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Guest Pure Pker50

Runescape Dinasty Vs Corruption

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Guest Pure Pker50

A couple of days ago, Corr approached me with an offer of a matched options fight for this wednesday. I happily accepted as Corruption are a great clan to fight and measure your skill against in a matched options fight. The rules were set to be




* Melee/Bind only

* No Range/Curse/Blast

* Middle Boundaries

* Fixed Team Capes - Rsd Team 7

* Rsd Attacks / Corr Defends

* TM's Allowed

* RSC Post Allowed




Rsd Starting: 35 - 1 Dc

Corr Starting: 48 - Cut down to 34




Rsd Ending:





Thanks for the great fight Corr, i trust there will be no flaming as it was a very even match.

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thanks for the fight corruption, video coming soon although no doubt that it'll make this topic disappear ;\



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Here's my vid of the fight on the 30th April between RSD and Corruption. Its streaming so no download necessary although if you want the full enjoyment, I recommend you download it for better quality etc.


Link: http://files.filefront.com/rsdcorrf2pwmv/;10109863

Fight: RSD vs Corruption, f2p, matched ops

Date: 30/04/08

Length: 9:40

Size: 61.8 MB



From This Day - Machine Head

Cold (but I'm still here) - Evans Blue

Out of Control - Hoobastank





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Grats RSD. What was the prep time for this? If it was a few days, I'd have expected Cor to pull more people, regardless of whether they had to cut down later or not.

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