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Full Metal Elf

122/115 Looking For Clan.

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Rs name: King Kkhan



Clan History:


Trl, Bsk, Aftershock, and Rage.


90 att 99 str, 87 def at the moment.


Training def currently of coarse :aware:


Im east coast but can attend most Gmt Wars. Attend all wars on weekends.


71 Agility also, Im a pretty good sniper if I must say.


Looking for a long lasting clan, friendly, and must love to war :)


Please leave your Irc chat channel and a link to you site on Sals and or offsite.


Thank you, here is some of my snipes and other warring related items:















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Hey, Eclipse would love to have you.


Extremly Active | 100+ Reqs | Great Community | Easter Based | 50+ Members | 106+Cmb Average


Here are some of our most recent events.



Full Out vs Forsaken


Full Out vs Faith


Full Out vs Hades


Full Out vs TEH




Clan Forums



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  • Hey there Punisher :aware: We here at DB would like to invite you to our awesome community. We are based on the strength of friendship and family. We are a fun, fantastic clan with a great sense of fun, uniqueness and creativity. We offer a wide variety of events such as;
    • F2P and P2P PKing ( Top 10 most active P2P PKing + #1 Sals P2P Clan )
    • Bounty Hunter
    • Clan Wars
    • KQ trips
    • KBD trips
    • God Wars
    • Skill training trips
    • Parties
    • Drop parties
    • Pure PK Trips
    • Mage Bank Pking
    • Snowball fights
    • Castle Wars
    • Fun wars
    • Fight Pits
    • Magic bow wars
    • And Much more!

We have more PK trips than fun events though, because there is nothing better than a good ol night of pking. We offer a friendly, active and fun environment with awesome IPB forums and a great, feature filled and a fabulous website. DB's Leadership is quite friendly and experienced. We have events around the clock that cater to members around the world.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you join our community soon! :)


Some Info;


Website: http://www.db-rs.com

Forums: http://www.db-rs.com/forum

Memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=tbwher0


IRC Room: #d-b on the SwiftIRC Server.



-85 Combat to make an Introduction and be an IG.

-95 Combat to apply for Member.


Some Pictures of DB in action!





Those are just a small portion of the pictures we have.

Thanks again for reading, I hope to see you join Dangerous Business. =]



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Guest Elizee56


Welcome to Walking Destiny’s Official Recruitment Topic

Memberlist | Forums

SwiftIRC Channel: #Walking_Destiny





FA: 103+, 1 Rune Set, 500 Swordies/Pizzas, Teamspeak, IRC and an Intro on our forums.

Full Member: 105+, 1 Rune Set, 500 Swordies/Pizzas, Teamspeak, IRC and 1-2 weeks as an FA.


Currently however we will be allowing 105+ to 'skip' the one-two week FA process for the first few of weeks and apply for Full Member but an Introduction is still Mandatory for everyone before your Full Member Application. However, this is only Temporary so get your application in asap!


Recent WarVictory


Walking Destiny is primarily a F2P Clan Wars Clan. As we wait for the return of Multiway Pking we war 2-5 times per week as well as have other events to supplement the days where we don’t have fights. Our regular events include:


F2P Warring

P2P Warring

God Wars

Fight Pits


We also participate in many other events but these events are the most common and popular inside the clan.


Our impressive OFFICIAL Mini-War record currently stands at:


Wins: 22

Draws: 0

Defeats: 3


WD vs. Knights of Darkness 16 v 16



WD vs. Latin Pride 14 v 14



WD In Action


Thanks for reading, hope to see you joining soon ^.^

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Phoenix Elites is a Strong, Active, 95+ combat f2p waring based clan and would like nothing more than you to join, read through the information about us and decide if you want to become a part of Phoenix Elites



95+ Combat

90+ For future applicants

1 Refferal (post the link to this on application form)



Forums: http://z6.invisionfree.com/Phoenix_Elites

Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=soapy












Leaders/Ranked Members:





High Council








Dj Dragster2







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Hello there KKhan, If Your looking for a Up and coming clan that will be important in the future please consider joining Velocity, we would love to have you in our clan.








IRC Chat: #VClan -

Velocity Forums - Memberlist



Good luck Finding a Clan, Hope to See you in Velocity!


Me in the 2am Unit too :aware:

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Thank you Velocity, but Strikee and Jackal are great friends, I dont think it would sit well if I joined Velocity.


Anyways, this can be closed now, ive choosen a great clan: Hades.

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you listed triforce but i dont remember king khan in triforce. there was a nosta khan..


if interested...




always looking for snipers but only those that are willing to work in sniper teams



Sorry mate you didnt read it correctly I listed Trl.


That would be The Rune Legends led by Upcast and V sorrow V and myself, was in it for a year untill the new update to kill pking and Upcast quit Rs for good, then I moved on to new pastures.


No worries though, Tri looks alot like Trl :aware:

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Good Luck In Hades


Hope to see you at our War On Saturday


The Creed Vs Hades


Sals Rank Full Out



Thank you and good luck, you wont see me in war on saturday, Hades is mostly Gmt I was told being Eastern time zone would be ok but there was no way for me to attend 8 events in 14 days. I get home late and have baseball games two nights a week mostly so Its not that Im not active because I am, there was just no one online hardly when I logged in to do events.


Im not bashing Hades in any way, there a great clan and well run. The short time I was there we beat Triforce in a matched ops and we had to drop 9 :aware:


Its just that my work schedule plus time zone didnt work out with Hades, But I wish the best of luck to them, and I have nothing but respect for them and Rage.


I will remain Clanless for a while untill I find the perfect clan, Im ready to pull another year and a half term like I did while I was a member of The Rune Legends. Clan hoping is for the loss.


No reason to close this thread mods Ill keep it up for a while, Thanks guys.

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I don't want to bore you with a long topic so here are the basics:


Clan I represent: Rampant


IRC: #rampant

Look at my sig for forums and memberlist. I hope you check us out. Good luck finding a new clan.


Link to our recruitment topic: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=214609

Edited by Claw Of Kane

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Hello there!, Runescape Dinasty would be happy for you to join.

  • We are very active in both F2p and p2p.
  • We usually have at least 2 big F2p fights a week, and a couple smaller ones.
  • We have an amazing community where our members are very friendly and will always give assistance to another.
  • We are one of the oldest and most dominating clans in the History of Runescape.
  • We have a great combat average on both F2p and P2p.


Any other information you want, can be found at www.legendofrsd.com

Memberlist is here: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=RSDinasty

And here is our amazing youtube, here you can find alot of video's of our fights at Clan wars and the older wilderness :aware:http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=RunescapeDinasty

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