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Runescape Dinasty Versus Shadow Elves

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I approached Denat last night for a fight around 6:00 PM Est. The rules agreed upon were as following:


  • Matched Options
  • Melee/Bind only (No curses)
  • Middle Boundaries
  • Inf Run Allowed
  • Team capes only
  • TM & FA's allowed
  • Clan that pulls more attacks


Starting Opts:



Rsd: 34 (Cut 14)

Se: 34


I was very happy with our turnout to a less than 20 hour prep. Not a bad turnout to Se either, both pulled fairly decent opts considering the prep time. We had some extremely good tanking and our transitions were spot on today. Good job to both clans, and especially for the GMT members of both clans for it was a decently late starting time. :aware:


Ending Opts:

My view-




Thanks for the fight SE, I enjoyed it thoroughly and I hope to have more fights in the future. :$


Good Fight SE :wub:! I personally listened to it go down. Sadly I was late and we already had too many to fight :)

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Good fight SE.


I was very pleased with our performance, and for the short prep our turnout today. The tanking from most of our members was brilliant, while our pile was able to get a few KO's, but even where a KO was not possible our binders were doing a superb job at stopping any good tanking efforts against us.


Thanks for the fight,



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