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Guest Pink Boot Bandit

|119 F2p Cb|looking For Waring Clan|experienced

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Guest Pink Boot Bandit

L obe :), havnt seen you on these forums for ages :aware:, good to see you. hope to see you claning :P

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Sv is for you XD


Smallish but great community, steady activity and wars.



#svclan <3


*links in sig*

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Kody! Mi hombre? How are you?

My clan, Impulsia, would love to see an experienced war veteran such as yourself join! :aware: So if you are willing, please take the time to join Impulsia! We are an up-and-coming warring clan. The clan already has two war offers and we will be looking for more in the future!




Quick Overview:

Requirements - 75+ Combat or 65+ FA

Forums - Impulsia Clan Forums

Type of Clan - Warring Clan.



Impulsia is a fairly new clan that is led by a prestigous leader that has had a decent experience with many clans before. - Clans that were skilling, warring, or all-rounder. This clan, however, will be based around warring although we have many other events that are just plain fun or are for skilling.


The requirements for Impulsia are 75+ Combat. If you do not meet those requireements, you can always join our Future Applicant program for those that have 65+ Combat. In our Future Applicant program, you may attend official/unofficial clan events. - The only exception would be pking events. (Any type of war, Clan Wars, Bounty Hunter, etc.)


The reason for the creation of this clan was to provide a simple yet refined clan atmosphere, that shall always be friendly to all clanmates alike. We do not hold back on anyone, nor do we treat anyone with injustice. Impulsia is set to balance out the values of family, friendship, and character. These values are what make the clan perfect for anyone.


To make sure that the community is refined, Impulsia has a group of people that are in charge of certain duties of the clan. The rest of the clan members, however, are just plain members who do their best to show a responsible character so that they can later be promoted up the Impulsia ladder of ranks. The ranks are as follows;


Leader: In charge of the clan. Manage the forums. The head honcho.

- Say Topdog

- Laserdude333


Council: These are pretty much advisors for leaders. They too make important decisions for the clan, and their opinions are always looked upon.

- Peter 144

- 1995 Dan


Impulsive Ops: These are democratically elected members of the clan that truly show good character and do their best to improve the clan. They are pretty much our warlords, ambassadors, and forum moderators.

- Joe P 123

- E 9 Boi



This is a fairly simple application process in which the staff expects everyone to follow. If you do not follow this process, your application will be DECLINED.


Register an account -> Log in on that account -> Post an application in the application forums (Be sure to use the proper application form) -> Wait up to 48 hours for acceptance.


Forums: Impulsia Clan Forums

RuneHead Memberlist: Memberlist

Clan Cape: Wilderness Team Cape 23

Home World: 85

Clan Chat: Impulsia

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kody i really think split vision is the right clan for you. I no were not the best clan out there but we have a great community everyone gets along. If you do join split vision you will not regret it mate give us a try please. Come visit our irc #svclan and get a taste of what sv is like.

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Always awesome to see you too Kody :aware:


Yeah...I just joined a clan and trying to get it going in the right direction..


Hope you find your right fit :)

Keep in touch Kody :P

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Guest Pink Boot Bandit

good luck with your clan as well obi :aware: <3 any clan would be happy to have you, also yeh guys i will be looking for a clan for the next day.

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Hello there!, Runescape Dinasty would be happy for you to join.

  • We are very active in both F2p and p2p.
  • We usually have at least 2 big F2p fights a week, and a couple smaller ones.
  • We have an amazing community where our members are very friendly and will always give assistance to another.
  • We are one of the oldest and most dominating clans in the History of Runescape.
  • We have a great combat average on both F2p and P2p.


Any other information you want, can be found at www.legendofrsd.com

Memberlist is here: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=RSDinasty

And here is our amazing youtube, here you can find alot of video's of our fights at Clan wars and the older wilderness :aware:http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=RunescapeDinasty

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Hey!!! How about Velocity eh? New clan but we are elites!

Led by Strikecobra1 best warlord ever < :aware:

My sig has a link to our forums. And here is the Memberlist.

Edited by yteezy23

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Guest Pink Boot Bandit

both very tempting, RD looks like a very stable and fun clan and V, looks like alot of fun with some realy good people.

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Hai again Kody,


Guess I wanted to add something to Ryan's post. I know he talked about FT's community a lot, and I don't think people realize how close knit this clan is unless they experience it themselves. Through my personal experience, I can tell you this is more than true. I was leading TR last year, but had to leave because I began College. It was my RS home you can say...I loved the people, the community was fantastic, but it was a choice I made. I never thought that I would enjoy or be attached to another clan again. In that time, TR members joined FT. I had dealt with College material, and was able to sacrifice some time for RS. I thought about it, and decided to give FT a try. It changed my whole outlook on clans...I made friends easily, the people are very welcoming. And if you have IRC/vent, then you will constantly be smiling and laughing...



You have to realize, I've never left a clan that hasnt closed before. I'm not the type of person who clan hops, so if you are truly looking for a place where you will be welcomed as more than just an opt count, but still have a great impact and experience in wars...FT would be a great choice.


Goodluck making a decision :aware:

Edited by Destiny

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Hi Kody, we meet again in this situation eh? :)

Anyways I just wanted to reconmend you to join The Creed. :xd:

As you may know, we are highly active in warring, having atleast one war a day, sometimes 2, lol yesterday we had 4 :s

But yea Ill personally tell you a little about our history :xd:


The Creed History

Well around the time of late summer 07, I was leading a clan by the name of The Ancient Owners, while samer was leading a clan by the name of Atrocity. We both were in a small competition with eachother, since we were both created around the same time and had the same reqs ;) Well anyways both clans did verywell, wihle we both were the only leaders of the clan. Tao eventually had to clos,e due to me loosing my account, and atrocity had to close do to samer going over seas. Me and him both took a long break from runescape, just recently coming back about 2 months ago. We joined seperate clans, him joining 3x and I joining Eclipse. When we finnaly got in contact with eachother, we talked aot about how we were going to start back up our clans, considering they both closed for sad reasons. Then we thought, hey, why not do it together? Because if one of us have to go over seas, or take a break from rs, then the other will be there to cover. We both thought it was a great idea, knowing we both had great leading potential. We also got in contact with yellowhawk6, a great friend of both of ours who also has great leading experience, leading a clan by the name of Order of Element [Ooe]. So we started the clan as me and samer being leaders, and yellowhawk being co leader. With out already leading experienced leading abilities, the clan grew very fast, having over 40 members in one month. We warred like maniacs, attempting to gain some type of respect and well being in the clan community. Be have been open 5 short weeks, and have already had won over 30 wars, and have had about 15 non warring clan events :P


So yea man I thikn you would make a great addition to The TC legeacy :xd:

We got big plans as far as stepping up, and have plans have soon reaching RAW, aswell as the Sals list :aware:

Just come check us out on our forums, or our irc and ask any questions and a clan member will be sure too help :xd:


[email protected]






Goodluc finding a clan you can stick with :)

Edited by Wahn

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Hey kody i think i remember u from when u were in wolfpack, and i was awaken, we mini'd eachother a lot..ur name sounds really familiar, and i've been clanning for a little more than 6 years also..


Anyways man look into joining the creed and join our irc, we war a lot and we have an awesome community..looking foward to seeing u join man, goodluck with whatever u choose..

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omg kody <3 hi bud how's it going? Heard insomnia closed but i was hoping you'd stop by and give mod a try. Great clan, 84 members, 117+ f2p average, active at full outs (we pull a lot of opts), very very friendly community, lot's a good new friends made. Anyways if you want to look around and such, drop by #clanmod or give me a buzz on msn ([email protected])

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Guest Pink Boot Bandit

again,all very tempting...im going to be waiting to about 5 or 6pm est tonight before i make my final decision. so you know, frosty may not be following me...she may take a break from the clan world for a little while...she is getting a job atm, and so am i...i want to put forth the best effort to stay active tho. she wants to take a break, cuz she was pretty sad when INS closed. i dont blame her, i hope not to disapoint any of you with my decision. you all have very very tempting offers and its going to be a hard choice. wish me luck.

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Hey Kody, not sure if you have made your choice yet or not, only just found this post now. If you are interested in MoD I'd love to talk with you in #runelegion or in pm in about 12 hours as soon as i wake up, which i think would be better than a great big post. :aware:

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hello you two, well you may have heard of the Blacknights


we are THE oldest pure runescape clan out there and still going strong and there is only one way any clan can survive 7+ years, and that is our combination of warring and our great atmosphere, we have seen countless powerhouse clans rise to power and fall from power, and within this time BK has remained steady and ploughd on, our so called family unit keeping us together as one, uniting us against our enemies and bringing us together so that any slumps we encur are seen as a family crisis and we stick to it through thick and thin and it brings us closer together


as you told me a bit of your history (clan wise) ill share with you BK's history






The History of the BlacKnights



As recorded by the founder, OsiriS BK




The BlacKnights clan was established in January 2001. It was

founded by OsiriS BK and BladE BK. We were just a couple of

newbies playing around with the idea of a clan. Our first recruit

was Loial BK. His name says it all. We later recruited ndog BK,

God BK, and explictor BK. This is the original clan. We then decided

to join a new alliance, called ANKA [A New Kind of Army], which

was founded by the Red Cloak Clan [RCC]. ANKA didn't do much until

OsiriS convinced them to go against the Sabres. We were rapidly growing

and needed a new site. That's when PisOnPikachu came along. Shortly after

PisOnPikachu joined the clan, Jbwhitnall joined as well. Not long after,

BladE BK resigned and quit RuneScape. We then wanted the biggest

clan in RuneScape. That's when the BK-Rebellion merger came along.

It didn't last. After the war with the Sabres, ANKA was

starting to fall. That's when I created The Syndicate Alliance. While I

was spying on the Sabres, I found out that they weren't bad at all. It was

fake Sabres that gave them their bad reputation. The Sabres then joined

The Syndicate Alliance. The Syndicate included the BK, RCC, Gladz, Sabres,

and THE clan. At that time, I was running the best clan and largest

alliance in RuneScape. I didn't have much time to even play the game!

A few months later...



if you wana read the complete hdtory it can be found here






i would copy the whole history but it goes over 2 pages of a thread, (like 20 posts i think lol) as every other month the history is updated with all our accomplishments along with rank changes and memorable moments for its members






BK has always been a formidable warring clan from the summer of 2004 where we beat GLADZ in a full out miniwar to take rank 2 on rsw, where there was around 300 people from either side to beating DS in their reunion fight last month


BK has a core of loyal members that have stuck through BK through thick and thin and will continue to do so until rs dies



as a member of BK, you will be granted the rights to join this family, and if you interact with us as we will interat with you, you will gain a tremdenous amount of friends who will always help you whenever help is needed, whether that be in game help or just a shoulder to cry on, or a rivalry to sort out




BK shys from noone but befriends all, BK is a peace loving clan, and you will hardly ever see us flame, unless we feel we are wronged then the family spirit kicks in, and the 'eye for an eye' saying comes into action, you mess with one of us you mess with us all





now im not gona go on even more as im sure you will by know where you want to go

but what BK can offer you that no other clan can, is our top notch warring ability, along with one of if not the greatest family community spirit of any clan out there

and most of all stability, BK is like a rock through thick and thin, good times and bad, we will always be there supporting our members



BK PRIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!





so if you do wana join us, our site is



our memberlist is



our irc is





i look forward to potentially hearing from you soon

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As someone has already said, you took the time out to write this introduction so I won't patronize you with an automated recruitment topic or a 2 sentence reply.


We are a new clan who have been open for only a few days but already hold a strong member base. 117 F2P Combat Average and 42 members, spreading across all timezones however our events are mainly EST based. Reading your past history, you have been intrigued by smaller clans which is why I think we are what you are looking for.


Our community is mature and welcoming and I think you and your friends will enjoy being apart of the clan. Our clan respects our reputation and prides ourself on our rules and standards. Our leadership is experienced, active and unbiased. You can expect weekly official wars and other midweek mini's as well as regular competitions with large cash prizes (Training competition soon to be released worth 36.2m total & member of the month worth an easter egg). We strive to be one of the best warring clans around whilst holding a balance between fun and our community.


Contributing is always welcomed and encouraged. The clan isn't only run by the officials but the members too. If you have a suggestion or complaint, you should never be afraid to talk to one of our officials as it is our duty to listen and take your opinion into consideration. A clan is built around it's members and one of our goals is to keep them as happy with the clan as possible.


If you are interested in joining, we ask only for a few things. Maturity, loyalty and activity. We aren't a clan that allows you to flame others or tarnish our reputation in any way. We have high standards and hold our reputation in high regard. Loyalty is expected of you and everyone. If you chose to apply to Exodus you should remain within the clan through the good times and the hard times. If conflict arises you take it up with an official who will sort it out, instead of over-reacting and leaving. Activity is the basis of a great clan. Without active members a clan cannot go anywhere. All we ask is that you post on forums regularly, stay in IRC during your time on Runescape and sign up and do your best to attend ALL official wars and events.


If you're looking for a unique, up and coming clan with a mature and friendly community we are surely one to consider.

IRC : #Rsexodus

Forums : http://exodus.tecronjo.com/forums/index.php

Memberlist : http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=Exodus


I hope you will consider or at least browse our forums and pop into our IRC. I wish you the best of luck finding a new clan if you don't wish to call Exodus home, thank-you for reading.

Edited by Dark Invoker

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