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Battle Of The R's

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Relentless vs Rebellion



Since many people were saying "Where's Relentless?" We've been out relaxing out in the sun :aware: *cough* Slump *cough* We've been trying our best to get out of it and it seems like we're improving by the day. I was kind of disappointed in the amount of people we pulled, but meh people were busy. Well back on the topic, I organized a Full Out war against Rebellion. We both had almost identical memberlists so it was the perfect match. They accepted the 2 Week Prep which was about to commence.








Everyone in both clans were anticipating a close match from both clans which happened. We met up at world 63 for the fight. As the match was about to begin Relentless got ready and had rushed in. Rebellion piled me first and Relentless piled Mark(Numbers) :). We were sniping down people from Rebellion the whole fight as Rebellion went after all of our fall in leaders. Thank you for the Fight Rebellion and Nice Job Relentless, Keep it up :P





-Close Apps 5 Days Before War

-No Range/No Curse/No Blasts

-Binds/Melee Only

-Relentless Attacks - Rebellion Defends

-Center Bounds



Relentless Starting: 29 People [2 Dc'ed]



Rebellion Starting: 25 People




Relentless Ending: 21 People


Rebellion Ending: 0











Final Thing: Happy Birthday Acher ######################

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Gf rebellion :aware:. i got k0ed with robes by 1 person :)...Was fun.


That was me lol.


Ya we're trying to get out of our slump as well. We havent had a true Full Out in a loooong time.

Gratz on the win tho, maybe we'll meet up again in the future.

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Goodjob to both clans, nice to see some action from both of you.. Hope you both get out of your slumps :aware:


Gratz to Relentless on the win.

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