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Looking For A Good Clan

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hi my rsn is kingashley4 i am 102 f2p and p2p i have some good stats and i wish to find a clan good comuinty clan a warring clan i dont mind :aware:


i have been in to clan


the british legion rank assistant leader

excelsis event mod

mainly looking for a GMT but i am willing to look at clan that are not gmt


if u are intrested in me joning your clan plz post here and i will decide

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Chivalric Knights




Chivalric Knights

Join Today



chivalry~ the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, bravery, honor, valor, and dexterity in arms.


Knights~ A medieval gentleman-soldier, usually high-born, raised by a sovereign to privileged military status after training as a page and squire


Chivalric Knights~ Great up and coming clan ready to take strive in the clan world and have a great time.


Our Reqs


90+ Combat





Our Official Positions











High Council





Lord Remmah


Forum Mods











Events Staff






Some events we do



Clan Wars



Free to Play Pk Trips



Pay to Play Pk Trips



Members Bank Pk Trips



Clan Auctions



Fight Pits



Castle Wars



Skilling Events



Money Making events



King Black Dragon



…and many more…



Some Pictures:



Free To Play Pk Trips


[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15]


Pay to Play Pk Trips




Mage Bank Trips




King Black Dragon




Fight Pits


[1] [2]



Skilling Events/Fun Events


[1] [2]

[3] [4] [5]



Clan Videos


Chivalric Knights F2P PK, 10-6-07, Vidded by Saskio



Chivalric Knights Fire Fest, 11-3-07, Vidded by Saskio



Chivalric Knights F2P Pk, 11-18-07, Vidded by Saskio



Chivalric Knights F2P Mage PK, 11-19-07, Vidded by Saskio



Chivalric Knights F2P Pk, 11-24-07, Vidded by Saskio



Chivalric Knights Chicken PK, 11-30-07, Vidded by Zafia14



More Pictures will be added as we get them.



Please give me advice on what else to put. All help is greatly appreciated.

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"So why should I choose this clan?", I hear you ask king. Well, our members are

very friendly and fun to be around with, this makes our fantasic community. Our community is awesome and well known for the family-like atmosphere. We respect each of our members as we see the person, not the number. Our interaction is based on IRC, Teamspeak and our boards, and of course on our ingame activity. You are looking for a pking clan, well Mod concentrates on f2p pking more than p2p. We just started going into p2p more by getting a newly appointed p2p general and so we are having more p2p pks. But our fun events are also here, and believe me our fun events are Fun with a capital F. These fun events include skilling events like fishing comps and runecrafting runs, but also of course things like castle wars, fight pits and all the other minigames.



Why not check us out heres some info where you can find out more:


Recruitment Post


So thats about it, king. I hope Mod has caught your attention.

May i add that your free to contact me, either here or on game my rs names ravindave. If im neither here or on game then feel free to contact any of the referals found the recruitment topic or even check out our irc at #clanmod. And get talking to our great members. Hope to hear from you soon, as i believe you shopuld consider mod as it offers all what your after.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do, and whichever clan you decide to go to. (got ma fingers crossed for mod m8). Hope to cya soon and thank you for reading!




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Heyla you should totally join Relentless :aware:


I've been in this clan for 2 years now, and I say that it is GREAT for making friends - we got a real tight community :/


We also are a warring clan :)


At the moment we took a short break 'cause of school (only 1-2 weeks) but you might remember us form Sal's tourney :/


We are based in North America, eastern time zone, but there are lots of people from other timezones :/


If you have any questions or just want to chat, you can add me in rs "Preistess875," or the High council member in charge of applications "Hihosilver7", visit our site http://ppk.ipbfree.com/, or join our public IRC chat #Relentless


Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=ppk_reborn



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Everything to do with the clan is maintained on our Forums

Therefor, you must be active there, or else you will be removed from the Clan


RuneScape Forums: http://ryanslair.com/ShadowLegion/RS/Forums/


Guild Wars Forums: http://ryanslair.com/ShadowLegion/GW/Forums/


Ultima Online Forums: http://ryanslair.com/ShadowLegion/UO/Forums/


RuneHead: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=TSLC





Just a note before you read the rest. We are a fun clan. We do Clan Wars, Bounty Hunters when our Events Team (Or Leaders) Create an event. We're not a pures clan. Theres people ranging from level 40 up to level 80+. Not all members are active but our forums are. We've had over 3,000 posts this month (Pretty much 100 per Day). We have members in timezones ranging from -5 to +9:30 (+10:30 now because of Daylight Savings). It is only I and the other clan owner who are in +10:30. The rest are in GMT minus times.



-=|| Clan Pics ||=-





PS: We've finally hit our 110th Member mark :aware:

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If your 102 ftp then you can intro into rune raiders =D


click the link below if you want to see our topic. And you are free to add me on msn at [email protected] if you need anything


Edite: decided to post the topic =d



|Website|Forums|Members List|


Click here for Rune Raider's jan video




1. The Leadership

2. About us

3. How to join

4. Pictures

5. Video Gallery(second post)


The Leadership


-Leader- -Sic Mick ([email protected])


-Head Walord- -J40k ([email protected])


-Warlord- -Four02 ([email protected])

-Puremag C ([email protected])



.::About Us::.


Who we are

Rune Raiders has been around for almost 5 YEARS NOW! We are community based with the desire to win our fights, as a family. If you want to be part of an organized family please come join us in our epic adventure to be the best overall clan.


What can we offer you?

Rune Raiders will offer you the comfort of a new family. The clan will give you the opportunity to meet new people in a stable environment meant to meet people you can relate to. Rune Raiders will also give you a variety of events to please the eastern and GMT timezone.



Rune Raiders has a focus of Free 2 Play Pking. However, we have a variety of events such at Pay 2 Play mini wars and mage bank events, as well as a few fun events such as Fight pits, Castle wars, Iron wars, Mage/Range Pk's, and God Wars.


What's Different?

You may be asking, what's different between RR and other clans. Well, for one we are a LAID BACK CLAN. Rune Raiders do not take things seriously but we can put our game faces on in serious matters. Times when we need to be serious, we will be. But we never forget that this is a game and things must not be taken too seriously.



How To Join



Characteristics to join

-Respect towards fellow members and leaders

-Positive attitude


-Willing to have fun

-Willing to do whatever it takes to help your clan



Steps to Join

1. Click this Link

2. Register and Login

3. Go to Introductions [OPEN]

4. Read all the pinned topics

5. Make a new topic using the Application from 'Guidelines to a Formal Introduction'

6. Contact your assigned Mentor for event information

7. Go through each phase in joining, Aspiring Applicant, Applicant and Trial Member then be put through voting - will all be explained in the pinned topics.












Well thats all that needs to be told here. If you have any other question about the clan drop me a pm or add me on msn. Good luck and hope to see you all soon :aware:




.::Most Recent Video::.





  • Rune Raiders Vs Exer
  • FTP Pkri, My first pk trip with rune raiders EVER
  • Video:

  • Rune Raiders vs RDK
  • P2P Pkri, Offical p2p pk trip for both clans.
  • Video Link:

  • Rune Raiders+Df vs The World
  • F2p Pkri, Df came to help because it was 6 clans vs rr.
  • Video:

  • Rune Raiders Vs TT+Col
  • P2P Pkri
  • Video:

  • Rune Raiders Vs TCO
  • P2P Pkri
  • Video:

  • Rune Raiders Vs Fom
  • Offical Full out FTP Range war
  • Video:

  • "X" vs DS
  • Offical War vs Ds, Still lost :Video By Jrm:
  • Video:

  • Pictures of Four02 with rune raiders
  • Pictures of kills and other things in rune raiders that i had saved on my photobucket
  • Video: http://media.putfile.com/Four02


I am Still looking for the videos of RR vs WG full out p2p war. I had this video back when i was the one who vid it. But it was saved onto megaupload and the link doesnt work anymore. WG's version sucks cabbage.


I am also looking for the video of Rr vs DE, Was a hawt war, both clans pulled 300 opts


And the video of Rune Raiders vs LB, Offical war. The older version tbh. Where lb had maxed opts. =D


Thanks for watching any of the videos you looked at. Comment them on this post if you like

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