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Guest Pink Boot Bandit

|119 F2p Cb|looking For Waring Clan|experienced

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Guest Pink Boot Bandit




Hello, my name is Kody. some know me better as the pink boot bandit. i have been claning and playing rs for almost 6+ years now. i have alot of experience in game and on the battle field. at the moment i am clanless after my last clan closed. I want to continue my clan career while i can, i hate to throw in the towel. i live with my girl friend candice in real life. she clans beside me in game under the screen name (Frosty_lady). we are have never been in separate clans since we met, so where i go, she goes, where she goes, i go. kind of a package deal. she also has alot of experience. we have several friends who like to stick together. they may come along with us if and when we decide to join a clan. this topic will be up for about 3 days. i have got about 30+ messages from leaders, members and staff of clans who are trying to recruit my self or frosty. i find it easier to do it this way, their are several clans i would love to be in. it also gets very tireing looking and being recruited. so state your case and why you think i should join your clan here. in about 3 or less days i will be pick the clan i think would best suit me.



My statistics






My History



-My Clan History-


Well I have a very extensive clan history, which expands over 4 different accounts. So I will spare my self the trouble of writing it all and start in the summer of 2005.


I recently started over on Kody m ade as my 4th and final account. It was given to my by my real life friend when he tried to convince me to come back to runescape. My account be kody was banned and I did not want to start from scratch so he gave me his lvl 42 iron pure “Kody M Ade” it was a good start and I began training so I could join a new clan.



-Wake The Fury-


This was a clan led by X icytouch X. Some may know him as ex-leader of Genesis knights. I came across it on some fan sites and decided to check it out. The community was tight knit and close. I decided to join and fit right in, like most clans I worked my hardest to be recognized and was soon going to make high council as Icy stated. Although icy became sick and decided to close the clan for a while; at the time I knew his brother and Danny. I was referred to Wolfpack by icy and his brother who led WP. I decided to join.





I joined this clan following a few others and taking icy advice and trusting him as a friend when he said his brother would keep us together. I thought the clan would be a bit similar to WTF considering it was Icy’s brother. I was mistaken but decided to stay for a few months but came to my senses and decided to leave. It was simply not the community was looking for. After that I took a small break.



-Genesis Knights-


After icy got better and decided to come back to the clan world. Word drifted to me that he was opening a new clan. I jumped on the chance of joining and was the 3rd member of GK. The community was the same and some new members came along also. I quickly claimed High council and worked up from there. Being the highest ranked poster on forums I was respected by the community. I moved to co leader later on along side thorepy15. It was short lived as a good friend of mine in real life was murdered and I could not focus my time on the clan. I decided it would be best to step down and take some time off. At the time my IRC would not work on my PC. I lost touch with the community and when I returned GK turned into a powerhouse and raw hungry clan. Icy was diluted with power while his community fell apart. Noticing how the Co-leader (Thorepy15) abused his powers my self and a good friend confronted icy about it. He took it the wrong way and instead of talking it out with us he kicked All 3 of us out of GK. Flame wars erupted and small portions of the clan began to leave.



-Crystal Generation-


I decided to create a clan in my own image along side Frosty lady. This was her first clan and I trained her from there. We started the clan off with about 10 members and grew stronger. Mainly being a pking clan we had a lot of fun and had a active and close knit community. We mainly kept to the shadows and did not post our wins on fan forums. We reached at our peak about 65 members in total. Near the end my self and frosty both neglected the clan due to not having enough time for it anymore. We closed CG with 50 active members and 105 Combat averages. I took another small break after this.






I decided to join a stronger clan and headed off to the raw list. In my career I usually prefer to stick to the smaller clans with a strong community. This time I wanted a little taste of power. I quickly joined and went from trial member to full member. I had a lot of fun along the way and went through the trials along side Bravo Gtr. Although I found my self between a rock and a hard place when my IRC and Forums account were hacked by a ex GK member. He spammed the forums and IRC with racial slurs, I was kicked for this although after I talked to the leaders they let me back in. I enjoyed my stay a little longer but the clan it self closed a day before I planned on my departure. After that I decided to make some fun out of my search for a new clan, I put up a Post on sals for clans to try and recruit me.



-Demonic Guardians-



I joined this clan the day after Apoc died. My post was up for a while and out of all the clans who tried their best to recruit my self, Demonic Empire had put the most effort in. XshinobizX led this clan. I soon became at home and had a great time getting to know everyone. The community was close and I soon became one of the best posters on forums. Attending almost all the wars and events I was up for warlord. I then heard word from a DG member of a upcoming merge with 3X. I hated the idea and decided it would be best if I quit DG before it happened. Shinobiz convinced me to stay and try. I gave him my word I would, I was offered warlord in a different clan also but decided to give the merge a chance. The day of the merge I already knew it was not the clan for left and me. After my time in DG I was a tad gloomy and took a small break. After my break I decided to look for a new clan.





After leaving DG/3X I decided to search up my old friends i3 emo i3 and icemaster555. I heard they had started a new clan called elatus. So I thought it would be fun to give them a chance as they had led a few clans before hand, but I was always in a clan at the time and could never join. Joining elatus I soon became recognized as a member and a leader, I was promoted to Warlord and was truly enjoying my stay. My self and frosty had always planned on re opening a new clan one day but never knew when. Over the months I slowly worked on forums and other things in preparation. I never planed on actually opening the clan its self until Elatus closed. Elatus over hauled their forums and revamped the clan. At the time my self and frosty were both having Real life issues and could not be as active. The clan slowly began to die, my self and frosty left over real life issues. Afterwards ealtus closed about a day later.



-Wretched Revolution-


Well I founded this clan with frosty lady as we always planed. It was seriously ill timed as still a lot of things were going in Real life. We didn’t want to open the clan for a little while but were pushed by members to open early. Over time I stepped down from leadership and left frosty in charge. I did not have the time or the spark to lead the clan. Instead I took up the position of warlord. Over time I felt I was loosing interested in the clan world and needed to re-find my self. I left with a few others, frosty stayed behind and kept WR open as long as she could. They closed on a later date and I retired from the clan world for a while.



-Eternal Honor-


After WR died I decided I might try a Raw clan again. I found my self at EH. I was going through the introduction stage and just posted my application. I decided at the last minute it was not the place for me, I wanted to be with my friends and frosty. I joined insomnia the day after she did.





I joined Insomnia after frosty convinced me into doing so. I don’t regret it, this was an amazing clan with amazing people. I learned some things and taught some things. Made a lot of friends. I started off as a member and quickly moved to moderator. After that I was promoted to warlord and did my job well. I led beside franky8yomom in was and enjoyed my time doing so. All was fine, we had internal clan problems, but my self and frosty tried to keep certain people from blowing their top. I won’t mention names, but one night the leader of the clan had a argument with one of my best friends and loyal bandit. Ohm calvin, he left the clan and the leader flamed him. I stuck up for ohm and was kicked from the clan. It did not bother me that much as I was growing un happy with Insomnia and the leader. After that, friends of mine and frosty were leaving and being kicked from the clan. A few hours later the clan closed. All over a simple disagreement.





thats the short version of my history on Kody, i am also a moderator on rune legion forums. you can contact me their, in #runelegion, or in #wretched_clan. if you need to add me on MSN, feel free to do so at ([email protected]) i wish you good luck on recruiting a pink boot bandit and his fellow bandits.


3 days and counting.

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Since you took the effort of making such a large post and I really want to get you into FT, I will make a huge post myself XD. God you must feel special taking up my time.


Throughout your clan history, the thing you valued most was and is community and your friends. You also displayed a desire for power and strength at the same time but not sacrificing community at any cost. Why would you fit in FT then, we appear to be the clan that is rank hungry or always warring war who seems like they only care about warring and not their members. You are the type of person I like. We have many members in FT who truly only is in FT to war. They don't talk, they isolate themselves but their at every event whenever called. They don't talk, they don't ruin the community, but they stay loyal no matter how much of a slump we get in. Then we have the people who are great members. They talk a decent amount, and socialize in IRC and Vent and really exploits FT to the maximum of what it is. They all make friends with each other and everytime I'm on vent, I find that I get a good laugh. If you have a mic and can get ventrillo, I guarantee you will never leave this clan, nor will we die like the few clans you were in. We have been alive for 2.5 years now. Finally, we have the clan *****. Everyone makes fun of her, she gets mad easily, but in a way everyone loves her no matter how much they say they hate her. She is one of the longest veterans in FT. Every clan has to have one of those :aware:. You will soon recognize who that is if you join.


Now you ask, what does this have to do with you? Simple, you ask for a clan with a friendly community. I think that you fall under the people that I described second. You value the community, thus you put your time into it. You will socialize and being one of the best posters in most of your clans proves that. Post counts in FT aren't as important, it is your IRC activity that makes all the difference. If you put your time into this clan and its community, you will find that it is probably one of the best communities for the clan of its size.


I really don't think I need to explain our warring abilities or schedule. You may realize we love to war as a clan, but we don't do it excessively (Today was an exception). We only do one mandatory event and that is all. What we prove that is different from any other clan is that we started as a 40+ clan and worked our way up. That shows how much determination we have as a clan whether we still have the same member base or not. Till this day, we are still sacrificing to build. Three weeks ago, our transitions and tanking was horrible. We had a lot of new members at the time and pulled 63 to the war with MoD. That war for us was horrific. Although we won with quite a margin, it was not the type of war I was looking for. It was brute force and semi organized. People got KOed from FT left and right, but our numbers made up for it. It wasn't the type of clan I wanted. Now that we are in exam mode and can't pull as much, I decided to work with our members more and got wars with clans that we couldn't beat. We worked on our weakness, made adjustments, I made adjustments on how I lead and how our warlords lead, and now we just completed our third almost flawless wars, which we all won. During that stretch, we fought DF, Adelais twice, TNC in their timezone, FR, and many tough clans. We decided to finally try out what we have worked on against KO and we won our first war since forever (not counting our win vs. Ronin. no offense it was too close to be considered a win).


I think both our community and our balance of strength will make this clan an enjoyable ride for you if you join. I know you want to join, but you want to keep your options open. I hope you choose us. :)




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Hey kody! :aware: Sorry to hear about Insomnia, I hope things work out for you. I am representing Rampant when I invite you to join us. We are a clan that is centered around a community aspect but we are quite new and are striving to improve and prove ourselves. While our focus is on community we also maintain an active warring sector and war regularly in both posted and non posted wars.

We also have free cookies and brownies for members. :) Plus #1 RAW.






Clan Requirements:

Trial Member - 95+ Combat

Full Member -100+ Combat, 3+ events and 20+ Posts

Community Member - No Requirements


Forums |Warring Memberlist|Community Memberlist

Clan IRC Channel: #rampant


A couple Pictures:



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Hey Kody


Your past History was a really enjoyable read, and since you took your time to write that. I will also return the favor and try tell you why i think you could be a great member of mod. * Cracks his typing fingers" and away we go....


To me, it sounds like you are searching for a clan of three things:

1. Community

2. Strength

3. One easy to fit into too


If this is true then i can safely say that Masters of Dragons ticks all these boxes, and i will now explain each too you.


1. Community


Masters of Dragons has now been running for Three Years, and through this long life span. We have developed a very wide and close (contradictory i know) community. Which can be shown by the fact we won the best community award here at sals, and also on our IRC which i told you about and still feel welcome to come by. We dont bite, we just nibble. Now i can't boast that we have the best community ever, as i've not dicovered all clans communitys. But i can safely say that its the main reason that i've stayed here for a year now and i have no intention of ever leaving. Even more so, the communitys even kept people in mod longer than i have. Including the legendary Mace Brown who still is with us in his Mountain Hut. Our Community is one that's often

decribed as a family community, as we are always up for fun, laughs and just to enjoy runescape with each other. We respect our members, we respect their race, religion, origin ect, we do not tolerate behaviour that causes others to feel majorly insulted. We are all friends in Mod, and we all chatter away in our IRC about the wonders of the world, yup we talk about stuff other than Runescape!




Masters of Dragons has certainly had its Ups and Downs, with warring strength. Mod's journey nearly came to an end last year, but our close community did not want to give up. As we knew we could be back up there, and as a result here we are now. A stable clan that has developed into a very strong clan, as seen in our raw rank and sals rank.We have had multible fights now in CWA and tbh it seems to me were just getting better and better. As our organisation improves so do we. Our main fights occur at the weekends and friday evenings, but afew miniwars appear during the week. For example you can see we are an active warring clan just from this week as we have had 4wars with: Bk, VVV,Mori, re and we've got another today for the sals tourney.


3.Easy to fit in


This really is a sub-category for community really, but i see it as important also. I dont know if when you were on our Irc, if you felt wanted. Well you are, alot of people (including myself ofcourse) would really like to see you in mod. Im sure theres afew faces you recognise in mod, as many were in Wolfpack and im pretty sure a fair few were in genesis knights also. So i duno, if you know any of em. Check our memblist, ill give u a link in a min.

Due to you being a celebrity in these parts, im confident that you can easily fit in. Aswell as your Girlfriend and friends, there all welcome in mod, and if their as friendly and as Cool as you Mod would love to meet them! You are welcome to come get a better idea of mod by coming by our Irc and seeing if you can come to one of our fun events which are held in the week.


So thats about it Kody, think ive said all i wanted to say. But if theres more to say. Just Pm me. Ill leave all the links to our important info below . I wish you the best of luck in finding the clan right for you, i really hope its Mod. And if we have to tempt u with our cookies, we will.


Hope to hear from you soon!

Best Regards



Your personal ally due to you being a Naruto Fan

{Mod Council}




Recruitment topic

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Guest Pink Boot Bandit

alot of good choices so far :) hope to see some more, i realy want to wait a little while so i can pick the best clan for me :aware:, im tired of going from clan to clan and would like to settle down and find my home.

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alot of good choices so far :) hope to see some more, i realy want to wait a little while so i can pick the best clan for me :aware:, im tired of going from clan to clan and would like to settle down and find my home.


Home is where the heart is.

And we already to keep your heart in a jar, next too the cookie jar.

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alot of good choices so far :P hope to see some more, i realy want to wait a little while so i can pick the best clan for me :), im tired of going from clan to clan and would like to settle down and find my home.


Home is where the heart is.

And we already to keep your heart in a jar, next too the cookie jar.


Next to MoD cookes! Best cookies of all time! :aware:

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Your influence on mod is spreading..... Help them KODY!!!!!



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Well, I know you don't really like bigger clans but, I'll try anyways. Join SE bro ;o

SE lost to RSD. That says it all! :aware:

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Hey Kody come give my clan a try, Vengeful Mercenaries. Though we are low in members, and we are open for about 2 months now, to make a long story short my old leading partner left me taking about 8 members with him. So I decided to close, but my members that stuck with VM were passionate so yea, they nagged me to re-open which I did. And now I am trying to do the best I can to thank the people who were passionate, by giving them a great clan in return. Don't take my word for it I will be leaving you with the following links to check out VM. I think you would fit right into VM, not only because you are an experienced warlord, which VM can really use at the moment, but because from what I see you are a great community guy who looks out for his friends.


Sal's Recruitment Post

Vengeful Mercenaries Forums

Vengeful Mercenaries Memberslist


If you have any questions please feel free to add me on MSN, [email protected], or drop by VM's IRC at #vm-clan.


Thanks for reading!


P.S: Toronto Maples Leafs FTW? (I noticed you were from Canada, Ontario. HI!) :aware:



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Hey there Kody. Like I said in the PM on RL, I think that Hades would be a marvelous choice for you. We war very often, allowing maximum fun for all members. We have a strong community, and have accomplished many great things. We have defeated Triforce, and just recently, we dominated Rshun Knights. We have a lot to offer, and I personally, would love for you to join Hades, and experience how "Death is just the beginning."



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