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I've just learnt about radians butIm missing my lesson tomorrow and I dont really understand them....


What are they? 180/pi is a radian, but why use them instead of degrees or bearings?


And how do you convert between radiand and degrees and back again?

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Radians are much easier just because of the concersions, and many problems in radians are easy to solve, unlike the degrees where they end up in decimals and the nearest decimal's place.

Sorry if the keyboard doesn't allow for proper mathematical equation format.

If you really want, I can write it out and scan it.


To convert between the two...


Radians to degrees...

x rads X 180 degrees/pi = x degrees


Degrees to radians...

x degrees X pi/180 degrees = x radians

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Specifically, radians are useful for when doing trigonometric problems - for example, the sine function of an angle can be more accurately described when using radians than when using degrees because the radian format is a fraction while the degree format is a decimal.


Radians are also used when graphing sine (and cosine etc) functions on a graphic calculator. If degrees are used, the graph does not show the distinguishing sine wave shape which looks like 20070608105429_graph_animation_12.jpg


In addition, radians are used when graphing equations on a polar graph (as opposed to our normal rectangular graphs)




There is a lot more information avaliable if you need it, but this is a supplement to the basic explanation.

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