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Getting Splitbark Armour Guide Error

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During the guide "Fyre" shades are mentioned three times. This should be "Fiyr".


The first instance is in the "Shades" table.


The second is under the "The Keys" section:


Asyn and Fyre Shades - sometimes drop Silver Keys (Only dark red and brown looped ones from Asyn Shades) when burned.


And the last is a little further down:


To the North there is a steel door leading to a room full of Riyl Shades, chests and even more steel doors. If you have a steel key you can unlock them and proceed north where the path splits. To the west are the rooms of the Asyn Shades where you can use the Black Keys. To the east are the Fyre Shade rooms where you can use your Silver Keys.


It may also be a good idea to change the name of the guide; changing it to something like "burning shades" would be more appropriate, and if someone searches for splitbark armour, the key tags should mean they are still directed to this guide.

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