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Well, I am currently on a strike on Ronin Clan at the moment, and have a week untill I can re-apply for Ronin. So i'm just posting a little Intro see who'll be willing to take an active 126 on.


I do have alot of history but Ronin love me for who I am and hopefully have proved to them I have changed.

Been in Ronin along time now since they had 20 Member on their ML. Just LOOKING at what offers would come along if any to join a Clan.




Attack: 99

Str: 99

HP: 99

Deffence: 99


Magic: 98

Prayer: 99

Range: 80


Feel free to post below don't flame my post, don't abuse and be polite.


Also feel free to add me onto MSN: [email protected]


~Jay <3

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Official Forums | Official Memberlist | Irc Channel: #The_Creed


.:[The Creed]:.




The Creed is a new clan, but doesn't fall lack of experience. The Creed is lead by former leaders of "The Ancient Owners" & "Atrocity", Wahn aka Triple x291 & Samer aka Secret_Mage9. Both leaders have ton of leading experience & have been active in the clan community for years. But now, they have came together to form the clan before you....The Creed!


.:[Clan Database]:.

[-War Record-]

Wins: 30 Loses: 6



Eastern, Pacific, Central





Cape Color

Team-16 [Gold]


Home Worlds

F2p: 11 P2p: 56



Like great clans in runescape, The Creed does have requirements, in which each member must meet in order to join. We not only have one requirement option you must meet, but have multiple ones. For those who perhaps enjoy mage, range, or defence more than others, there is still a chance for you joining.


.:[Full Member]:.

90+ Combat


85+ Combat w/70+ Defence


90+ Range w/60+ Defence


90+ Hitpoints w/60+ Defence


.:[Current Ranks]:.

Yes, in The Creed you will expect to find people of higher rank in which job is to insure that your experience in the clan is all that you would like it to be. Below are the current ranks in the clan.



Samer {Secret_Mage9}

Wahn {Hex102}





.:Council Members:.


Blak Knigh70

Mighty Hades






50 We Men 05


.:Event Managers:.




.:[Clan Media]:.


































Samer (Secret Mage9)

[email protected]


Wahn {Hex102}

[email protected]


Official Forums: http://www.s9.invisionfree.com/thecreed


Official Memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=thecreed


IRC Channel: #The_Creed <-- Come say hi.


--Thank you for reading (maybe) some of this. Hehe. And good luck to whomever you choose.


The Creed Staff



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Hello there, Runescape Dinasty would be happy for you to join.

  • We are very active in both F2p and p2p.
  • We usually have at least 2 big F2p fights a week, and a couple smaller ones.
  • We have an amazing community where our members are very friendly and will always give assistance to another.
  • We are one of the oldest and most dominating clans in the History of Runescape.
  • We have a great combat average on both F2p and P2p.


Any other information you want, can be found at www.legendofrsd.com

Memberlist is here: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=RSDinasty

And here is our amazing youtube, here you can find alot of video's of our fights at Clan wars and the older wilderness :aware:http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=RunescapeDinasty

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