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Monk's Robe

Monk's Robe  

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What Do You Guys Think About The New Monk's Robes. They Were Updating Recently Because I Just Noticed Them Today. Here Is A Screen Shot :aware:monkrobeshn8.png



[Thank You Dei Wei For The Shot] :)

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Over used, but awesome. It doesn't look too bad in f2p with power ammy, chockatrice cape, mime gloves, boots too if you want, and lederhosen hat. I don't care about the popularity though, just makes people easier to kill at DA. Also, it gives me a decent pray bonus, now I can get though two tree spirits (lvl 159) with 1 charge of pray easily and in style, and without weighing myself down.

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i like them but overused I went to the GE to show them off and maybe 100 other people were wearing them


Lol yea i was training, and i asked these 2 dudes fallowing each other what were they. And they said they were member. Then i saw a lvl 24 with them so i knew there was something up. I Asked Him To Trade Me, And It Said Monk's Robe. So i remebr int he prayer guild that thy laid on the Table. When I Got There The Place Was Packed With like 6 People. So I Switched Worlds. But Yea They are over used. Im Waiting For The Style To Go Down, Then il Start Wearing Them =] BTW!! IF You Wear Top And bottom Without Any Head Gear, And Those gloves that you get in the roches place, wtih 10k in the chest, You Look Like A Dude From assasins Creed!!! :aware: The Ends Of The Glove Stick Out LOL!

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I love this simple stuff, jagex sometime radicly changes the game and us (the players) have a hard time getting used to it. I love the simple stuff. i am not positive but one of my freinds she is a stuff member said we are going to upgrade the zammorack stuff next. by tuff i mean robes(we need more stuff like this JAGEX!!)

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Hate them well the top is cool but the bottoms are awful i wear them as my everyday outfit for range melee and mage so its a bit annoying. But i mainly wear top as its hawt.

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