of text or a slightly wider/taller image (by 3-5 pixels). However, the total filesize of images may not exceed 150KB (153,600 bytes). Inserting many line breaks and a pointless message at the bottom of a signature will result in your signature being removed and a warning being dealt.

Hint: See the Sizing of Signatures and Avatars tutorial for information on finding the dimensions and size of your signature. Signatures can be edited from your user control panel, and do not need to be manually added to your posts.

[name = name]Avatars:[/name]

Avatars are small images which represent you on the forum. These images may not exceed 120x120 pixels in dimensions, and cannot be any larger than 25KB (25,600 bytes).


[name = specific]6. Forum-Specific Rules[/name]


Forum & Site Talk


Website &Forum Announcements

Website Content Submissions


Forum & Site Feedback

Forum & Website Help

The 'Scape Lounge

Everything RuneScape


RuneScape Updates

General RuneScape Discussion

RuneScape Events

RuneScape Questions

RuneScape Suggestions

RuneScape Media

RuneScape Marketplace

Clan Headquarters

Creativity Corner


The Graphics Place

The Library


The "Real" World


General Chat

Homework Helpline

Breaking News

Polls & Surveys

The Debate Room


Other Games

Technology: Discussion and Help


[name = revisions]7. Rule Revisions[/name]


10 June 2013:

Updated a picture.

27 February 2012:

Replaced signature image

15 February 2012:

Fixed some links and formatting errors

14 February 2012:

Fixed bugs introduced to layout due to upgrade to IPB 3

Made minor changes in spelling/wording

Added privacy rules

Made minor cosmetic changes

Updated list of forum-specific rules

Added links to RS Wiki, forum-specific rules

Replaced warning system image

Updated language of warning system to reflect new appearance



2 March 2011:

Added 'name' tags to some of the rules for linking purposes

13 February 2011:

Updated swearing in images rules

5 February 2011:

Updated signature size limits from 500px width to 650px width and from 60KB filesize to 150KB filesize

21 January 2011:

Added 'name' tags to some of the rules for linking purposes

19 December 2010:

Bump limit raised from 7 days to 14 days

8 December 2010:

8th Warn and Ban Appeals system added

4 November 2010:

Updates to banning/warn system and minor wording fixes

Summer 2009:

Massive revision.

16 June 2009:

Reworded the blog block list rule in order to make it more clear that blog block entries must be locked.

4 March 2009:

Minor coding fixes.

7th November 2008:

Addition to the bumping rule in the Skill Logs section.

24th July 2008:

Display name changing updated, now twice in 180 days.

16 July 2008:

Clarified bumping in Skill Logs following the addition of the bump option.

15 July 2008:

Added links to Minigame Discussion forum specific rules.

10 July 2008:

Added rule regarding abuse of the forum software.

16 April 2008:

Clarified the blog block rules including stating in an explicit way that talking about blocked people is never allowed, not even for other members.

18 March 2008:

Outlawed all free membership, moneymaking and referral advertising

25 January 2008:

Minor corrections to "Requesting to be a Staff Member."

Added how display names must be made.

Other minor corrections to links and spelling.

24 January 2008:

Epic Revision!

15 August 2007:

[Dani] Added RuneScape Clan Chat to the "No Advertising" rule according to this.

Clarified how misleading links are always disallowed.

5 July 2007:

Removed obsolete information about the possibility to have signatures and links for new members.

8 May 2007:

Updated RuneScape Discussion Rules so they correspond with the thread.

Clarified macro-'discussion' topics.

5 May 2007:

Added note about messages from Jagex.

26 March 2007:

Clarified one-word posts regarding ratings and the Scape Lounge.

24 March 2007:

Added a warning about how you can get banned for some rules even if your warn is not at seven. (i.e.: Flaming consecutively. Five times may technically merit five warns, but a consecutive fashion can merit a ban)

11 February 2007:

Added blog entries and blog comments to the "No inappropriate content is allowed in:" section.

27 January 2007:

Added some info about warn reviews and negative warns.

22 January 2007:

Added an image to explain stickies. [Dani] [Credit to Ambo100 for the image]

15 January 2007:

Split up the Forum Rules into different sections.

Added general rules for the Marketplace and the Screenshots sections.

Linked to forum-specific rules.

Deleted obsolete content left over from the board transition.

03 January 2007:

Updated Runescape rules 7 and 9.

04 October 2006:

Misspelling revision - no content touched.

28 August 2006:

Clarified rules about links.

17 June 2006:

Changed the "famous persons" rule to allow discussing major RuneScape events about them.



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