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Rsd Vs Titans

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A P2P fight between RuneScape Dinasty and The Titans was arranged to take place tonight. With the following rules. We decided to make the fight so we had the 'best of three'.


Matched opts, south spawn attacks (other clan defends).

B boundaries

Melee with entangles ONLY

Whips/D Scims/DDS ONLY

Furies and Dragonfire shields ALLOWED

No barrows (except gloves) or godwars stuff

No summoning creatures

No lunar spells

Team capes


Rsd Starting: 42 (Cut 11)

Tt Starting: 31




Rsd Starting: 32 (Cut 10)

Tt Starting: 22


Rsd Ending: 0

Tt Ending: 12


Rsd Starting: 28 (Cut 5)

Tt Starting: 23




Thanks again for te fights today Titans, i'd like to commend you for fighting us on P2P even though it isn't your strong point. I would also like to thank all of the Rsd who stepped out during the fights its really hard to ask people to do but thanks for doing that today. Finally i want to add that in the second fight i decided to give the guys who did not get a chance to fight in the first fight, and also people who might have been a little less experienced. I won't take anything away from TT though you put up a great fight and we thank you for that. Good job again today on the whole though Rsd, keep it up.

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Gf tt.... Was in 1st and 3rd fight, sat out 2nd fight... Didn't die in either fight I was in.... was fun!!

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Very nice, those are some impressive endings especially against a clan as organized as The Titans. Congrats. :aware:

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